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Is This How It Ends?


August 24, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org - In viewing the developments over the last week or so, one can invoke just about every hackneyed - end of the world as we know it - phrase regarding the continually expanding “Mueller probe” and still fail to quantify the extent of damage being done to the American concepts of liberty, freedom, limited government and a system of jurisprudence that applies equally to everyone.

The latest development?

Global financial lending institutions including the “big two” credit card companies MasterCard and Visa [ Visa has denied the charges to Breitbart ] are apparently leveraging their considerable power to join the war against the American right that has been declared by social media giants Facebook, Twitter, Google/Alphabet, YouTube, etc.

According to credible stories, Visa and MasterCard have been refusing to process contributions to organizations that have been blacklisted by the Fascists at the Southern Policy Law Center . Even murkier, some banks appear to be following a similar strategy quietly denying credit for purchases of firearms as well a diving deeply into what their customers purchase history has been.

Even the mighty NRA with over 6 million members has been informed by First National Bank of Omaha , that the financial giant will no longer issue NRA credit cards. NRA officials are also concerned that the companies that insure the organization's considerable assets are applying similar pressure.

This is the oddest form of fascism that this author has chanced upon during a lifetime of right leaning activism, in that rather than the government controlling and directing the activities of private companies, it is the unelected Deep State power structure that is working behind the scenes to enforce a conformity of thought that would have been beyond the belief of a Mussolini…or Orwell for that matter.

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Democrat Party/GOP/Deep State Engaged in Massive Cover-up of Awan Spy Ring

Update per The Daily Caller News Foundation: "An assistant US attorney said Tuesday he would not prosecute Imran Awan, a former systems administrator for Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other Democrats, for any crimes on Capitol Hill in a plea agreement that had him plead guilty to one count of bank fraud.

Only one person sat at the prosecutors’ table: J.P. Coomey, who unsuccessfully prosecuted New Jersey Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez for corruption and was only added to the case Monday. There was no sign of Michael Marando, who had previously led the prosecution.

Coomey did not object to the removal of Awan’s GPS monitor, said he would not oppose a sentence of probation, and agreed to drop charges against his wife, fellow former systems administrative Hina Alvi. (RELATED: Capitol Police Accidentally Gave Evidence To House Hacking Suspect’s Defense Attorney)

The Department of Justice said it found “found no evidence that [Imran] illegally removed House data from the House network or from House Members’ offices, stole the House Democratic Caucus Server, stole or destroyed House information technology equipment, or improperly accessed or transferred government information.”

That statement appears to take issue — without explaining how — with the findings of the House’s Nancy Pelosi-appointed inspector general, its top law enforcement official, the sergeant-at-arms, and the statements of multiple Democratic aides.

In September 2016, the House Office of Inspector General gave House leaders a presentation that alleged that Alvi, Imran, brothers Abid Awan and Jamal Awan, and a friend were logging into the servers of members who had previously fired him and funneling data off the network. It said evidence “suggests steps are being taken to conceal their activity” and that their behavior mirrored a “classic method for insiders to exfiltrate data from an organization.” [source, Luke Rosiak, DOJ Agrees Not To Prosecute Imran Awan For House Cybersecurity And Theft, But Questions Remain , Daily Caller News Foundation]

End Citation - Editor's Note: Obama Jamaican Born Judge - Tanya S. Chutkan - Let's Crooked Pakistani/Democrat IT Tech, Imran Awan Walk! Article Reprinted From July 27, 2017

August 21, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Item, Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ long-time chief IT professional, Imran Awan, was arrested in DC on Tuesday evening as he attempted to flee the country.

As we reported back in March, Awan, a Pakistani national, while under the employ of the disgraced Schultz [D-Fla, fired last summer as Chair of the DNC] engaged in a scheme where he, his two brothers and both of their wives received payments totaling at least $4 million from an undetermined number of Democrat Congressmen.

All 5 of the individuals were employed in one capacity or another as computer consultants. Additionally they were, during the same period of time, also involved in a dizzying array of side-ventures where funds were being laundered, bankruptcies filed and considerable amounts of cash being wired back to Pakistan.

It was Imran who took a lead role in the conspiracy which had targeted, “dozens of House Democrats, including members of the intelligence, foreign affairs and homeland security committees.” [Luke Rosiak, House Hacking Suspects Could Read Every Email Dozens Of Congressmen Sent And Received ]

Awan had been employed since 2004, meaning that he had free access to the House computer network for over a dozen years. Though representatives have denied that he had access to sensitive information, we find that to be an absurd and totally unbelievable assertion, one clearly being proffered as a lame “ass covering” gesture.

