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Economic Warfare - Fed Chair Powell Continues To Push Interest Rate Increases


December 11, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – In a piece published a few day ago, we opined that the Fed was taking an active role in tanking the economy since all of the Marxists’ political tools have proven ineffective

Nothing that we have seen since that posting has changed our mind, in fact the Chair of the Fed has made it quite clear that not only are rates due to increase, but that the central bank’s doubling of rates in a very short period of time doesn’t even get us to the point where the Fed consideres “neutral,” a shocking idea.

Currently inflation is at historic lows, unemployment is similarly down, the dollar is strong and wages are marginally starting to increase, meaning that increasing the cost of money can only negatively impact growth, something that the Fed seems afraid of.

“Seems” is the operative word here since the Fed has killed off so many bull markets that the point seems inarguable as does the assertion that it fails to see genuine threats to the economy [the 2008 toxic debt malarkey] and is blind to the effect of tight money on an improving economy.

Something we have not seen discussed is the frightening prospect of rates rising high enough to cause the US to contemplate defaulting on debt payments simply because even in the mirror world of central banking, they eventually run out of not only other people’s money but their own.

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Proven - Mueller's Intentional Deception In Flynn Case

December 14, 2018 - PipeLineNews.org - San Francisco, CA - Barely meeting the deadline to turn over the FBI's "302" [official interview notes] regarding Lt General Michael Flynn perjury case, imposed by U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, the Mueller team was outed as the rogue prosecutors we always knew they were.

Below is the operative section of the 15 page filing and the text is nearly too precious for words, arguing that despite misleading Flynn as to the nature of the White House interview AND concluding later that the General had not lied, Flynn was guilty of having committed perjury.

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Is Texas Going Islamic Green?


December 13, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The recent Tarrant County, Texas fiasco , in regard to the opposition of Dr. Shahid Shafi’s selection for the vice chair position of the Tarrant County Republican Party, is due to the posing of several legitimate concerns and the reception of no satisfactory answers. Consequently, there has been a justifiable uproar among members; some have even demanded that Darl Easton, the Tarrant County, Texas Republican Chair, resign . This issue has created a rift in the Texas GOP, which is not beneficial to anyone.

Texas Republicans are known for their unity and family values. So what went wrong?

I hope we can resolve this in a civilized fashion without any accusations or ad hominem attacks.

Dr. Shafi is an excellent physician and “a board certified General Surgeon who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Surgical Group of North Texas and also is a Councilman in the City of Southlake.”

The legitimate opposition to Dr. Shafi as vice chair is not directed at him personally. It has more to do with his system of belief. According to him, he is a devout and mosque-going Muslim. So does that make him unsuitable for the position he was selected to hold? Let’s examine that.

The word devout has a powerful meaning. It means the person who holds this belief has already gone through the Islamic indoctrination period and pledges allegiance to no other than to the ulama’ (Muslim scholars) and the prophet Muhammad.

I personally don’t trust the keen intellect of the so-called “Islamic scholars” in the service of Islam and the Quran. No doubt about their influence, and some, like Ghazali, have much erudition. I simply don’t share their sanitization of Islam, as they take phrases selectively from the Quran and bestow upon them the sacredness of the divine.

Undoubtedly, Western Civilization has shown a great tolerance towards non-Westerners, but “tolerance in the face of evil is not tolerance, it is a crime.” For example, Major Nidal Hasan , an Army psychiatrist who was also a self-acknowledged devout Muslim, massacred 13 people and injured more than 30 others in the Fort Hood mass shooting on November 5, 2009. Who can forget that?

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Google CEO Pichai Lies His Ass Off During Congressional Testimony

December 13, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On December 11, Pichai Sundararajanalso known as Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, testified before the House Judiciary Committee where he proceeded to lie his ass off for 3 ½ hours.

During the session Pichai, an engineer who became the company’s CEO 3 years ago, denied that any political bias exists at the world’s largest search engine [and recipient of nearly half of web-based advertising revenue] despite being confronted with internal communication to the contrary.

Arguably the most intense questioning was by Jim Jordan [R-IN] who read from a November 9, 2016 Google email authored by the company’s Head of Multicultural Marketing, Eliana Murillo, where she stated that Google had made an effort to get out the Latino vote during the presidential election, partnering with groups, “like Voto Latino to pay for rides to the polls in key states…”

In response, Pichai portrayed himself as being unaware of Ms. Murillo despite her observing that, “even Sundar gave our effort a shout-out.”

When questioned about the discrepancy, the CEO said that he was unfamiliar “directly” with Murillo’s work.

Denying repeatedly that Google was politically biased in any way, he was reminded that he was in attendance at a company function, post Hillary’s loss, where employees seemed nearly suicidal at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

The more that Pichai played stupid [at a cool $200M a year compensation package, chump change actually to the monstrously influential company] the more it became apparent that the charges levied against the Alphabet companies are true, to the point of tautological certitude.

