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National Conference on Jewish Affairs: Trump Hits Home Run

“Under President Trump, our State of the Union is vibrant, secure and replete with moral clarity”

January 31, 2018 - San Francisco, CA – President Trump’s State of the Union Speech is being very well received by American Jewry.

Commenting upon the address, which was historic in a number of ways, Rabbi Aryeh Spero, spokesman for The Jewish Council for Public Affairs [JCPA, the national voice for more than 125 local Jewish Community Relations Councils and Community Engagement Committees, and 16 national Jewish agencies] released the following statement regarding the president’s State of the Union Speech:

Tonight we heard a President that made us proud again. President Trump’s delivery, his message, his sincerity and conviction regarding the historic high ideals of America and her people were inspirational and timely.

"We are extremely gratified by the President’s enunciation of great Biblical values expressed in the Old Testament. He spoke of the dignity of man who is independent by virtue of work. He spoke of the Biblical need of self-defense against those who would harm innocent people. He expressed the need, as often done in the Bible itself, for protected borders so that the inhabitants therein will be safe. And he spoke of compassion for those who strive to live by not harming others."

His love for America and freedom, his reaffirmation of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and his call for all Americans to reach their full potential is something the majority of Americans agree with and have longed to hear. It was refreshing to hear a President emphasize what is good and heroic about America and her people.

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Peace or Jihad? Abrogation in Islam


Crossposted on the Middle East Forum

January 29, 2018 - San Francisco, CA -That there is no compulsion in Islam and that Islam is a religion of peace are common refrains among Muslim activists, [1] academics, [2] officials, [3] and journalists. [4] In an age of terrorism and violent jihad, nowhere, they argue, does the Qur'an allow Muslims to fight non-Muslims solely because they refuse to become Muslim. [5] Proponents of Islamic tolerance point to a number of Qur'anic verses which admonish violence and advocate peace, tolerance, and compromise.  [6]

But not all verses in the Qur'an have the same weight in assessment. Unlike the Old or New Testaments, the Qur'an is not organized by chronology but rather by size of chapters. [7] Even within chapters, chronology can be confused. In sura (chapter) 2, for example, God revealed verses 193, 216, and 217 to Muhammad shortly after he arrived in Medina. God only revealed verses 190, 191, and 192 six years later. [8] This complicates interpretation, all the more when some verses appear to contradict.

Abrogation in the Qur'an

The Qur'an is unique among sacred scriptures in accepting a doctrine of abrogation in which later pronouncements of the Prophet declare null and void his earlier pronouncements. [9] Four verses in the Qu'ran acknowledge or justify abrogation:

  • When we cancel a message, or throw it into oblivion, we replace it with one better or one similar. Do you not know that God has power over all things? [10]
  • When we replace a message with another, and God knows best what he reveals, they say: You have made it up. Yet, most of them do not know.  [11]
  • God abrogates or confirms whatsoever he will, for he has with him the Book of the Books. [12]
  • If we pleased, we could take away what we have revealed to you. Then you will not find anyone to plead for it with us.  [13]

Rather than explain away inconsistencies in passages regulating the Muslim community, many jurists acknowledge the differences but accept that latter verses trump earlier verses. [14] Most scholars divide the Qur'an into verses revealed by Muhammad in Mecca when his community of followers was weak and more inclined to compromise, and those revealed in Medina, where Muhammad's strength grew.

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Looking Through A PRISM - The NSA’ s Metadata Problem


January 23, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - This article was first published four years ago [January 20, 2014] during the period of time immediately after the Snowden revelations. We are reprinting it for two reasons. First we hope that the information might help to understand the importance of [and some of the issues regarding] the WikiLeaks Vault 7 data dump and secondly we wanted to revisit a bit of the modern history of U.S. signal intelligence [SIGINT], especially as it relates to the capabilities of the first genuinely global data collection network which was developed by the U.S. and its closest allies in the mid 1980s under the code name Project Echelon...

The word “metadata” is on the lips of a lot of media types these days.