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Sweden In Flames, Thousands Of Cars Torched This Year In Muslim Ghettoes…Police “Baffled”

August 13, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org – Over the last 72 hours over 100 automobiles have been torched in immigrant rich Sweden. In Malmö arson claims half a dozen automobiles an evening, meaning that if the violence keeps up 200 vehicles will be claimed by attacks with Molotov cocktails.

“Hundreds of vehicles have been set alight in towns and cities across Sweden since the beginning of summer. The spate of car fires started in Malmö (where over 105 cars were torched since early July), only to spread to nearby cities and reach the capital city Stockholm. In Malmö, Sweden's most "multinational" city, cars were set alight for the ninth consecutive night. Last night alone, police received reports of cars on fire in nine different districts within half an hour.” [source, Sweden Is On Fire, Car Arson Epidemic Is Catching, RT]

The violence is intense and focused primarily in Sweden’s no-go areas in Gothenburg, Gävle, Alvesta and Malmö, areas that police, fire departments and emergency services refuse to enter understandable citing concerns over personal safety.

Though Sweden’s ghettoes are almost universally Muslim majority areas where crime in general is high, and it is in these blighted inner cities where the arson is occurring police say they are “baffled” as to their cause, though they are quick to respond that terrorism and/or jihad has been ruled out.

Unsurprisingly, no arrests have been made…

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Former Dutch MP Commits Suicide In Wake Of Muslim Gang Rape

August 10, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org - On August 6, former Dutch MP, Willie Dille [PVV – Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom] committed suicide after reportedly posting a tearful video on Facebook relating that she had been gang raped by a group of Muslims and that she could no longer take the pain and the constant threats upon her life, which in today’s Netherlands was pretty much worthless.

In keeping with the times Facebook pulled the video most likely due to the fact that it reflected poorly on jihadist Muslims, one of the social media giant’s favorite protected classes.

The rapes took place a year ago last March.

Every report we can find including Dutch media is casting Ms. Dille as an Islamophobe who basically “deserved what she got” calling her “far right” “anti-immigrant” “an outspoken critic of Islam,” ad nauseam.

As RT is reporting:

“Appearing distressed and looking around nervously as she spoke, Dille said in the video that the gang demanded her silence during council debates and that she had recently received a death threat warning that 'we will soon cut your throat and let you bleed to death.'

I just want the world to know the truth. 15 March 2017 I was kidnapped, raped and assaulted by a group of Muslims because they wanted me to keep quiet in the Hague city council,” she said in the video. March 15th last year was the day of the parliamentary elections. “After it happened, I did not tell anyone, I just did my debates the next day.'”

Holland like all of Western Europe is in the grip of an Orwellian nightmare wherein victims, especially Caucasians, are subject to arrest and incarceration simply for telling the truth, that Muslims are invading the Continent and that they are bringing with them, the Shari’a seeing a promising opportunity of Islamizing what is left of that part of the free world.

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EXCLUSIVE - Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West – Chapter II

August 8, 2018 - San Francisco, CA – As a summer bonus we would like to offer our loyal readership a chapter from the editor’s recently published and critically acclaimed, Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West …[less than $15 on Amazon!] enjoy

Chapter Two - Starry Night

“…they will always judge me or talk about me from different points of view, and you will always hear the most divergent opinions about me. And I blame no one for it, because relatively few people know why an artist acts as he does. But in general, he who searches all kinds of places to find picturesque spots or figures - holes and corners which another passes by - is accused of many bad intentions and villainies which have never entered his head.” - Vincent van Gogh, Brussels, 2 April 1881

November 2, 2004

To his neighbors it was a familiar but still mildly comedic sight, the fleshy 47 year-old Theo van Gogh, cigarette jutting petulantly from his lips, leaving his home in Watergraafesmeer and peddling off on an “old man’s bicycle” - straw basket attached - towards his office at Column Productions, his film company.

Van Gogh was the great grandnephew of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. In appearance though, he differed physically in many ways from his ancestor. Especially absent was Vincent’s hawk-like haunted visage and gaunt profile. In its place, Theo loomed a compelling and at times imposing figure. He had the look of a patrician, ruddily complected and raw-boned with tousled blond ringlets of hair scattered across his head in no particular pattern.

While one could hardly escape the gaze of those piercing grey green, deeply set eyes which shone with a combined fury and child-like passion, as his opponents inevitably discovered, above all there was van Gogh’s acid tongue.

Along with inheriting more than a bit of Vincent’s artistic sensibility and inspiration perhaps he as well bore the mark of his ancestor’s demons. Judging from outward appearances van Gogh’s life was chaotic, he pitched and swayed, swirling from project to project - actor, director, polemicist, bon-vivant…at all times the libertine whose calculatingly offensive personality ably served a finely-crafted sense of outrage that both aided and encumbered him.

