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CAIR Philadelphia Presser: Muqtedar Khan and Jihad by the Pen


August 29, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In what is a stupefyingly disrespectful press release, CAIR Philly seems to be channeling the voice of HAMAS and other Sunni terrorist organizations as it uses the upcoming 15 year anniversary of the September 11 Muslim attacks which killed nearly 3,000 Americans to argue that the lesson which should be learned from that dark day is that the United States is an incurably Islamophobic warlike nation, deserving of the ire of Muslims.

“On a cloudless late summer day in September of 2001, the fate of the Muslim American community was unalterably changed when hijacked airlines slammed into the two World Trade Center Towers in New York. The attacks that morning led directly to the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the draconian “War on Terror,” the rise of ISIS, and the eruption of Islamophobia across America.” [source, http://pa.cair.com]

We wish to thank CAIR Philly for laundering its hate-filled message of defiant savagery so publicly because it makes the following so much easier to compose.

Over the ensuing 15 years since America’s worst mass casualty attack, thoughtful Americans have drawn an entirely different conclusion, one based upon reason:

Islam and Western values are thoroughly incompatible and thank you very much but this country has seen enough of the subversive nature of many of the sons and daughters of Allah to know we do not want any more.

The outrage to the memories of our beloved 911 heroes and heroines which CAIR Philly is organizing is going to be keynoted by Muqtedar Khan, “Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Delaware; and President of Delaware Council on Global and Muslim Affairs, will speak on “A Muslim Perspective on 9/11.”

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Germany Prepares for Civil War – Islamic Invasion out of Control

August 28, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – According to numerous news sources, the German government has dropped all pretenses that it’s not frightened to death by the now seemingly uncontrollable influx of Muslim rape-u-gees, and as a result is counseling its citizens to prepare for war..

“But in its latest response to the deteriorating situation, the German government has surprisingly issued plans to tell citizens to stockpile ten days of food supplies and five days worth of water to use in case of attack or catastrophe, according to details leaked to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sontagszeitung.” [source, Germans told to stockpile food and water in case of attack, Israel News]

The announcement reflects a startling about-face by the Merkel government which has heretofore pretended that there was nothing to be concerned about in accepting over 1M Muslim males of military age into its bosom, in repayment for which, these Third World animals have gone on a rape-fueled criminal rampage.

The warning itself was amazingly stark, referring obliquely to the Islamic hijra as a potential existential threat, “prepare appropriately for a development that could threaten our existence…”

Native born, assimilated Germans have everything to fear due to the absurd actions of the central government, importing a - to put it mildly – a restive and violent culture driven by an ideology of hatred and brutality.


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The Oslo Syndrome And The Myth Of “Muslim Zionism”


August 17, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In a recent article by Noah Beck, “A Growing Trend” Brave Muslim Zionists”, the author states:

“…A growing demographic of Zionist Muslims may eventually serve as the
bridge to peace between Israel and the wider Islamic world…”

The party in question in Beck’s piece is Muhammad Zoabi.

In reality things work quite differently…any self proclaimed devout Muslim is practicing taqiyya [sacralized lying] when claiming that they are pro-Jewish and/or pro-Israel.

Instead their goal is quite different, to get people to lower their guard by showering them with smarmy declarations of solidarity and love. This in turn can influence Jews and non-Muslims to believe such a twisted interpretation of Islam is possible.

In many cases those conned in this manner end up aiding and abetting their oppressors with money and succor.

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Hillary Has Broken Federal Law

August 10, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Thanks to Judicial Watch we now have proof that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton broke the law on numerous occasions while she held official government office granting large donors to the Clinton Foundation special access to federal agencies.

Picking up on the bombshell story, CNN issued the following:

“Newly released emails…[re: Hillary]…raise questions about the nature of the department's relationship with the Clinton Foundation. Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, released 296 pages of emails from…[Hillary…many of which are heavily redacted, raise questions about the Clinton Foundation's influence on the State Department and its relations during her tenure….

In a 2009 email, Band…[Doug Band, Clinton kingpin]…directs Abedin and Mills to put Gilbert Chagoury, a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire and Clinton Foundation donor, in contact with the State Department's "substance person" on Lebanon. ‘We need Gilbert Chagoury to speak to the substance person re Lebanon,’ Band wrote. ‘As you know, he's a key guy there and to us and is loved in Lebanon. Very imp.’