Our guess is that most of them have little or no idea at all what they are talking about.

The term itself is imprecise; some say ambiguous, others say it’s meaningless without being placed in context. The way the punditocracy is using the word, they might as well just say data, because in their frame of reference it’s [as applied to NSA and other government intel organizations] simply information.

There is a technical definition however, which is a lot more esoteric as it applies to the format into which information is put, essentially data about the data, the way databases are constructed, display characteristics, relationship matrices etc.

Both of these apply to the current controversy but given the emphasis of the press and since they are using the word indiscriminately [most of them simply to appear to be brighter than they are] let’s deal with it as one concept, an approach which should promote a broader discussion of the weighty issues involved.

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Representative Paul Gosar: Obama Weaponized Federal Government

January 23, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - Yesterday, Congressman Paul Gosar [R-AZ, 4th] sat down with Breitbart News’s Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak [Sirius XM broadcast] in a wide ranging, and for some, shocking discussion of the Obama administration’s blatant and illegal weaponizing of the federal government against its “enemies.”

In this first cut, Gosar explains that Fast and Furious, the Benghazi cover-up, the IRS persecution of conservative organizations and the unmasking of Trump officials must be seen as a whole, an entirely illegal and unprecedented use of the national government to shut down the president’s critics.

“Well, this memo is a summary of emails and traffic that has been picked up by the intelligence and judiciary systems. Some of it is exactly what you may have seen that has been exposed to the sunlight already. Other things may not. But what it basically does is, that, if you don’t think that Fast and Furious, if you don’t think that Benghazi, for the lack of accountability, if you don’t think the IRS, and if you don’t think the unmasking has something to do with the weaponization of our Department of Justice and our intelligence services, think again.”

As to the question of whether or not Congress should release the already infamous, “Four Page Memorandum” that has been characterized as containing information about Obama administration programs that will “shock the conscience of this country, Gosar insisted that it was only a question of how soon, not if, the committee released the document.”

“In our conference, there is a heated debate about when, not if, and we want it out sooner than later. The American people need to see this. There are other things associated with it because this is just the tip of the iceberg. It names names, and those names…they should be owed their day in court…[and if that is] what’s presented, there are some heads that need to go to jail and not come out for quite some time.”

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215,000,000 Christians Persecuted, Mostly by Muslims



Crossposted at the Gatestone Institute

January 22, 2018 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org - "215 million Christians experience high levels of persecution" around the world, according to Open Doors , a human rights organization. On its recently released World Watch List 2018, which ranks the world's 50 worst nations wherein to be Christian, 3,066 Christians were killed, 1,252 abducted, and 1,020 raped or sexually harassed on account of their faith; and 793 churches were attacked or destroyed.

The Islamic world had the lion's share of this persecution; 38 of the 50 worst nations are Muslim-majority. The report further cites "Islamic oppression" behind the "extreme persecution" that prevails in eight of the 10 worst nations. In short, the overwhelming majority of persecution that these 215 million Christians experience around the world - especially the worst forms, such as rape and murder - occurs at the hands of Muslims.

These Muslims come from all walks of life and reflect a variety of races, nationalities, languages, socio-economic and political circumstances. They include Muslims from among America's closest allies (Saudi Arabia #12 worst persecutor) and Muslims from its opponents (Iran #10); Muslims from rich nations (Qatar #27 and Kuwait #34) and Muslims from poor nations (Afghanistan #2, Somalia #3, and Yemen #9); Muslims from widely recognized "radical" nations (Pakistan #5), and Muslims from "moderate" nations (Malaysia #23 and Indonesia #38).

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Communist Party USA Classes

January 21, 2018 - San Francisco, CA – We subscribe to a large number of hard left/progressive/Marxist/anarchist mailing lists so we can keep our readers informed as to what is happening in the various communities of unapologetic revolutionaries.

That said, we just received the following. The hyperlinks have been eliminated in order to preserve our anonymity [please don’t ask, it’s complicated].

