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Iraqi Christians Free To Attend Church Services In Liberated Mosul

December 25, 2017 - San Francisco, CA – After a nearly three year occupation and siege, Christians in Mosul, Iraq are now free to worship and did so in a Christmas Eve Mass at St. Paul’s Church which only became possible upon ISIS’s recent defeat that left much of the historic city in rubble.

St. Paul’s is reportedly the only functioning church in the rubble.

Presiding over the celebration Father Thabet Habib said, “Our faith and our hope was to be here to evangelize on our earth and in our town.”

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Muslims Locked In Bitter Cultural Warfare Against London’s Shrinking Jewish Population


December 19, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - Some 1500 years ago, the prophet Muhammad, with a handful of his followers, were barely able to skip Mecca ahead of a mob intent on lynching them. Where to go? To Medina, a city of a large accepting Jewish community that posed no threats to this band of refugees seeking safety and protection.

In no time at all, the prophet Muhammad and his gang started repaying the peaceful Jews for their kindness. You know the rest of the story .

Is history repeating itself? Are Muslims moving into the heart of a Jewish community in London?

History of Golders Green, Barnet

Golders Green is a predominantly Jewish area that hosts the largest Kosher food hub in the United Kingdom:

“After the First World War a large number of Jewish families began moving into the new housing from the crowded East End and synagogues were built to serve the community. Immigrant Jews fleeing Nazi persecution augmented the settlement during the 1930s. At the same time, the builders Laing laid out the racetrack-shaped Golders Green estate in the south-west corner of the district. Cricklewood Aerodrome had occupied the site from 1916 to 1930. The 1930s also saw the erection of mansion blocks in central Golders Green.”

The famous Golders Green Hippodrome , built in 1913, was also once home to the BBC Concert Orchestra. In early 2007, the Christian group El Shaddai International Christian Centre purchased the Hippodrome for £5million. The building was sold in July 2014 at an auction for £5.2 million to a “Shiite Islamic Charity.” The buyers intended to turn the building into a Shiite mosque or a Shiite Islamic Center. The London-based charity named this venue The Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham or “Centre for Islamic Enlightening. (Arabic: Markaz – El -Tathgheef – El – Eslami), located in northwest London.

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The Original Islamophobia Scam - 20th Anniversary Of the Runnymede Report

December 15, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - It’s this never-ending, churning process of social upheaval to which the modern progressive/neo-Marxists are heir. Always be mindful that truly revolutionary ideologies [this includes Islamism] bridle at the thought of concession or half-measures. Their demands always exceed society’s capacity to accommodate and this is by design. It’s typified in the popular revolutionary slogan, “we want the world and we want it now.” Though they won’t abide anything but total victory, these people are above all patient and blindingly full of themselves in the belief that the way of life they wish to impose on everyone else is an historical inevitability. This accounts for the endless negotiations in which they participate, while clandestinely continuing to chip at foundational elements.

We call the reader’s attention to a recent case study [source, WTF File Vol. I No. II - Ex-Chair of Brit ‘Human Rights Commission” Shocked: Muslims Won’t Assimilate , April 11, 2016, PipeLineNews.org] which relates the story of how a once high-flying British bureaucrat, manipulated British culture to literally create the term Islamophobia. He did this with clear purpose, intending to then monetarily farm, through various organizations, consultancies and agencies, this freshly plowed field. The techniques used by Mr. Phillips as described below seem to have been lifted directly from the Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci’s playbook:

Though the party in question, Trevor Phillips, is now attempting to publicly distance himself from the multicultural Islamist horse-shit he force fed the British public during his stormy tenure as the excessively compensated chair of the country’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, upon investigation, his spiel rings false. After looking at his long shady record, actually Phillips seems to mostly be concerned with rebranding himself as a born again anti-Islamist.

