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Freedom Denied: Allegan Police Department, the Council on American Islamic Relations and Suppressing First Amendment Rights


April 27, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - [This is a reprint of an article we published May 21, 2012. The Allegan confrontation is only one of a new breed of efforts by the American left to totally destroy the First Amendment, we are currently working on a piece dealing with the same issue and it should appear on these pages next week, so this piece can be considered contextual in nature]

There is afoot a new and important political movement which seeks to ensure the integrity of the U.S. judicial process. The effort, entitled "American Laws for American Courts" seeks to ban Shari'a [Islamic law], and other foreign legal systems and concepts from having any impact on American jurisprudence.

One of the groups which is active in hastening this process, "The American Public Policy Alliance (APPA)" describes itself as, "a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to protecting U.S. constitutional rights, safeguarding U.S. sovereignty and promoting government transparency and accountability, is working with legislators nationwide on policies and initiatives." [source, http://publicpolicyalliance.org/?page_id=38]

One might think that the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution, Sec 2, known as "The Supremacy Clause" would clearly be sufficient in and of itself in guaranteeing the integrity of the American legal system. Unfortunately that is not the case, as in numerous instances and settings these same foreign sources are already being used in the process of rendering judicial opinions.

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Existential Threat To America From Russian Driven, South of the Border Marxists


April 24, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – While the eyes of the Free World’s are fixed on foreign policy issues relating to the Middle and Far East, a threat, certainly closer and possibly of more concern looms.

This is especially true long term - because of the proximity factor and the fact that it is largely being ignored. What we are referring to is the hastening push into South and Central America by agents and agent states of the world-wide Marxist-Leninist-Maoist insurgency.

In Central America there has been a recent uptick in Russian involvement in Nicaragua [see, Is Putin building a base in Nicaragua to spy on US citizens? - Fears grow over mystery Russian compound, UK Daily Mail].

“Officials said there are concerns the hub could be a 'dual use' facility, meaning it could house equipment and workers with the ability to conduct electronic surveillance against American citizens. From where the compound is located, it offers those who are based there a clear view of the US Embassy about 10 miles away in the heart of Managua.”

Historically, Nicaragua was a Spanish colony from the 16th to early 19th century, though there was a period of British interference that was of little consequence. Over the last four decades however the country has served as Central America’s poster-child for Soviet/Russian influence peddling which at times has manifested itself as a less than stealthy near-colonization.

This is consistent with Russia’s long term strategic goal of expanding its sphere of influence South of the U.S. border. In Latin America and the Caribbean for example it has targeted Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Grenada and Honduras [reference, State Dept. Special Report #80 regarding El-Salvador , February 23, 1981 and Soviet Policies and Activities in Latin America and the Caribbea, CIA National Intelligence Assessment #SNIE 11/80/90-82, January 7, 1994].

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Berlin’s Muslim State Secretary Wants Shari’a Imposed on Europe

April 18, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Those on the right, who believe that the theory holding that Muslims only pose a societal threat after having become “radicalized” - through some obscure process - is self-negating, can add another piece of evidence buttressing the belief that the problem isn’t “radical” Islam, it’s the ideology itself as normatively practiced.

For years now our ears have been assaulted by the constant repetition, from a handful of Western Muslims [Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser, Asra Nomani, Maajid Nawaz and other Scalawags] that they have essentially invented a new interpretation of Allah’s sacred book, the Qur’an, that is entirely compatible with our way of life. These fakirs should immediately be suspect upon the understanding that absent their “rubber chicken rap” they would become entirely, and very obviously irrelevant.

We regard such claims as being specious on their face, the reasoning being, if this revisionism is true, why do so many of these “peaceful” Muslims remain intent upon elevating the Shari’a above the corpus of Western law even when personally and greatly benefiting from the modern Western experience, some even from high political office?

There is no quantitative difference between conquest by violence and domination via Islamic subversion, at best one is forced into dhimmitude and confronted with paying the jizya, rather than the sword.

As recently published in the UK Daily Mail:

“A politician has controversially voiced her backing for Sharia Law being introduced in Europe, calling it 'absolutely compatible' with current legislation. The State Secretary for the Berlin Government, Sawsan Chebli, defended Islamic law saying it can exist alongside Germany's Basic Law because it 'largely regulates the relationship between God and man'." [source, Chris Summers, Muslim State Secretary for Berlin voices her backing for Sharia law in Europe, saying it is 'absolute compatible' with German legislation]

Though the statement rises to the level of farcical [imagine the incongruence of a Muslima claiming that hijab is “a religious duty,” and then not wearing one] the idea that German Basic Law regulates relationships between the Almighty and Man is preposterous.