Announcement: 2018 Winter Marxist Class Series

Section 1

Lenin (2017: October Revolution 100th Year Anniversary)

DuBois (2018: 150th Birth Year Anniversary)

Marx (2018: 200th Birth Year Anniversary)

CPUSA (2019: 100th Year Anniversary)

In Recognition of African American History Month

Session 2

Ben Davis:

The Communist Councilman from Harlem

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Mattis Releases National Defense Strategy - More Lethal And Flexible Force Structure

Increased Emphasis On Countering China And Russia

January 19, 2018 - San Francico, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Today Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced the new National Defense Strategy during a speech at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Its release is considered significant since the last such review occurred a decade ago, a very long time in the rapidly evolving, technology rich world of modern defense theory.

Overall the document embodies and is consistent with President Trump’s campaign pledge to return to the Reagan era strategy of peace through strength .

Defense officials were quick to point out that “this is not a strategy of confrontation, but it is strategy that recognizes the reality of competition.” [source, Jim Garamone, Rebuild Dominance, Enhance Deterrence and Lethality , U.S. Department of Defense]

While still engaging terrorism and the global jihad, the emphasis will shift to large state actors, China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

As DoD spokesman Elbridge Colby stated, “the erosion of U.S. military advantage vis-a-vis China and Russia, which, if unaddressed, could ultimately undermine our ability to deter aggression and coercion and imperil the free and open order that we seek to underwrite with our alliance constellation.”

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The True Story Of The GOP’s Historic Fight To Advance Genuine Social Justice

January 19, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The video presented below, demonstrates the historic truth - going back over 150 years, to before the Civil War - about the Republican Party, that nearly every laudible social jusice cause in the past from ending slavery to enforcing the civil rights of black Americans, to a women’s right to vote came to fruition due to the intercession of the Republican Party.

Today however the GOP is a pale reflection of its former glory, slinking around like spineless weasels to assuage the absurd narrative that the party has allowed itself to be tarred with by the historically racist, sexist, bigoted Democrat elite which has convinced apparently uncaring, ignorant [primarily government schooled] Americans that the GOP is the enemy of social progress.

Nothing could be further from the truth...please listen as Carol Swain, a black American scholar from the James Madison Society sets the historical record straight.

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Florida Rep Gaetz: Release Memo Proving "Jaw Dropping" Deep State Attempted Coup

January 18, 2018 - Washington, DC - PipeLineNews.org - Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) today released the following statement after reviewing information from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, including a memo held in the Congressional Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) that contained previously-undisclosed information involving the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ).  

Congressman Gaetz stated:

“The House must immediately make public the memo prepared by the Intelligence Committee regarding the FBI and the Department of Justice. The facts contained in this memo are jaw-dropping and demand full transparency. There is no higher priority than the release of this information to preserve our democracy.”


In December, Rep. Gaetz questioned Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in the House Judiciary Committee hearing about the clear examples of bias and conflicts of interest at the Department of Justice (DOJ), and within Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of investigators. In his questions, Rep. Gaetz asked when the DOJ learned that Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce J. Ohr had contacted Christopher Steele, former British spy and author of the infamous ‘Trump dossier,’ a document called “salacious and unverified” by former FBI Director James Comey. 


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A Tale Of Two Cultures – The Ever Widening Clash Of Civilizations


January 17, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - There is currently a controversy, a firestorm actually, raging against YouTube’s refusal to remove a video depicting various methods of desecrating the Holy Eucharist under the guise of artistic freedom.

The topic is vitally important to many devout Catholics who believe that during the Mass, the host and sacramental wine become [through transubstantiation] the literal body and blood of Jesus, which is the central aspect of the Catholic Mass.

Coincidentally, at the same time there is another [related] development which finds ex-Muslim Middle Eastern converts to Catholicism, beseeching the Pope, asking him to justify his conflating of Islam with Catholicism, which to them is an heretical proposition.

In the letter, these newly minted Catholics call the Pope’s attention to the genocide that is daily taking place against Middle Eastern Christians, being waged [of course] by the sons of Allah as a means of, hopefully, connecting the dots and providing guidance for the straying Catholic prelate who has fallen victim a moral relativism based upon the corrosive ideology of multiculturalism.

