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Elijah [Bullfrog] Cummings’ Presence Looms Over Baltimore’s Corruption and Heroin Epidemic


July 29, 2019 - San Francisco - PipeLineNews.org – According to the lefty press’ most recent kerfuffle, President Trump is a balls-to-the-wall racist because he had the temerity to point out to one of his most frequent critics, Ellijah [Bullfrog] Cummings, who Chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, that he had better attend to his home district in Baltimore because it is rat infested shit-hole.

The President’s tweet [Cummings’ district is a "very dangerous & filthy place”] is of course true, the main reason why the press has worked itself up into a flop-sweat over the matter.

Now to properly contextualize the myriad issues that are facing Baltimore one must understand that Cummings’ kingdom [he is, after all, an 11 term Congressman] is really a Gerrymandered monstrosity, two cities really, one with highly affluent neighborhoods such as Chinquapin Park-Belvedere or Canton [where there are few black faces] and bombed out, rat infested street-ho areas such as Fairfield and Monument [where, surprise-surprise, there are few white faces]

Two-thirds of Baltimore households are headed by single-parent women, the majority of black babies are born out of wedlock and the city averages over 300 murders each year, per-capita the highest in America. These are Third World conditions promulgated upon the backs of impoverished minorities while black Democrat politicians continue to perfect the fine art of greed and graft.

For example Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was forced to step down in 2010 after she was found guilty of corruption, in 2019 Mayor Catherine Pugh was forced out over similar concerns. In 2018 former Baltimore Superintendent of Schools Dallas was sentenced to a six-month jail sentence for failure to report the income from outside consulting jobs. Prince George’s County executive Jack Johnson pleaded guilty to extortion and other crimes in 2011. Baltimore City Councilmember Kenneth Oliver stands accused of what is essentially double dipping, accepting contract work for the state while he was a sitting councilman, he is fighting the charge. [source, The Baltimore Sun ]

The city has over 17,000 derelict, abandoned buildings, where the squalor is nearly beyond belief.

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Israel - 70 Years Since the War of Independence Didn’t End

By Daniel Pinner

Cross-posted at Arutz Sheva

July 28, 2019 - San Francisco - PipeLineNews.org - As hard as it is to define precisely when Israel’s War of Independence began, it is equally hard to define when it ended.

The War of Independence officially began a few hours after Israel became independent of the British Empire. British colonial rule over Israel terminated at midnight on Friday night, 14th/15th May 1948. Several hours earlier, on the Friday afternoon, David Ben Gurion had declared independence, a declaration that came into effect at midnight.

The Arab assault began in the early morning of Saturday 15thMay, when the combined armies of the seven independent Arab states of the time - Trans-Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen - invaded the several-hours-old Jewish State, their stated war-aim being to exterminate Israel and all the Jews therein.

But that wasn’t the beginning of the conflict: it had already been raging for months, if not years, if not decades, if not centuries.

Four months earlier, on 9th January, the Arab Liberation Army had crossed the border from Syria and attacked Kfar Szold. The British administration could not accept this blatant violation of a territory of the British Empire, so His Majesty’s forces collaborated with the Haganah in repelling this invasion. That battle was definitely a component of what was to develop into Israel’s War of Independence.

But that was hardly the first Arab aggression against the Jewish community in Israel: attacks by Arab irregulars had intensified immediately after the UN General Assembly had adopted Resolution 181, partitioning Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab, on 29th November 1947.

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The National Security Implications of a Marxist Pope

Sharing Cocaine Tea with Banana Republic Commie Dictator Further Complicates Matter


July 26, 2019 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org - The Catholic Church is in the news again today and again the narrative should prove disquieting not only for Catholics and Christians, but for what is left of the Western free world, as Judeo-Christian religious principle is the sole reason we continue to enjoy the benefits of a system that we take for granted.

What makes the matter topical again is the revelation that the Jesuit order - which has historically served as the Church's SS - is now publicly "making the case" for what those in the order boldly calls "the Catholic Case for Communism." 


The Jesuits do so within their periodical, America, the Jesuit Review.

Please note the cloying nature of the portraiture that "correspondent" Dean Detloff draws as he uses and misuses some of the most simple terms in the vocabulary of political science in hope of justifying a system that is truly evil, monstrously so considering it was responsible for the daths of over 100 million souls in the 20th Century alone.