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Badass Ex UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy Rejoins Spec Ops, Praises Trump and Sec Def Mattis

April 17, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On an recent Instagram posting ex UFC battler Tim Kennedy announced that he had re-upped with the U.S. Special Forces. Kennedy’s website described him as, “an active, Ranger qualified, Green Beret, special forces sniper with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as other locations around the globe.

Kennedy is clearly looking to spill jihadi blood and guts; his message was pretty straight forward:

“Dear ISIS, If you are lucky enough to kill a Special Forces operator, the possibility of us dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever made on you should be the least of your concerns. There is a vengeance and wrath associated with the loss of one of our brothers. May God have mercy on your soul because we are coming and we will have none to give . Sincerely, the U.S. Military.

Kennedy went on to describe the ISIS butchers as a bunch of cowards while stating that he and his Spec-Ops pals are readying themselves for some serious asymmetrical payback.

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State Department Employee Busted: Extensive Bribes By ChiComs

April 17, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - A federal complaint was unsealed today charging Candace Marie Claiborne, 60, of Washington, D.C., and an employee of the U.S. Department of State, with obstructing an official proceeding and making false statements to the FBI, both felony offenses, for allegedly concealing numerous contacts that she had over a period of years with foreign intelligence agents.

The charges were announced by Acting Assistant Attorney General Mary B. McCord for National Security, U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips of the District of Columbia and Assistant Director in Charge Andrew W. Vale of the FBI’s Washington Field Office.

Candace Marie Claiborne is a U.S. State Department employee who possesses a Top Secret security clearance and allegedly failed to report her contacts with Chinese foreign intelligence agents who provided her with thousands of dollars of gifts and benefits,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General McCord. “Claiborne used her position and her access to sensitive diplomatic data for personal profit. Pursuing those who imperil our national security for personal gain will remain a key priority of the National Security Division.”

Claiborne who had Top Secret clearance is accused of violating her oath of office at State Department. She stands accused of purposefully misleading federal investigators about her significant and repeated interactions with foreign contacts.

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Copycat Attack In Stockholm By Failed Asylum Seeker From Uzbekistan


April 11, 2017 - Amersfoort, NL - PipeLineNews.org - Rakhmat Akilov, a rejected asylum seeker from Uzbekistan, carried out that spectacular terror attack in Stockholm on April 7, 2017, on a Friday afternoon. (Many Muslim terrorists prefer to carry out terror attacks on Fridays.) This perpetator had stolen a huge truck and mowed pedestrians down in a busy shopping street and then drove that 30-tonne truck straight into a shopping center or department store. Four people were killed, fifteen were wounded. It was the kind of copycat attack that ISIS had called for on previous occasions. Similar attacks occurred in Nice on July 14, 2016, Berlin on December 19, 2016, Jerusalem on January 8, 2017 and London on March 22, 2017.

At a press conference in Stockholm on Sunday April 9, 2017, Jan Evensson of the Stockholm police said the suspected perpetrator of the Stockholm attack was 39-years old. Police arrested him in the northern part of Stockholm on the very day of the attack.

His request for a residence permit was rejected in June 2016. At the end of 2016, the police wanted to deport him to his home country, but he had deliberately given them the wrong address. So, they could not find him there. “But on February 24, he was formally sought after by the Swedish police,” Fox News and Associated Press reported two days after the attack.

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Trump Must Designate Muslim Brotherhood to Defeat Radical Islam

By CLIFFORD SMITH, Director, Middle East Forum's Washington Project.

April 11, 2017 - Washington, DC – PipeLineNews.org - Hopes that the Trump administration will designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization have hit rough waters , with anonymous officials citing concerns about diplomatic blowback and frayed relationships with Muslims at home and abroad. The leaks came on the eve of a historic visit to Washington by Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a key Arab ally and devoted Muslim who is locked in a life-or-death struggle with the Brotherhood.

The irony is hard to miss, particularly given that Egypt and several other Arab countries have already designated the Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

Whatever the truth behind the leaks, they underscore that the inside-the-Beltway conventional wisdom - that the Brotherhood is "moderate" and so popular that designation would be seen as "a declaration of war against…Islam itself" - will not die as easily as many hoped.

This thinking is rooted in a failure to understand the difference between Islamists - a sizable but distinct minority of Muslims who adhere to a radical utopian ideology - and the majority of Muslims, among whom are found friends and allies. President el-Sisi, who has publicly called out extremism to clerics in Egypt, understands this. After all, Egypt is not the only state in which the Brotherhood engaged in attempts to kill its way to power . It did the same in Syria in the early 1980s.

