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The UK’s Death Wish

May 24, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Yes we know that the Manchester bombing happened just a few evenings ago and it is certainly heart-wrenching to know that 22 people have subsequently died and 120 are wounded, many horribly; but now that the lame efforts by EU politicians to channel a bit of Winston Churchill’s WW II swagger have worn through, in reality the words of these cheap hack politicians mean nothing.

These people, who so “fearlessly” speak from behind gated fortresses guarded by elite military units have no intention of dealing with the three main causes of the Continent’s Islamic terrorism crisis:

1. There are already entirely too many Muslims in Europe.

2. Euro politicians really have no stomach for a genuine solution.

3. These cultures have engaged in a 50 year plus process of gelding themselves in the face of existential threats.

What we always see in the immediate aftermath of one of these acts of war is the equivalent of a bunch of Keystone Cops running around in a disorganized manner or dodging here and there in their tiny, cockroach-like police “cruisers” to little or no effect.

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UK’s Tommy Robinson on British Islamic Jihad

The Utter Depravity of Islam’s “Holy War”

May 23, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - We are entirely mindful that Tommy Robinson is a “controversial” personality in British politics. But we really don’t give a rat’s ass; if London imams can preach jihad at every Friday jummah there is nothing that Mr. Robinson has done that remotely resembles the harm to Western society via the EU’s conspiracy of silence and censorship regarding the truth about those who worship a “god” who hates…nothing.

Below Robinson, now a fixture at Rebel Media, discusses the problems that are endemic to societies that “open their doors to massive numbers of Muslims.” Note we made no reference to the oft paired rejoinder, “and to adequately address the need for them to acculturate” because Islam does not exist to become part of some idiotic multicultural wet-dream…Islam is about one thing alone - domination and abject submission.

Last night’s vicious attack in Manchester which killed 22 and mangled another 60 or so is merely the latest incident - if left unremediated - in what will be a never ending series of acts of asymmetrical warfare until British society crumbles.

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Shocking Book On Sultan Berzel - An ISIS Suicide Bomber From The Netherlands


May 15, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - It occcurred on Wednesday November 12, 2014, at Baghdad’s Al-Nisour Square. A white Nissan exploded at around 12 o’clock, not far from a police station. A 19-year old-boy watched as the car bomb exploded and panic broke out. Wearing an explosive vest, he walked the short distance to the police station and detonated a very powerful nail bomb, killing at least 23 police officers and civilians, causing widespread destruction and a shock wave of revulsion and horror.

This was an ISIS operation and the killer had been trained by ISIS in Syria and Iraq. His name was Sultan Berzel, a Dutch-Moroccan from the southern Dutch city of Maastricht, a hotbed of crime and jihadism. (It is very close to the Belgian and German borders.)

Johan van de Beek and Claire van Dyck, two excellent investigative journalists from Maastricht, recently wrote the shocking book “Sultan en de Lokgroep van de Jihad” (“Sultan and the Lure of Jihad”). They refer to Sultan Berzel as a mass murderer. Sultan was born in the problematic multicultural suburb of “Wittevrouwenveld” in 1995. There are many Muslim immigrants and crime is rampant. There are parallel societies and no-go-areas in Maastricht, especially in “Wittevrouwenveld”. Few people dare to report crimes to the police. But Sultan was a decent schoolboy and had a reputation of being kind, although he usually avoided the company of girls. He later even refused to shake hands with women, especially after local Salafist Muslims converted him to their version of Islam.

“Sultan” is a Turkish name, yet his Moroccan parents opted for this first name. “Berzel” is a Berber name. Most Moroccans in Holland, Belgium and Germany are Berbers from Northern Morocco. Their poor parents or grandparents arrived as illiterate “guest workers” in the 1970s. Later, many of them were dismissed by their employers, but the former guest workers preferred to stay in Europe. Depending on welfare benefits they demanded that their equally illiterate wives would join them. This is when a real clash of civilizations began to manifest itself. The second- and third-generation was very susceptible to crime and Islamic radicalism.

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Why Is The Vatican Publishing Marxist Propaganda?

By WILLIAM MAYER, translation from the Italian by the author

May 15, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In an April 26 column appearing in the Vatican mouthpiece, the Vatican Observer, author Di Franco Lo Piparo undertakes a sleight-of-hand Marxist deconstruction of the Catholic faith, using the theories propounded by the highly influential Italian communist, Antonio Gramsci whom he quotes:

“Religion is a need for the spirit. Men often feel so lost in the vastness of the world, they feel so often pushed by forces they do not know, the complexity of so subtle and subtle historical energies so far escapes the common sense, that in the supreme moments only those who have replaced the religion [with] some other Moral strength are able to save themselves from shaking.”