"Phillips commissioned “ the Runnymede report ” into Britain and Islamophobia in 1997 which, according to both Phillips himself and academics across the country, popularised the phrase which has now become synonymous with any criticism - legitimate or not - of Islam or Muslims." [source, Raheem Kassam, UK Equalities Chief Who Popularised The Term ‘Islamophobia’ Admits: ‘I Thought Muslims Would Blend into Britain , Breitbart]

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ISIS Jihadist From Syria Spotted By Fellow Countrymen In Holland


December 11, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - A 31-year-old Syrian ISIS jihadist was recognized by his fellow countrymen in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, the liberal Dutch newspaper “De Volksrant” reported last month. It was on September 14, 2017, that they observed the jihadist had attended a conference in the Amsterdam conference center “De Balie.” These Syrians belonged to the anti-ISIS group “Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently.” A film on their activities in Raqqa, the former so-called capital of ISIS in Syria, was shown in “De Balie.” This film showed atrocities and war crimes committed by ISIS in Raqqa. Members of the group “Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silenty” used small hidden cameras when they were still in Raqqa. ISIS jihadists have sworn to kill anyone who was involved with this courageous group.

But right now in the heart of Amsterdam some Syrian refugees from Raqqa recognized a Syrian war criminal from Tabqa (Raqqa province) who had apparently managed to escape to Holland. When this Syrian ISIS jihadist noticed that he had been recognized by people who knew him he quicky disappeared. There is reason to believe that many other dangerous ISIS jihadists have fled to Western Europe and are now planning to commit terrorist attacks. Nearly 25,000 West European (!) ISIS jihadists returned to Europe and they also pose a very serious security threat, because it is simply impossible to monitor all of them. It is not known how many Syrian war criminals and terrorists decided to apply for asylum in Europe, but there could be thousands of them.

“De Volksrant” further reported that the Dutch General Security and Intelligence Service has been surveilling this jihadist for several months and that he used a fake name when he entered the Netherlands. He is believed to be a high level ISIS member. Yet, he suddenly showed up at this conference in Amsterdam. Why wasn’t he arrested? Perhabs the security service and the police need more evidence or they want to trace all his other contacts. But the Syrians who recognized him in Amsterdam now fear for their own lives. Several opponents of ISIS who belonged to the group “Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently” have already been killed in Turkey.

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Welcome to the Hell Hole that is Brussels


Originally published by the Gatestone Institute

December 10, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - When then-candidate Donald Trump noted in January 2016 that, thanks to mass immigration, Brussels was turning into a hell hole, Belgian and European politicians presented a united front at the (media) barricades: How dare he say such a thing? Brussels, capital of the European Union, the very quintessence of the post-modern world, the avant-garde of the coming new "global civilization," a hell hole? Of course assimilating newcomers is not always easy, and there may be friction from time to time. But never mind, they said: Trump is a buffoon, and anyway, he has zero chance of getting elected. Such were the thoughts of those avid readers of The New York Times International Edition and regular watchers of CNN International.

However, Donald Trump, in his unmistakable, brash style, was quite simply right: Brussels is rapidly descending into chaos and anarchy. Exactly two months after that dramatic Trumpism, Brussels was eviscerated by a horrific Islamic terror attack that left 32 people dead. And that was only the tip of the monstrous iceberg that has built up over three decades of mass immigration and socialist madness.

Last month alone in Brussels, there were three separate outbreaks of rioting and looting on a major scale.

First, there was the qualification of the Moroccan team to the soccer World Cup: between 300 and 500 "youths" of foreign origin took to the streets of Brussels to "celebrate" the event in their own way, looting dozens of shops in the historical center of Brussels, wreaking havoc in the deserted avenues of the "capital of civilization" and, during their riot , injuring 22 police officers.

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There's Only One Road to Peace for Israel: U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem



Crossposted at The Hill

December 7, 2017 - San Francisco, CA - A lot happened in Washington this past week. But through the whirlwind came a huge development: President Trump is expected to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel .

It's a symbolic move for sure — the embassy will remain in Tel Aviv for the time being — but it sends a powerful message that makes achieving a lasting solution to the conflict far more likely.

This past week, we commemorated the 70th anniversary of the plan passed by the United Nations to partition what was then a British Mandate territory into two states: a Jewish and Arab state.

The Israelis, of course, accepted the plan. The Palestinians, then vassals of neighboring Arab kingdoms, rejected it and soon launched a war. That war was long and hard-fought, but Israel triumphed — at least, that's what the Israelis and the West thought.