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Don’t Tread on Me - The Failure of Conservatism


April 7, 2017 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews - In our just published monograph, Islamic Jihad Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West , we presented something of a unified theory based upon a cross-disciplinary study explaining how Western Civilization has been intentionally destabilized through a process of cultural subversion. So pervasive and effective has this attack been that it’s led to absurdities such as the proposition promulgated by President Obama’s Department of Justice, that it’s entirely natural to encourage certain biological males to shower in the girls’ locker room.

Across the Atlantic in Europe - America’s cradle - we see this same effect [turbocharged] where countries historically devoted to the idea of “free thinking,” are now prosecuting those who speak out against an unprecedented invasion of mostly military aged male Muslim immigrants [jihad by hijra] who bring with them a rapacious culture of criminality and grotesque sexual assault - Allah’s dirty laundry.

Already, due to this influence, almost overnight we have seen Sweden morph from a buttoned-down society distinctive for its absence of violent crime into the rape capital of the civilized world.

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BREAKING - U.S. Officials Watchful Regarding Activation of Domestic Iranian Terror Cells

Allegation: Jihad Network Hidden Within U.S. Mosques and Islamic Centers

April 8, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In June of 2011, this writer interviewed Reza Kahlili [a pseudonym] the author of a, A Time To Betray - The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran which detailed his journey from member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard to CIA informant. The book is still widely regarded as an important work, awarded the 2011 International Book Awards in two categories, "Autobiography/Memoirs" and "Best New Non-Fiction." It was also named, by the National Best Book Awards as the best non-fiction narrative in 2010. [see, William Mayer, Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations , PipeLineNews.org]

Though 6 years ahead of the curve, we believe this interview is perhaps more relevant now than when published given the events of the last week what with Iran’s puppet regime in Syria, headed by Bashar al-Assad, having been called to account for using Sarin gas on its people, with the Trump administration’s immediate flattening [4/6/17] of one of the dictator’s six air bases in retaliation.

What makes Mr. Khalili’s statement so chilling is his reference to the presence of Iranian sleeper cells within the domestic confines of the United States and the possibility that they could be activated at a moment’s notice by the Armageddon friendly Ayatollah’s in Tehran.

Below, an excerpt from that interview, please note the entire article appears direction below this piece.

“Q. What kind of presence does the IRG and Hezbollah have within the borders of the United States; are there numerous cells; are there no cells?

A. ‘...I'm going to quote to you Hassan Abbasi...he was the brains behind the strategy to bog the U.S. forces down in Iraq...he says...and he is very open about things...they have recognized about 800 sensitive sites within the U.S....when the time comes and the order comes, their cells...will attack many of these sites...so basically they have agents here...they have a large network here through Islamic student associations...they collaborate with the Muslim Brotherhood...they do run a large network through the mosques in the U.S...’"

Though we have called attention to the fact so many times that it’s starting to resemble a broken record, Mr. Khalili [and we hear much the same from other sources] alleged at the time that these aborning terror cells are actually part of a network being run out of U.S. mosques and Islamic centers - coincidentally places which over the 8 years of Obama had been off limits to American intelligence surveillance.


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Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations
As interviewed by WILLIAM MAYER

April 8, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - [Ed note: this article is being republished to provide additional context to the above story] Reza Kahlili [a pseudonym] is the author of a revealing new book A Time To Betray - The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran which details his journey from member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard to CIA informant. The book has been widely noted as an important work, awarded the 2011 International Book Awards in two categories, "Autobiography/Memoirs" and "Best New Non-Fiction." The book also was named, by the National Best Book Awards as the best non-fiction narrative in 2010.

On June 7 we interviewed Mr. Kahlili and are pleased to present excerpts from that interview here.

As an idealistic student studying in the U.S. back during the tumultuous 70s, Reza Kahlili returned to his native country and became active in Iranian politics, inspired by the revolution that swept Ayatollah Khomeini into power, believing - as did many - that Khomeini would usher in a watershed period in the wake of Shah Reza Pahlavi, who was forced to leave office.

Kahlili became involved with the IRG, Iran's Revolutionary Guard at an early point when it was comprised mainly of "common kids from the neighborhood," thinking its intent was solely to "support and protect the country." At the time Khomeini mouthed platitudes such as, "a nation that does not have freedom does not have civilization."