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Breitbart Outs High Level Google Effort To Demonetize Its Website

December 11, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - According to a just published investigative piece, Breitbart is charging that Google engaged in discussions regarding how to deny the conservative website its ad-generated revenue upon the claim that it was engaged in spreading “hate speech.”

Caught dead to rights in a series of electronic communications that were leaked exclusively to the news organization, the ad-hoc group of senior level Google employees operated under a working group entitled “Resist” who combed the Breitbart site in search of something, anything that could reasonably be labeled prohibited speech.

Commencing what was obviously a longer discussion, we have David Richter:

“Anyone want to hold their nose and look through Breitbart.com for hate speach?” [sic]

It seems pretty clear that from the outset the assumption had already been made, that Breitbart is a purveyor of “hate speech” and that the “defendant” will be convicted, of course after a fair trial…

“Hate is really difficult since writers have become very artful in demeaning other groups without being explicit about it. That said, do review breitbart pages against our hate policies and have stopped showing ads on policy violating pages we've found. We're working to improve our ability to do this at scale. When sufficient violations have been found we'll take action at the site level.”

What is being referred to here is to move from merely demonetizing individual pages to taking down the site itself.

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Is This How It Ends?


December 11, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org - In viewing the developments over the last week or so, one can invoke just about every hackneyed - end of the world as we know it - phrase regarding the continually expanding “Mueller probe” and still fail to quantify the extent of damage being done to the American concepts of liberty, freedom, limited government and a system of jurisprudence that applies equally to everyone.

The latest development?

Global financial lending institutions including the “big two” credit card companies MasterCard and Visa [ Visa has denied the charges to Breitbart ] are apparently leveraging their considerable power to join the war against the American right that has been declared by social media giants Facebook, Twitter, Google/Alphabet, YouTube, etc.

According to credible stories, Visa and MasterCard have been refusing to process contributions to organizations that have been blacklisted by the Fascists at the Southern Policy Law Center . Even murkier, some banks appear to be following a similar strategy quietly denying credit for purchases of firearms as well a diving deeply into what their customers purchase history has been.

Even the mighty NRA with over 6 million members has been informed by First National Bank of Omaha , that the financial giant will no longer issue NRA credit cards. NRA officials are also concerned that the companies that insure the organization's considerable assets are applying similar pressure.

This is the oddest form of fascism that this author has chanced upon during a lifetime of right leaning activism, in that rather than the government controlling and directing the activities of private companies, it is the unelected Deep State power structure that is working behind the scenes to enforce a conformity of thought that would have been beyond the belief of a Mussolini…or Orwell for that matter.

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Deep State Ultimate Fail-Safe - Wreck Trump Economy

December 10, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – While it is becoming increasingly difficult to find anyone in DC who isn’t fixated over the most public aspect of the Democrat engineered Deep State coup - Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s absurd Russian witch hunt - backed by a rogue Justice Department and elements of Big Intel, a complimentary effort to sink the Trump Presidency regardless of the cost is already well underway and doesn’t seem to be especially well understood.

This aspect of the more generalized Marxist-Leninist war against the norms of Western Civilization is especially threatening since it has proven efficacy, relying upon proven, off-the-shelf tools that have been used before, most memorably against the last term of the GW Bush Presidency…the takedown of the economy by the Federal Reserve Bank and its Open Market Committee, the meetings of which are used to artificially set interest rates.

Looking back it doesn’t really seem that long ago…

With the subprime mortgage meltdown already percolating, ominously, the Federal Reserve under both Chairman Greenspan and then Bernanke commenced a spectacular series of interest rate hikes - across seventeen consecutive meetings - that saw the Fed interest rate explode from a mere 2% in May 2004 to the unconscionable level of 6.5% by August 7, 2007 [source, Wiki, History of Federal Open Market Committee Actions ].

When it became clear that a major crisis was underway [March 2008] and while the Fed intervened engineering a pressured sweetheart purchase of the brokerage firm Bears Stern by JP Morgan Chase, rates were still at 3.25%, creating tight credit markets at exactly the point where liquidity was badly needed.

When the Fed acknowledged the seriousness of the threat, it then reversed gears and backed the Fed Rate down. But it did so just enough to hamstring the economy sufficiently to aid the Democrat candidate [it’s the economy stupid] not too much, just enough to bring about a suitably nasty landing.

Unfortunately facing off against the GOP’s schlub of a candidate, John McCain, was the charismatic, Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama…and we all know the result of that mismatch.

But with victory then in hand and the Democrat Party controlling both Houses of Congress in addition to the presidency, the oddest thing occurred; the Fed walked things back down quickly so that Mr. Obama was greeted in December 2008 with an effective interest rate of 0% where it essentially remained for the next 8 years.

But now, with Trump in the White House and his not-so-happy GOP in tow, right on beat, the Fed started jacking rates up again in earnest, rising to the current level of 2.75% a more than doubling of rates from those of December 2016 [1.25%].

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