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EXCLUSIVE - Chautauqua Speakers in New York Reveal Plan for Worldwide Islamic State


February 14, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org– “Jihadist Psychopath,” a vital recently published book by Dr. Jamie Glazov, reveals the steps by which, “Islamic Supremacists are duplicating the sinister methodology of psychopaths who routinely charm, seduce, capture, and devour their prey.”

Indeed, Islamists now openly admit that a group of Malaysian Islamic scholars have long planned to build a modern-day global Islamic state ruled by Shari’a. Once a plan kept as a closely guarded secret, the Islamists have grown so emboldened as to prance with their secret out of the closet. And they are hard at work, leading with charm and seduction that will surely lead to societal devastation unless more Americans awaken to their true intent.

Read on, to learn of the instance in which I personally confronted their methodology: a worm silently at work to eat out the heart of Western civilization, devouring first the roots and then the entire tree.

Shari’a-supremacist Muslims use innocent-sounding standard interfaith dialogues as a key in their strategy to destroy Western civilization and install a Caliphate––a global Islamic state ruled by Shari’a law. They openly declare their intent, as they did at New York's Chautauqua Institution last summer in a seminar I attended with approximately 40 other people

The Chautauqua “Islam and Shari’a” seminar was one of many daily Islamic programs led last summer by Khaled and Sabeeha Rehman.

Who are they? Sabeeha was one among many 2016 Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention speakersalongside many notorious civilization jihadists , such as the brazenly racist professor Hatem Bazian , Jew hater Linda Sarsour , along with Tariq Ramadan , Muzammil Siddiqi , Yasir Qadhi , Salam Al-Maryati , Nihad Awad and others, including Hussam Ayloush who recently called for Israel’s destruction.

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Former Female Air Force Intel Officer Charged With Spying For Iran

February 13, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - A former U.S. Air Force intelligence specialist has been charged with betraying her oath to protect and defend the United States by delivering sensitive national defense information to the Iranian government, according to an indictment unsealed today by the Department of Justice.

Monica Elfriede Witt, who served in the Air Force from 1997 through 2008 and then with a cleared defense contractor until 2010, is charged alongside four Iranians who allegedly used information provided by Witt in a cyber campaign to target and compromise other U.S. security personnel.

“Once a holder of a top-secret security clearance, Monica Witt actively sought opportunities to undermine the United States and support the government of Iran - a country which poses a serious threat to our national security,” said Executive Assistant Director Jay Tabb of the FBI’s National Security Branch at a press briefing today in Washington, D.C.

The charges came as a result of years of investigative work by the FBI's Washington Field Office with assistance from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. “This investigation exemplifies the tireless work the agents and analysts of the FBI do each and every day to bring a complex case like this to fruition," said Nancy McNamara, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office.

“[Witt] is alleged to have revealed to the Iranian government the existence of a highly classified intelligence collection program and the true identify of a U.S. intelligence officer, thereby putting the life of that individual at risk,” said Assistant Attorney General John Demers of the Department of Justice’s National Security Division.

The Texas-born Witt was recruited by Iran during conferences sponsored by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and defected in 2013, according to U.S. officials. Although she was no longer in active government service, Witt used the contacts and knowledge gained in her positions of trust to share sensitive information with Iran and provide personal and professional details that allowed Iranian hackers to target other U.S. intelligence professional through spear-phishing and malware attacks.

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Congress Must Reject Omar Before She Makes Anti-Semitism Acceptable

February 13, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - National Conference on Jewish Affairs (NCJA) spokesman Rabbi Aryeh Spero released the following statement today:

“It is becoming more obvious by the day – even by the tweet-hour – that the newly elected Congresswoman Omar is anti-Semitic and is peddling her anti-Israel and anti-Jewishness through the well known and effective drip-by-drip method. It is a strategy, as we have seen from Islamists in Europe, where an anti-Israel or anti-Jewish statement is made and then partially retracted after an uproar. It is repeated multiple times, followed by multiple half-hearted retractionswith the goal and effect being the slow but inevitable seepage of anti-Jewish caricatures into the country’s political discourse and into the minds of its people.

This successful strategy has poisoned Europe’s discourse against Jews and Israel and is being imported here with the arrival into Congress of Ms. Omar and Ms. Tlaib.

"The question today is: do the leaders of the U.S. Congress, and especially Ms. Pelosi, have the conviction and will to oust this never-ending shower of anti-Jewish rhetoric as they would if such was being said against other groups. Will they permanently shut this down before it metastasizes as it has in Europe and is unfolding in front of our very eyes?"

There is no question that Ms. Omar’s playing-innocent type of apologies are done in such a manner to momentarily quell the outcry against her remarks while assuring her base that she has not capitulated to the powers outside her community. Her nonchalant use of anti-Semitic stereotypes and language is furthermore disturbing for it reflects a communal comfort with and approval of anti-Semitic ideas that most Americans deem beyond the pale.

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