With Piparo’s analysis:

“Thus writes the 25-year-old Antonio Gramsci under the heading "Under the Mole" of the Turin edition of the "Avanti!" On March 4, 1916. The anthropological-philosophical observation is part of an article that is inspired by the news of an exorcist whose business had increased as a result of war events…We note that religion is neither the opium of peoples nor a superstructure intended to collapse once it has changed.” [source, Di Franco Lo Piparo, PhD, For Gramsci Religion is Necessary - Eighty years ago the disappearance of the Italian intellectual, April 26, 2017 Vatican Observer]

Piparo is a Marxist academic whose specialty is exploring linguistic aspects of Gramsci’s work. His selected passages seem clearly chosen to establish [without actually saying it, hence “sleight-of-hand”] a sense of moral equivalency between worldly utopian philosophies and Christianity.

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Comey Outed As Key Purveyor Of False Russian Trump Narrative

May 5, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In an explosive breaking report, Fox News’ Senior National Security journo quotes high level sources who are charging that FBI Director Comey participated in a rogue intel operation centering on a salacious and thoroughly discredited “report” prepared by a shady British spy designed to slime Mr. Trump.

"FBI Director James Comey considered an anti-Trump dossier compiled by a former British intelligence officer so important that he insisted the document be included in January's final intelligence community report on Russian meddling in the U.S. election, Fox News was told.” [source, Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne and Cyd Upson, Comey pressed for anti-Trump dossier in classified Russia report, sources say , Fox]

What makes Comey’s treachery even more obvious is the linkage between the Christopher Steele’s “dossier” [largely assembled by information provided by paid individuals who had themselves paid for the data…third party checkbook “research] his own research outfit, Orbis and an entity that many believe is a Russian front.

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Russian Intrigue In Venezuela’s Oil Industry While Civil War Looms

May 4, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – In an April 24 feature piece [Existential Threat To America From Russian Driven, South of the Border Marxists] on the continued communist predation that is taking place South of the border, we noted:

While the eyes of the Free World’s are fixed on foreign policy issues relating to the Middle and Far East, a threat, certainly closer and possibly of more concern looms.

This is especially true long term - because of the proximity factor and the fact that it is largely being ignored. What we are referring to is the hastening push into South and Central America by agents and agent states of the world-wide Marxist-Leninist-Maoist insurgency.

Cutting to the chase on the present concern, Nicolas Maduro’s imploding Venezuela:

As if to underline the potential danger here, consider that the below is from a left-leaning news source:

“Venezuelan national oil company, PDVSA, created a joint company with Russian oil firms to develop four blocks in the Orinoco Oil Belt…PDVSA also signed..[deal with Sovcomflot, Russian gas and shipping…Russian energy company INTER-RAOUES will build a thermoelectric plant with a 200-500 megawatt capacity in Venezuela…[nuclear energy was discussed in Chavez-Putin confab] Venezuela purchased four Mi-17 helicopters and more than 90 T-72 tanks from Russia…[the two countries have increased]…bilateral relations in recent years by creating a bi-national bank with $4 billion in capital, launching gas exploration off the Venezuelan coast, and investing in the renovation of Venezuela’s infrastructure….Russia is also building a machine gun factory in Venezuela, and Venezuela has purchased more than $4 billion worth of Russian Sukhoi fighter planes, helicopters, and tanks since 2005.” [source, James Suggett, Russia and Venezuela Deepen Ties with Energy, Military Deals , Venezuelanalysis.com]

Some may be surprised that a country like Venezuela would purchase nearly 100 main battle tanks. Though the T-72s are a bit long in the tooth [first units were cranked out 4 decades ago] they nonetheless pack a lot of pop courtesty of a 125mm smoothbore main cannon as well as a 12.7 mm [.50 cal] heavy machine gun.

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MPAC Pushes Tired, Provably False “Islamophobia” Narrative in Congress

May 2, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a March 31 piece - MPAC Joins Sanctuary Movement That Shields Rapists, Murderers and Child Molesters - we stated:

“According to its latest newsletter, the Muslim Public Affairs Council [MPAC] which according to a former federal prosecutor, “was established in 1988 by followers of the Muslim Brotherhood and admirers of Hezbollah...” - source, Andrew McCarthy, The History of MPAC , National Review - has officially joined up with the illegal “sanctuary city/state” movement.”

In that same piece we charged that MPAC’s support for big-city-America actually encouraging illegal immigration was tantamount to supporting the anal rape of children and grizzly torture murders committed by MS-13, because there have been so many perps of such vicious crimes who have illegally immigrated to the United States and MPAC cannot possibly be unaware of that linkage.

But today’s newsletter from MPAC’s stealth jihadis, rather than adding injury to outrage among those whose lives will never be the same again because of the criminality of illegal aliens, falls back on its boilerplate, the risible, yet bedrock narrative proffered daily by subversive Western Muslims - that the disciples of Allah, live in a constant state of siege in America.

To that end the pressure group submitted testimony to Congress that contained the following gem penned by MPAC’s Salam al-Marayati:

“No community should have to exist in a state of constant fear because of their perceived religious beliefs. And yet, for many American Muslim families across the nation, that is their daily reality. In just the past two years, there have been countless instances of mosques being vandalized and sometimes literally burned to the ground, children harassed and bullied by both classmates and teachers, and average citizens attacked sometimes fatally by their fellow Americans, simply because of their faith.”

May we beg to differ Mr. Marayati, facts being stubborn things?

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