‘It's jeff feltman,’ Abedin responded, referring to Jeffrey Feltman, who was the US ambassador to Lebanon at the time. ‘I'm sure he knows him. I'll talk to jeff.’ [source, Daniella Diaz, Newly released Clinton emails shed light on relationship between State Dept. and Clinton Foundation , CNN]

The meat of this story is that Chagoury, a substantial donor to the Clinton Foundation, used Hillary’s State Dept. to gain influence, hence both Chagoury and Clinton appear to be in violation of federal law.

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Hillary Constantly Briefed By “Rogue Agent” Sid Blumenthal re Libyan Gun Running

August 9, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Last week, the MSM including Fox News [notably “Butch” Kelly] went medieval on Trump.

The attack was so hysterically nonsensical it’s difficult to imagine how it would possibly change opinions either way on the cagey GOP nominee. But as to the “content” surrounding this DNC orchestrated effort, the legacy media simply lied as a way of creating chaff which will, in their calculus, help shield Hillary from the much hinted at - soon to arrive - newest batch of email disclosures.

For those only marginally familiar with the emails already available through a variety of sources - some as mundane as those produced by the various Congressional "investigations" - with the anticipated arrival of new information regarding Hillary Clinton’s frightful performance as Secretary of State, there would normally be more than enough meat to sink her campaign several times over, were it not for the media’s active complicity in the disinformation scheme.

Paging through the WikiLeaks Hillary Archive [allegedly at least partially obtained via the services of the elusive Guccifer 2.0] and other sources, we note the constant presence of Sidney Blumenthal in Clinton’s electronic communications, usually acting in the capacity of “national security” intel operative [without portfolio of course] pitching the then Secretary of State generally un-sourced information of dubious quality, regarding Libya.

The general tone Blumenthal adopted throughout this communication was one of strong support for the largely al-Qaeda affiliated “rebels” and a desire for Libyan “regime change.” [re al-Qaeda’s relationship with the Libran rebels please refer to, Praveen Swami, Nick Squires and Duncan Gardham, Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links , UK Telegraph]



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Hillary’s Mishandling of Emails Gets U.S. Intelligence Asset Killed in Iran

August 8, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In another sign that the Clinton campaign appears to be heading towards death spiral mode, on Sunday, both the UK Daily Mail and the Washington Examiner carried detailed stories linking unsecured messages sent and received by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wherein she identified an Iranian double agent Shahram Amiri

Thus outed as a covert U.S. agent by Hillary Clinton, Amiri was summarily hanged yesterday in Iran on charges of espionage. The email chain was of course processed through the candidate’s essentially unsecured home server, the same network which was cracked by an unknown number of hackers, including the now semi-famous, Guccifer 2.0.

As the Times reported:

“Hillary Clinton recklessly discussed, in emails hosted on her private server, an Iranian nuclear scientist who was executed by Iran for treason, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said Sunday. 'I'm not going to comment on what he may or may not have done for the United States government, but in the emails that were on Hillary Clinton's private server, there were conversations among her senior advisors about this gentleman,' he said on "Face the Nation." Cotton was speaking about Shahram Amiri, who gave information to the U.S. about Iran's nuclear program.

Senator Cotton [R-AR] went on to characterize Clinton’s actions as reckless and therefore proof of her unfitness to serve as president, ‘That goes to show just how reckless and careless her decision was to put that kind of highly classified information on a private server. And I think her judgment is not suited to keep this country safe,’ he said.” [source,  Cotton: Clinton discussed executed Iranian scientist on email]

The UK Daily Mail’s money quote:

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Khizr Khan’s Excellent Deception

August 3, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – By now everyone who cares about the matter knows about Khizr Khan’s stooge-like attack on Donald Trump at the hate-filled DNC last week.

While addressing the audience, much of which was paid to suffer through the interminable event, and brandishing what appeared to be a deliberately "aged" copy of the U.S. Constitution [no doubt courtesy of the DNC’s prop section] Khan waved it around as if it were a talisman, with the apparent intent of demonstrating that he [a puffed-up fraud] was, as opposed to Trump, the true American.

Though probing Khan’s MO was avoided by MSM as if it was hemlock, it took little time for the Alt Media to out him as an Islamic supremacist, believing that the Shari’a is the source of all rights and thus takes precedence over all considerations including America’s supreme law.

