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DEEP STATE Coup Intensifies - U.S. Intelligence Community Stands Indicted

September 26, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Imagine if you will, scrambling then throwing a thousand-piece picture puzzle into the air and having it land intact and perfectly assembled in front of you.

Not likely?

No, it’s beyond unlikely. In a certifiable and verifiably real world where cause and effect are indisputably linked, magic puzzles don’t and cannot exist. The odds against it are so astronomically high as to preclude it ever happening, under any imaginable circumstances.

Yes we are familiar with quantum physics thought experiments in which time - when run backwards like a movie in reverse - allows an egg that has just fallen off a table and splattered all over the floor to reassemble itself and jump back upon the table. But the physical world which we inhabit does not allow for such things - it breaks one of the cardinal rules of physics - entropy only proceeds in one direction, from more to less ordered, the universe continues to expand and at a constantly accelerating rate.

As Yeats so succinctly said, “The center cannot hold, things fall apart. Mere anarchy is loosed…”

Understandably then, political acts, and especially the demented brand now on full display across the entirety of the West, are subject to the same natural laws and hence as we saw in DC today with the Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee debacle, “whistleblowers” don’t mysteriously surface, have their allegations made public in Congressional freak-shows, pull that neat puzzle trick and then disappear into obscurity while the chattering class just happens to be standing by and primed to go to press with identical copy…Trump the corrupt mob boss.

Considering the range, depth and tenacity of what now has become the anti-Trump proxy war, the effort to destroy or at least defeat the president in 2020 is - far from what many “conservatives” in the punditocracy have claimed - still ascendant.

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Understanding the New Cold War with the ChiComs



September 9, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Though we published this expose in May, new information relating to the matters covered therein prompts us to re-visit it with clarifying information. Most prominently, this has occurred due to a film project former Trump advisor Steven Bannon has undertaken entitled Claws of the Dragon which is a relentlessly factual laying-out of the threat to the West and especially the United States presented by the Chinese Communist Government.

What Bannon makes clear is that we are engaged in far more than a simple "trade war" with the Communist powerhouse, and that the conflict should really be seen as a simmering Cold War, albeit one in which only one side is fully engaged, to the detriment of America.

Perhaps the main reason why newspapers carry such scant news about China is that the country's predatory nature is being provided with cover by DC's Deep State GOPers, specifically two of the highest flyers in the Swamp, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and his Chinese wife, Elaine Chao, whose family is dependent upon the largesse of the CPC, the Chinese Communist Party, to which President Xi must answer.

For exampe, three months ago the New York Times published a feature piece alleging that Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has extensive and troubling ties to the Chinese Communist Government [see, MIchael Forsythe, Eric Lipton, For the Chao Family, Deep Ties to the World's 2 Largest Economies].

The charges are not new, note that this publication devoted 3,500 words to the matter in May, though the outlines of the should-be-scandal were known as early as 2001, as noted in the below article.

Until the Times piece the questions posed had generated zero traction, but upon the publication the matter was given suspiciously short shrift in the legacy media including Fox News that aired a short [the item ran 2 minutes with no followup as far as this author can determine] ridiculous defense of Chao, ending the video clip with Citizens Against Government Wastes' Thomas Schatz stating essentially that there was no there there and that the charges were "a giant story about nothing." Fox did not identify Shatz' organization as being extremely friendly to official DC and especially the GOP.

We will let the reader judge the veracity of the Fox brush off noting that the most recent investigation into the influence peddling by Chao [whose husband just happens to be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell] was done by noted investigative journalist Peter Schweitzer [no friend of the Democrat establishment] in his latest work, Secret Empires.

So with that as the new back-story, please read on...

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