Detloff is a charlatan and his piece should send chills up the spines of the few holy ones who still hold genuine Christianity and Catholicism close to their hearts.

"Communism has provided one of the few sustainable oppositions to capitalism, a global political order responsible for the ongoing suffering of millions. It is that suffering, reproduced by economic patterns that Marx and others tried to explain, and not the secret plot of atheism...that motivates communists. Contrary to the fear that communists simply want everyone’s “stuff,” the abolition of private property, for which Marx and Engels called, means the abolition of privately owned ways of generating wealth, not taking the clothes off your back or your dad’s tie collection. As the popular saying in communist circles goes, communists do not want your toothbrush. Some of the standard proposals in the programs of communist parties include things like providing free health care, abolishing private profit from renting property and the creation of truly democratic institutions in which politicians are not millionaires and are subject to recall.

In fact, although the Catholic Church officially teaches that private property is a natural right, this teaching also comes with the proviso that private property is always subordinate to the common good. So subordinate, says Pope Francis in a truly radical moment in “Laudato Si’,” that “The Christian tradition has never recognized the right to private property as absolute or inviolable, and has stressed the social purpose of all forms of private property.”

But rather than read the twaddle of someone who is clearly a true believer, but one so poorly grounded in the Marxist-Leninis dialectic [or one simply unwilling to go there] this is what Lenin actually said about Communism in a piece published, as a sort of official Op-Ed in the ever reliable communist newspaper, Pravda, on April 9, 1917:

"What is this dual-power? Alongside the Provisional Government, the government of bourgeoisie, another government has arisen, so far weak and incipient, but undoubtedly a government that actually exists and is growing - the Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies. What is the class composition of this other government? It consists of the proletariat and the peasants (in soldiers’ uniforms). What is the political nature of this government? It is a revolutionary dictatorship, i.e., a power directly based on revolutionary seizure, on the direct initiative of the people from below, and not on a law enacted by a centralised state power. It is an entirely different kind of power from the one that generally exists in the parliamentary bourgeois-democratic republics of the usual type still prevailing in the advanced countries of Europe and America.” [V. I. Lenin Pravda No. 28, The Dual-power…” [source, Marxists Internet Archive 

Suddenly Marxism-Leninism loses all of the touchy-feelines that Detloff attempted to breath into this corpus of pestilence, death and misery.

And so with this salvo across the bow of Western Civilization, something we know the Jesuits hold in low repute, we offer what is now a 4-rear old piece [almost] to the day dealing with the national security ramifications of having what is undoubtedly now a Marxist heterodox "Pope."

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Proudly Banned By Twitter

July 25, 2019 - San Francisco - PipeLineNews.org - Ok so I told some douchebag RATBASTARD Congressman to fuck off and that I hoped he would be in GITMO in December 2020, can’t anyone have a little fun slamming the jack-booted architects of an ongoing attempted Deep State coup?

Fan letter from the almighty Twitter:

“What happened? Creating a safer environment for people to freely express themselves is critical to the Twitter community, so if behavior that may violate theTwitter Rules detected, certain account features become limited. We've detected some potentially abusive behavior from your account, so only your followers can see your activity on Twitter for the amount of time shown below. Learn more....”

Can’t we fight back?

Has it come down to banning someone with a few thousand followers who dares challenge the authority structure of the incipient Fourth Reich?

What’s next, some Marxist douche tries to deplatform our news operation after 20 years of verbal combat?

These are of course rhetorical questions, the ‘Net is less free now than at any time since the infancy of ARPANET and actually getting worse each day. The social changes accompanying this are equally frightening, at no time in modern American history has speech been less free and the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Amendments more of a joke.


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Pathetic Old Man with Symptoms of Dementia Tortured by Democrat Deep State Operatives


July 24, 2019 - San Francisco - PipeLineNews.org - Mercilessly, as the hours rolled on in an expanded format joint House Committee hearing today, viewers witnessed the destruction of perhaps the Democrat Party’s most vivid meme as Robert Mueller attempted – unsuccessfully - to testify cogently regarding his tainted investigation of the President.