It doesn’t take much in the way of research to prove the charge of genocide since as the renowned scholar of Arabic and Middle East historian Raymond Ibrahim states:

“A document drafted by members of the global Christian community convening at the 3rd International Christian Forum held in Moscow, detailed how over the past 10 years the Middle East’s Christian population has shrunk by 80 percent and warned that unless current trends are reversed Christianity “will vanish” from its ancient homelands in a few years’ time. Around the year 2000, there were 1.5 million Christians in Iraq, whereas today there are only 100,000, roughly a 93 percent drop, the document notes. In Syria, the largest cities “have lost almost all of their Christian population.” [source, Raymond Ibrahim, “ Clean Our Excrement Every Day or Die”: Muslim Persecution of Christians , August 2017]

The letter is beautifully written and powerfully reasoned, using Francis’ own Encyclicals [pastoral teaching documents considered authoritative] against his refusal to deal truthfully with the ongoing Muslim slaughter of Christians in lands where they were historically the majority.

“You do not like to beat around the bush, and neither do we, so allow us to say frankly that we do not understand your teaching about Islam, as we read in paragraphs 252 and 253 of Evangelii Gaudium , because it does not account for the fact that Islam came AFTER Christ , and so is, and can only be, an Antichrist (see 1 Jn 2.22), and one of the most dangerous because it presents itself as the fulfillment of Revelation (of which Jesus would have been only a prophet).”

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We Have Come To Bury Twitter…Shadow Banned In San Fran

January 15, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - We here at PipeLineNews.org have reached the end of our multi-year experiment with the social media platform Twitter.

While at first one could not help but be impressed by the ability to transmit little information packets consisting of 140 characters or less anywhere in the world, Twitter has, along with its almost literal neighbors, Facebook, YouTube, the 800 pound gorilla Google et al., turned even farther left than many thought possible.

What was once a reasonably free environment for public discourse - given the politics of social media giants’ founders - has along with the Democrat party and the vast majority of Western media, gone full-tilt Marxist, now presiding over and nursing what is in effect a secular theocracy based upon the sacralized ideology of collectivism.

It’s unsurprising therefore that PipeLineNews.org’s Twitter account has over the years been suspended so many times that we have lost count, and it now appears that our Net presence there has been shadow banned, which might be a big deal except for the fact that our operation does not depend on that kind of monetization.

Of note, though some seem to think shadow banning is a reasonably new development, its essence - unequal treatment of political speech - has been at the heart of Google [and Silicon Valley] for at least a decade, where even the most innocuous of inquiries involving anything marginally “to the right of center,” returns a spewing of leftist bile while, let’s say doing a search for President Barack Obama, gives one the impression that the former junior Senator from Illinois walks on water, though not the semi-solid variety leaking out of Democrat stronghold Flint, Michigan.

So that’s about all there is to the story, we refuse to feed the hand that suppresses, so color us gone, the account closed afte one final posting

Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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French Muslims Beat Policemen Senseless And Burn 1,000 Cars - Media Ignores

The West’s Islamic Revolution Will Not Be Televised


January 9, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Celebrating the incoming New Year in France will never be the same after last weekend’s horrifying attacks across the country culminating in a Paris Muslim ghetto exploding in violence, with numerous assaults on law enforcement personnel, one of whom, a woman officer was beaten and kicked into unconsciousness.

As has become de-riguer in this kind of criminality, the attack on the woman was videod by the primarily North African attackers and then streamed live on the Internet.

It shouldn’t surprise even casual observers of Europe’s social breakdown that though the police were armed, none of them drew their weapons despite being in life threatening situations...a fact not wasted on the defiant immigrants.

The practice of Muslim “refugees” refusing to acculturate, instead, crowding into lawless mini-suburbs in major cities which have been abandoned by law enforcement is well established. The phenomenon is widespread to the point that it is now common knowledge among the populace that are likely over 1,000 these “no-go” areas are scattered across Europe, given that the police now grudgingly admit that there are at least 900 of them.