Q. Was it your opinion at the time you started getting involved with these folks that Islam was compatible with a Western conception of freedom, civil liberties, freedom of expression and equal rights for women?

A. "Just a few months down the road I was shocked by what was taking place...the clerics started interfering in the government...they started to construct their power...then they started to form a revolutionary court and prosecute old military officers under the Shah executing thousands...then the trial of 50,000...then the takeover of the U.S. embassy which was a big slap in my face...[it became clear that]...the clerics were going to enforce Islamic law...it was then that I realized that the country was moving towards Islamization and a hard core radical was taking hold of power...universities where shut down...political parties were banned...that was when I thought that I needed to take whatever action I could to confront the regime...it happened very fast...it became the country of the jihadists...that's when I decided to come back to the U.S..."

Q. Do you have any knowledge that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was personally involved in the takeover of the embassy?

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The Syrian Strike - A Sober, Measured Response

April 7, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – As we noted rather forcefully yesterday , pre-president Trump’s launching of a Tomahawk missile attack against what intel sources claim to be the Syrian airfield from which the Sarin/chlorine gas attack that claimed dozens of lives in the city of Khan Sheikhoun, we were very concerned that the promised “response” from the Trump administration might be following down the rabbit hole, into which G.W. Bush disappeared.

Therefore we were quite relieved and actually very pleasantly surprised that the strike was so surgical and measured…proportional in diplomatic-speak.

At approximated 4 a.m. local Syrian time, the USS Porter (DDG-78) and USS Porter (DDG-71), both Arleigh Burke-class destroyers home ported in Spain, launched 59 Tomahawk missiles against the Shayrat air base, one of six under control of the Assad regime.

Now manufactured by Raytheon, the Tomahawk is a modular, subsonic guided missile that can carry a wide range of warheads up to an including nukes. In this role it has proven remarkably reliable as well as flexible.

The purpose of the raid was to destroy the ability of Shayrat to be used as a launch platform for aircraft carrying the type of prohibited chemical weapons which were according to the Pentagon, used in the Khan Sheikhoun attack.

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Avoiding the War in Syria Tar Baby Trap

Has the Deep State Struck Again?


April 6, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - While the president remains under relentless attack regarding the absurd and already disproven allegation that he worked with Vlad Putin to hack the election, in part by gaining access to John Podesta’s computer [and thus outing all of the DNC machinations] as if by magic an international crisis has presented itself in Syria where a brutal civil war that has been raging since 2011 has taken hundreds of thousands of lives.

As of today, Syrian president Bashar Assad stands accused and convicted in the leftist media and throughout much of the DC establishment as being this Strangelovian monster who authorized the use of chemical weapons against children in an alleged airstrike in or around the Syrian city of Khan Sheikhoun, south of Idlib a few days ago.

From the statements of U.S. Ambassador of Nikki Haley [not a fan] on the matter, the troubling takeaway is that some form of violent reprisal might be in the offing.

On its face the entire matter fails to pass the most rudimentary of smell tests, primarily because there have already been high-level [though admittedly rocky] talks going on, in two locations, Astana, Kazakhstan [which have concluded after a third round] and in Geneva, Switzerland where the process appears to be ongoing , to resolve the conflict among the principals, though participation by the so-called “good [aka, FSA] rebels” has been simultaneously denied in some publications and hinted at [in after hours consultations] by others.

As a general approach to ending the bloody civil war, the Syrian government has indicated that its position is flexible.

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The Proto State, Socialist Realism and Situational “Tolerance”

When Lies Become the Standard, Truth Becomes the Enemy


April 5, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - This year being, the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, it might prove useful to examine some of the core theorems that drove that monumental event and which remain relevant as we continue to probe the concept of the Deep State.

It’s an important reference point to keep in mind that the United States and actually the entirety of Western Civilization is in the midst of an undeclared civil war which finds the organized Marxist left pitted against what can generally be identified as the forces of classical liberalism.

To clarify regarding concepts and ideological declarations/tenets, we are not interested in dynamiting silly Marxist notions such as the labor theory of value, or the belief in the historically-driven inevitability of a world-wide communist uprising, but rather three ideas that are central to the perpetuation of the Marxist/progressive revolutionary movement which are so in vogue on today’s college campuses, throughout the legacy media and much of what is normally thought of as the “establishment” - especially as that pertains to the power centers in DC and the I95 corridor.

That said, on April 9, 1917, Vladimir Lenin [an alias, having been born Ulyanov] had the following published, as a sort of official Op-Ed in the ever reliable newspaper, Pravda.