Across two rounds of questioning, Mueller came across, not as the savior of the Democrat Party, but rather as a confused, pitiable and doddering old man who seemed to have only a marginal grasp of a report that he presumably had written.

So bad a performance was given by Team Mueller that Matt Drudge [who is NOT a fan of our Blonde Barbarian President] penned a headline describing the bizarre appearance as “ Dazed and Confused ” also please refer to “ Disaster Day in DC for Democrats as Mueller Testifies .”

“Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller frequently appeared confused during his much-anticipated Capitol Hill testimony Wednesday. Mueller, [who has been depicted as the Clark Kent of the DOJ]...had to ask lawmakers to regularly repeat their questions, seemingly struggling to pay attention. At other points, Mueller got confused about whether the members of Congress were asking him questions or if they were reading from his own report. In just the first 90 minutes of the hearing, Mueller needed help understanding questions more than 10 times.”

It was considerably worse than that, as the impeachment trap that seems to have originated at the Brookings Institution and one of its propaganda arms, “Lawfare” in cahoots with DC law firms, DOJ and the “Five Eyes” intelligence “partners” blew up in the face of the real conspirators, the very long arm of America’s permanent ruling class, the Administrative/Deep State.

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Treasonous Democrat Party, Not A Recent Development

July 19, 2019 - San Francisco - PipeLineNews.org – With tensions in the Persian Gulf rapidly increasing it might be helpful to re-visit the actions of former Secretary of State Kerry regarding his offering of aid and counsel to Iran’s Mullocracy, keeping in mind just how comfortable collectivist politicians are [in practice] with totalitarian regimes while they publicly seem willing to go to war against Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.

From the Daily Beast, notably not a right-wing rag:

“Three Obama officials who worked closely on the Iran nuclear deal, one of whom is still in touch with Iranian government officials, traveled to Capitol Hill to brief congressional Democrats about the situation. Those former officials said would not say if they passed information from Iranian government officials to members of Congress. Rather, they said they focused on educating members about their experience working with Iranian leaders and how Tehran reacts to economic pressure.”

As mentioned in the above video, Secretary of State Pompeo clearly stated that one of these traitors as John Kerry - who was by his own account in Vietnam doing electrical discharge research upon the locals’ genitalia.

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Sanctuary California - Feds Bust 22 MS-13 Members Over String of Ghoulish Murders

July 17, 2019 - San Francisco - PipeLineNews.org - An investigation by federal and local authorities has resulted in a federal racketeering case that charges 22 people linked to the MS-13 transnational gang, most of whom allegedly participated in a series of murders, including several slayings in which victims were hacked to death with machetes in the Angeles National Forest.

A 12-count indictment unsealed Monday [7.15.19] afternoon alleges that members and associates of the gang murdered seven people over the last two years. The indictment charges gang leaders who allegedly authorized and coordinated the murders. Also charged are gang members who allegedly murdered and attempted to murder rival gang members, those who were perceived to be cooperating with law enforcement, and, in one instance, a homeless man who was temporarily living in a park controlled by the gang.

The indictment focuses on a particularly violent subset of the gang known as the Fulton clique, which operates in the San Fernando Valley and has recently seen an influx of young immigrants from Central America. Under the influence of these young gangsters, younger associates who wanted to become members of MS-13 were “required to kill an MS-13 rival or someone perceived to be adverse to MS-13 to be initiated into MS-13,” according to the indictment.

In one murder detailed in the indictment, several MS-13 members allegedly targeted a rival gang member who was believed to have defaced MS-13 graffiti. On March 6, 2017, according to the indictment, the rival gang member was abducted, choked, and driven to a remote location in the Angeles National Forest, where six people attacked him with a machete. The victim was dismembered, and his body parts were thrown into a canyon after one of the defendants allegedly cut the heart out of the victim’s body.

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CA Politicians and their Heaven-on-Earth Plan


July 14, 2019 - San Francisco - California Right to Life News - The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help, the sage coinage of which is attributed to Ronald Reagan and first used during a campaign speech.

At the time everybody laughed, but in the years since it’s become obvious that the government wants American citizens to cede our rightful, God given freedoms, responsibilities and even our children over to them.