For the Palestinians, it seems, that war is still being fought. And that rejection continues.

Years of concessions, of work to build the Palestinian Authority into something capable of handling the levers of power that a state must wield, have brought us no closer to peace. Shaming Israel politically for defending its own people hasn't worked either.

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San Francisco Juries’ “White Privilege” Acquittal

Panel of “San Francisco’s Finest” Release Illegal Alien Admitted Killer


December 1, 2017 - San Francisco, CA – Yesterday’s monstrous miscarriage of justice in the trial of the admitted killer of Kate Steinle - Jose Garcia Zarate - is only the latest outrage to come out of the San Francisco Bay Area environs.

This correspondent was expecting such an outcome; and actually, considering the zeitgeist that permeates the population centers on the West Coast, it is the natural consequence of a mindset where wetback killers of humans are deified and go free while fisherman are jailed and substantially fined for shooting predatory sea lions.

Two years ago Zarate was released from custody after SF prosecutors declined to prosecute the three time loser and also refused to hand him over to ICE, an act which in hind sight sealed Steinle’s fate.

“In March 2015, when Garcia Zarate finished his third federal prison term for felony reentry into the United States from Mexico, he was turned over to San Francisco on a decades-old bench warrant for alleged marijuana possession. Prosecutors declined to file charges.” [source, Brittny Mejia and Alene Tchekmedyian, Immigrant deported multiple times found not guilty in slaying of Kathryn Steinle , LA Times]

Leading the Sheriff’s Department at the time was Ross Mirkarimi who could serve as the official poster boy for crazed leftist California politicians.

Mirkarimi is a swine, charged with domestic violence/battery and child endangerment; he was convicted of false imprisonment. Despite this seemingly disqualifying impediment Mirkarimi he was judged fit to continue “serving” the community until he was defeated in 2015 by Vicki Hennessy.

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EXCLUSIVE - Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West – Chapter II

December 1, 2017 - San Francisco, CA – As a holiday bonus we would like to offer our loyal readership a chapter from the editor’s recently published and critically acclaimed, Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West …[less than $15 on Amazon!] enjoy

Chapter Two - Starry Night

“…they will always judge me or talk about me from different points of view, and you will always hear the most divergent opinions about me. And I blame no one for it, because relatively few people know why an artist acts as he does. But in general, he who searches all kinds of places to find picturesque spots or figures - holes and corners which another passes by - is accused of many bad intentions and villainies which have never entered his head.” - Vincent van Gogh, Brussels, 2 April 1881

November 2, 2004

To his neighbors it was a familiar but still mildly comedic sight, the fleshy 47 year-old Theo van Gogh, cigarette jutting petulantly from his lips, leaving his home in Watergraafesmeer and peddling off on an “old man’s bicycle” - straw basket attached - towards his office at Column Productions, his film company.

Van Gogh was the great grandnephew of Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. In appearance though, he differed physically in many ways from his ancestor. Especially absent was Vincent’s hawk-like haunted visage and gaunt profile. In its place, Theo loomed a compelling and at times imposing figure. He had the look of a patrician, ruddily complected and raw-boned with tousled blond ringlets of hair scattered across his head in no particular pattern.

While one could hardly escape the gaze of those piercing grey green, deeply set eyes which shone with a combined fury and child-like passion, as his opponents inevitably discovered, above all there was van Gogh’s acid tongue.

Along with inheriting more than a bit of Vincent’s artistic sensibility and inspiration perhaps he as well bore the mark of his ancestor’s demons. Judging from outward appearances van Gogh’s life was chaotic, he pitched and swayed, swirling from project to project - actor, director, polemicist, bon-vivant…at all times the libertine whose calculatingly offensive personality ably served a finely-crafted sense of outrage that both aided and encumbered him.

Van Gogh’s caustic jibes and printed tirades were legendary, but mostly reserved for public figures, especially those whom he considered pompous and overly proud. He particularly detested the studied correctness of the political class, whom he called “salon socialists” and others whom he felt to be phonies or moral cowards, of which there are many in Holland.

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