“What is this dual-power? Alongside the Provisional Government, the government of bourgeoisie, another government has arisen, so far weak and incipient, but undoubtedly a government that actually exists and is growing - the Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies. What is the class composition of this other government? It consists of the proletariat and the peasants (in soldiers’ uniforms). What is the political nature of this government? It is a revolutionary dictatorship, i.e., a power directly based on revolutionary seizure, on the direct initiative of the people from below, and not on a law enacted by a centralised state power. It is an entirely different kind of power from the one that generally exists in the parliamentary bourgeois-democratic republics of the usual type still prevailing in the advanced countries of Europe and America.” [V. I. Lenin Pravda No. 28, The Dual-power…” [source, Marxists Internet Archive ]

In such revolutionary settings the need for “dual-power” quickly becomes apparent.

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ADF Briefs Congress on Freedom of Speech Restrictions on American University Campuses


April 4, 2017 - Washington, DC - PipeLineNews.org - The Alliance Defending Freedom has submitted written testimony to a House subcommittee for inclusion in a hearing Tuesday on Capitol Hill about First Amendment violations on public university and college campuses. The testimony, provided to the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, identifies several recent examples of violations at universities and colleges across the country as well as four common ways university policies restrict free expression.

“Although public universities are supposed to be marketplaces of ideas, they are far too often anything but,” said ADF Legal Counsel Caleb Dalton, one of the authors of the submitted testimony. “A robust exchange of competing ideas and philosophies is essential to liberty and progress, but today’s campuses have transformed the marketplace of ideas into the intellectual vacuum of government intolerance. In the last decade, ADF has assisted hundreds of students and student groups of varying religious and political beliefs who face violations of their First Amendment freedoms on campus. Our current and recent cases illustrate the breadth of the constitutional crisis students face.”

Audio clip: ADF attorney Caleb Dalton on Congressional initiative

The testimony points to current examples of students arrested for distributing copies of the Constitution on campus, faculty members organizing people to link arms in an attempt to stop a free speech event while administrators ordered police not to intervene, and students being limited to tiny speech zones—and even forbidden from sharing their faith if another student complained. These cases in Michigan,California,Georgia,New York,North Carolina,Wisconsin, and Iowa are just a few recent examples of cases that ADF is litigating on behalf of students or student groups whose First Amendment freedoms have been disregarded.

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William Mayer Interviewed Regarding New Book - Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West

April 3, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – What follows is a video interview hosted by Accuracy in Media’s Cliff Kincaid with the Editor & Publisher of PipeLineNews.org, discussing Mr. Mayer’s recently published book, Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West.

While many if not most citizens no longer consider Marxism-Leninism a threat, we are here to - hopefully - disabuse them of that notion. “Progressivism” which has wide acceptance in some circles, is structurally and in practice identical to Marx’s theories regarding "intersectionalism," “class struggle,” the flow of history and the ultimate fate of capitalism. As such it continues to represent an existential threat to Western Civilization.

So please give some thought to the following video, it may reshape your way of looking at the political world and the controversies that seem to be tearing America apart.


Mr. Kincaid is also the proprietor of the websites - America’s Survival and The Religious Left Exposed - both of which are devoted to investigating the subversive activities being promulgated by the hard/progressive/Marxist left.

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Health Security Crisis? The Myth of a National Prescription Opioid “Epidemic”

April 2, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Digging out from the disaster of 8 years of Obama’s historically unprecedented irresponsible governance and facing numerous threats that are actually existential - internal leftist subversion and Islamism - a number of months ago we noticed the appearance of numerous MSM articles claiming that there was this huge prescription opioid addiction increase and hence, a crisis.

The media thrives on crisis.

Unfortunately the Trump administration has established a commission headed by a morbidly obese [a genuinely national medical crisis] politician, Chris Christie, to “deal” with the problem. That Christie really brings nothing to the table, in the way of medical acumen, unless a box of 2 dozen Krispe Kreme somehow qualifies, only guilds this stinking lily.

The fact is that according to the NIH/CDC’s own figures the foundation for the “sky is falling” crowd on this topic is at best an urban myth, at worst just another attempt by the leftist press to force medical professionals and pharmaceutical manufacturers into practicing medicine as Uncle Sam would have them do.

These are of course the same people who solved the health care crisis by passing and then refusing to repeal Obama Care.

According to the NIH, overdose deaths from prescription opioids peaked in 2011 at a bit less than 18,000.

With a U.S. population hovering at about 325,000,000 that would represent.000055 % per capita, approx 5 ten-thousandths of a percent.

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