During the first part of the 21st century they have, most notably under successive Obama Administrations, doubled down on their headlong push towards supervising and planning-for-all by creating public private partnerships, joining government and non-profit i.e. non-elected private community groups into ventures with profit making results. These groups include Planned Parenthood , school-based health clinics, PTA’s, LGBTQ advocates and dozens of non-profit Social/emotional learning groups who now, thanks to legislation, have access to the schools and to the training of teachers .

Legislators, media, are constantly employing fear tactics about the physical and mental health and well-being of our children, that is ifwe fail to let the elected officials and their cohorts run our lives for us. This is all caused, so they claim, by parents and citizens who fail to realize the benefits to be derived from a gracious government wanting to “help.”

The edutcratic-political elite have created a legislative mandate that will require that every child receive a mental health or trauma-post traumatic stress disorder [PTSD]-experience evaluation.

For example AB1005, by Democrat Joaquin Arambula seeks to create an extensive bureaucracy to help foster children and youth through what he calls a “Family Urgent Response System.” This would follow the guidelines set for the Continuum of Care legislation created previously to help children, “heal from trauma and thrive”

Yeah that last part is a direct cop from the famous Kaiser-Permanente Medical advertising “tag line."

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Of Course Google, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, et al., are Publishers


July 8, 2019 - San Francisco - PipeLineNews.org – As this author has stated on numerous occasions on these pages; in a previous life I worked within the hard copy publishing business - both magazine and newspaper, so I bring a bit of real world insight to this topic that might be missing from other commentators dealing with the associated issues…those being just where do the Internet Goliaths shake out regarding the Telecommunication’s Act of 1996, specifically Section 230 (c)(2) , which amends and redefines the definition of “publisher” as set forth originally in the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 151 et seq.) [note: also please refer to the FCC’s clearinghouse page for the 1996 Act]

“(1) TREATMENT OF PUBLISHER OR SPEAKER - No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider….”

What this means in simple language is that the ‘Net based Masters of the World are statutorily exempt from prosecution even if they “provide” information that is defamatory and/or libelous.

The measure was written, passed and signed into law fully 2 years BEFORE Google was even launched [1998] so it’s not hard to grasp that this exemption was carved-out [GOP Congress, Newt Gingrich Speaker of the House, thank you very much guys] in an ignorant and thoroughly blind matter, legislatively setting rules for a world that didn’t yet exist [!].

Aside from the obvious folly of such over-reaching by Congress, there remains what today is the money question, “should Google & Co be allowed to continue heavily manipulating the distribution of news information to serve a political outcome or purpose?”

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Iran’s Mullahs Feeling the Pinch


July 6, 2019 - San Francisco - PipeLineNews.org - President Hassan Rouhani’s bellicosity notwithstanding, the Islamic Republic of Iran is on the verge of collapse upon the heads of the despised Mullahs and their emblematic Revolutionary Guards…

Many pundits and experts have speculated that it is just a matter of time before the confrontation between the world and Iran’s Mullahs. Especially, after President Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal, which could possibly set off a catastrophic conflagration. The present standoff is bound to change, either by the U.S. use of force to make good on its threat that a nuclear Iran is not acceptable, or the Mullahs will manage to make the unacceptable an accomplished fact.

Although the main adversaries are the U.S. and Iran, much of the world has a huge stake in regard to this potentially catastrophic confrontation. Israel, the Persian Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq as well as nations farther away from the region are both willing and unwilling parties to this unfolding crisis.

The situation is dire indeed. Anyone who believes that sane rational people on both sides are engaged in brinksmanship to secure the best advantage would eventually work out a compromise, is deluding himself. In some cases, time works as a healer and even as a solution to thorny problems. Yet, this problem will not go away, and time would only make the cataclysmic clash more likely and deadly. There is, however, a non-violent solution, without appeasement that offers the best chance to resolve the impasse: change of regime in Iran.

Selected President Hassan Rouhani’s bellicosity notwithstanding, the Islamic Republic of Iran is on the verge of collapse upon the heads of the despised Mullahs and their emblematic Revolutionary Guards, (IRGC). A few pushes from the outside world would serve as the tipping point for long-suffering Iranians to rise and bury the Mullahs in the graveyard they so richly deserve and have made of Iran.

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