Van Gogh’s caustic jibes and printed tirades were legendary, but mostly reserved for public figures, especially those whom he considered pompous and overly proud. He particularly detested the studied correctness of the political class, whom he called “salon socialists” and others whom he felt to be phonies or moral cowards, of which there are many in Holland.

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The Middle East Quarterly Review, "Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West"


Author: W. August Mayer
San Francisco: Pipeline Media, 2016. 209 pp. $14.95, paper.

As Reviewed by Beila Rabinowitz
This item was crossposted at the Middle East Quarterly

Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2018

August 8, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org - In this in-depth study, Mayer recounts how three pivotal figures in Europe, Karl Marx; Antonio Gramsci, the Italian communist theorist; and Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch film maker murdered by an Islamic terrorist, changed the trajectory of civil society and by extension Western civilization.

He calls the merging of Marxism and Islamism an "unholy alliance" whose aim is to dismantle and destroy Western civilization. Islamists share the same goals as the left, to subvert and destroy civil society and the established order. Both ideologies seek to foment revolution to overturn the established order and replace it with their radical utopian vision. Ideologues such as Marx and Sayyid Qutb, the founder of modern Islamism, were motivated by antipathy toward Western values and democratic freedoms, which Marx perceived as materialism and Qutb as immorality.

Mayer believes "both of these philosophies must be viewed as enemy threat doctrines" and calls Marxism "the sharia of the left." The author warns that "when nations lose their souls, their days are numbered." Mayer shouts out a wake-up call about the disintegration of democracy and provides the intellectual arsenal to combat it.

Beila Rabinowitz
Militant Islam Monitor


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Uncle Joe, FDR and the DEEP STATE – The PipeLineNews Review

August 8, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – “ Uncle Joe, FDR and the DEEP STATE ," should be seen as a companion volume to the author’s recently published, " Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West ."

The book examines the Marxist-Leninist roots of what is today colloquially called the Deep State with an emphasis on the curious relationship between President Franklin Roosevelt and the Soviet Union’s dictator, Josef Stalin.

The author sets the plate as it were with a thorough, non-ideologically approved, re-telling of the history of the United States over the last century, especially as it pertains to the response by the world’s leading democracy to the existential threat posed by Marxism during Roosevelt’s four successive administrations.

Relying on the new scholarship about this period of time which leans heavily on documents developed by the U.S. World War II intelligence review program, the Venona Project, as well as Russian documents made available for a brief time following the fall of the Soviet Union by Boris Yeltsin, the author makes a very strong case that the origin of today’s un-elected proto-state can only be explained in terms of the massive cultural revolution sparked by Roosevelt’s intentional re-interpretation of the role of the federal government which he saw fit to both expand beyond reason as well as seed with known agents of the Soviet Union and American fellow travelers.

Unchallenged by Congress and the judiciary, blessed by the hard-left media, its masters in the Democrat and Republican parties and the far-left centers of power in Western Europe, the machinations of the Deep State are pulled into high resolution in this important and surprisingly easy to read book.

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New Jersey Moves To Subsidize Leftist Media

August 8, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org – The New Jersey state government is one pen stroke away from being the first in the United States to formally subsidize the leftist media in a plan developed jointly between the governor’s office and a number of local universities.

As The Hill has reported:

“New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) is approving a bill [note: according to source, the governor has not yet signed this particular bill] that dedicates $5 million to strengthen local media outlets in the state. The state legislature passed the "Civic Info Bill" late last month, according to news website NJ.com . The bill created the Civic Information Consortium — a unique nonprofit developed with five universities - to promote the spread of news and information throughout the state. The bill was conceived by the Free Press Action Fund , an advocacy group on media issues

The effort is led by The College of New Jersey,Montclair State University, theNew Jersey Institute of Technology, Rowan University and Rutgers University. The consortium will share the $5 million with local news organizations, emphasizing "underserved communities, low-income communities and communities of color," the Free Press Action Fund said.” [source, Morgan Gstalter, NJ governor to sign bill dedicating $5M to help local media , emphasis added]

Though it should go without mention, the New Jersey Legislature is disproportionately Democrat, with 25 RATs and 15 GOPers in the Senate and 55 RATs and 26 Republicans in the Assembly.

Aside from the constitutional questions involved [which are substantial] in a lopsided subsidization by states of leftist media sources New Jersey has been repeatedly cited as having the most corrupt state government in America. So we have a situation where public monies will be filtered through various organizations, meaning the chance of having some of it siphoned off by the usual bosses is nearly 100%.

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