The abdication of secular legal authority in these areas has allowed, what can only be called the occupiers, to establish and enforce a mixture of gang-land bandidtry within a larger governing regime under a particularly nasty Salafist reading of the Shari’a, Islamic law.

“In the heart of Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Grenoble, Avignon, districts here and there have been "privatized" by a mix of drug traffickers, Salafist zealots and Islamic youth gangs. The main victims are women. They are - Muslim and non-Muslim - sexually harassed; some are sexually assaulted. The politicians, as usual, are fully informed of the situation imposed upon women.” [source, France: No-Go Zones Now in Heart of Big Cities, Gatestone Institute]

Signifying the magnitude of this societal dislocation - one that looks very much like “low intensity” guerilla warfare - is that in addition to the more serious violence, over 1,000 automobiles were torched in a few evenings, a new “record” as these things go which represents tens-of-millions-of-dollars in losses.

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Anti-Jihadist Author Robert Spencer - The PipeLineNews.org Interview


January 1, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - What follows is an interview of the noted authority on Islam, Robert Spencer who maintains a counter terror news website entitled JihadWatch.org as well as being the author of nearly 20 books.

Q. Given the current state of affairs vis-à-vis the Muslim population of Western Europe, what do you predict if current trend continue, will be the future of Sweden in five years?

A. You’re going to see just more of the same, a great deal more conflict, a great deal more assertiveness and aggressiveness on the part of Muslim immigrants, and ultimately civil war. If there is a sufficient number of Swedes who don’t like the way things are going, and want to stop the country’s descent towards Shari’a and chaos, if that is indeed the case, there will be conflict. But I don’t know that conflict is avoidable at this point.

Q. What do you see as the future of Sweden in ten years?

A. More of the same, unless these trends are stopped, and there’s a huge turnaround in terms of the country’s immigration policy. Then there’s going to be conflict between those who believe Islamic law ought to be the law of the land, and those who would rather live in a free society.

Q. What do you see as the future of Germany in five years?

A. It’s the same answer for every country-there’s got to be a massive change in policy and that has got to come quickly, or there’s going to be conflict and civil war. There’s going to be an increased number of people who want shari’a law, and an increase in the shari’a enclaves that are already in place in several countries in Europe. And as those enclaves grow and begin to swallow up more and more of the countries in which they’re located, they’re inevitably going to come in conflict with those who want those societies to remain free. So I don’t know if civil war can be avoided at that point.

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The PipeLineNews Review - Robert Spencer, “Confessions Of An Islamophobe”


January 1, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org -"Confessions of an Islamophobe" is Dr. Robert Spencer's 17th book and reestablishes him - as if it were necessary - as one of the nation's foremost authorities on Islam. For readers who are just beginning a study of Islam as well as those who are already well-informed but want to fill-in some gaps, Dr. Spencer is the go-to writer. To be sure he is a presence in many venues, but for the sake of brevity, I will analyze only his latest work.

The book’s title is very appropriate, chosen to put "Islamophobe" into proper focus as a term used by Muslims and their non-Muslim sycophants with the intention of stifling, or preferably extinguishing, any rational discussion or debate regarding the dangers inherent in the Islamic faith.

The term itself, “Islamophobia” was originally conjured up as part of the leftist/Islamist tactic of weaponizing language, done under the theory that he who controls the language, controls the dialogue and he who controls the dialogue will prevail in any argument pertaining to it.

In stark contrast to Western judicial principles, simply telling the truth is not a defense against the charge by Muslims of religious and ethnic bigotry and hatred, as if all incriminating evidence against guilty defendants were perpetually ruled inadmissible.

For thousands of years [for example, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, circa 500BC] one of the most basic principles for nations at war is to be able to name the threat as well as to understand as much as possible about the enemy’s ideology. Failure to do so makes it impossible to develop what military planners call a “threat doctrine” from which is crafted a plan to combat the enemy not only kinetically on the battlefield but in the larger and often more important intellectual war of ideas.

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