In a review of a paper, published in the Texas International Law Journal Khan wrote:

One of the seminar’s conclusions is that “[r]egrettably enough, contemporary Islamic practice cannot be said to conform in many respects with the true principles of Islam. Further it is wrong to abuse Islam by seeking to justify certain political systems in the face of obvious contradictions between those systems and Islamic law.” Even though the seminar in its recommendations refers to these countries as “Islamic states,” after looking into the political, social and economic structures and becoming aware of Islam’s requirements for an Islamic state, one finds that all fall short of being known as “Islamic states.” More appropriately they should be called “Muslim countries.” “Islamic state” and “Muslim state” are terms which cause much disagreement among Muslim scholars and can be blamed for the confusion they created in the minds of students of Islam and those who see Islam as it is practiced in Muslim countries.” [source, Khizr Khan review of, Human Rights in Islam, Vol. 18:239, p. 240]


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A Cartoon Response: Muslims Occupy European Catholic Churches During Sunday Mass


August 2, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Sometimes images carry far more impact than the written word. They take a quick detour around the rational brain and head deeper into the psyche where they are consumed whole rather than suffer the parsing which takes place at less primitive levels of thought - hence the following illustration which captures the dire state of Western Civilization in Europe, referenced most recently in our Monday piece [ENOUGH! - Muslims Intimidate Catholics During Mass in France and Italy, PipeLineNews.org].

A number of years ago a gifted cartoonist operating under the pen name of Gregorius Nekschot scandalized Holland with his razor sharp pen. Sadly, he has since “retired,” sick of having to constantly be on the move to avoid the consequences of the hundreds of credible death threats directed at him by the Netherland’s bellicose, unaculturated, 10th century Muslims. Fwiw, the Dutch government showed almost no interest in protecting Nekschot’s right to freedom of speech, which is now only given lip-service in the once classically liberal country.

Nekschot targeted two groups, natives of the Netherlands whose multiculturalism had approached comic proportions and the country’s ever angry [mostly North African] Muslim immigrant population, which has laid waste to the culture, aided, no-doubt by the media’s refusal to cover the issue.

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ENOUGH! – Muslims Intimidate Catholics During Mass in France and Italy


August 1, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – A mere six days ago, three Islamic jihadists committed a barbaric act of brutality, nearly decapitating an aged priest and stabbing a nun - during Mass - in what was formerly a quiet little village in Normandy, France.

“86 year old Catholic priest, Father Jacques Hamel was nearly beheaded by three ISIS jihadists, “in the northern region of Normandy [Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray], Dominique Lebrun, the Archbishop of Rouen, said in a statement posted on the diocese website.” [source, Tim Hume, Carol Jordan and Vasco Cotovio, Hollande: Deadly church attack in France carried out in name of ISIS, CNN]

According to witnesses the Islamic terrorists kidnapped 5 members of the congregation and read Qur’anic verses around the altar before slitting the aged priest’s throat, all the while filming the brutal attack.” [source ISIS Beheads Priest in Normandy France before Shocked Congregation, PipeLineNews.org]

But that act of jihad apparently wasn’t enough to satiate the blood lust among Europe’s Muslim population as yesterday [Sunday, July 31, 2016] a group identified in an NPR story [Muslims In France Attend Mass In Gesture of Solidarity After Church Attack ] as the “French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM)” called on Continental Muslims to “attend” the Holy Sacrament of the Catholic Mass, uninvited.

Various commentators, some quite surprising, seem to see this as an act of propitiation over the recent carnage in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

To this crowd we say horse shit.

This was clearly an act of provocation, especially coming on the heels of the jihadist brutality which the French people have been forced to endure [even if one only considers the period of time dating from the January 2015 attack on the offices of the country’s satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine to the Normandy atrocity]

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ISIS Terrorists Strike in Denmark, France and Germany


August 1, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Syrian-born Abu Mohammed Al-Adnani is the official “spokesman” of the ruthless killers of the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS or IS). His real name is Taha Subhi Falaha. On September 22, 2014, he announced that ISIS would strike many targets in the West. He called on ISIS supporters from all over the world to attack citizens of Western states such as the U.S., France and the U.K. “If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way, however it may be.” “Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him.”

Since then, a lot of copycat attacks were carried out by terrorists who pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. The targets they choose were in located in Bangladesh, Israel, Turkey, Belgium, France, Germany and Denmark.

In Denmark a man named Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, targeted a free speech forum and a synagogue in Copenhagen and killed two people with an automatic assault rifle. Shortly before these attacks he pledged “allegiance to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in full obedience in the good and bad things” – in a posting made on his Facebook page, CNN reported. “Investigators do not rule out that that the attacks might have been inspired by the terrorist attacks in Paris.” The 22-year-old Omar El-Hussein was a second-generation Muslim immigrant. His Jordanian-Palestinian parents had successfuly applied for aylum in Denmark in the 1990s.

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