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Obama’s FBI, the Muslim Brotherhood's Puppet


February 29, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Under the thumb of Barack Obama, the FBI has become a joke, more interested in creating smokescreens to shield Muslim Brotherhood types from prosecution than protecting the security of the United States.

Since the day the slick talking community organizer [with a tree sized chip on his thin shoulders] took the oath of office he has relentlessly engaged in a slash and burn program of censoring the official language of Washington on matters pertaining to Islamic terrorism.

The effect has been to expunge any negative reference - in governmental communications as well as instructional materials - to Islam. Thus Mr. Obama has strong-armed the federal government into a policy of strict Shari’a compliance, enforcing the ideology’s “blasphemy” codes [in turn making it the de-facto supreme fiqh council of the United States] which expressly prohibits [under pain of death in Muslim majority nations] "insulting Islam or its Prophet, Mohammed."

In this parlance, telling the truth about jihad [one of many banned words] equates to insulting Islam.

There is a very long tradition within classical Islamic jurisprudence establishing the parameters and penalties for blasphemy, which the Obama administration seems to have largely adopted in spirit.

Consider the following Hadith, from a collection assembled by one of Sunni Islam’s most revered scholars Muhammad al-Bukhari [circa, 820 AD]:

“The Prophet said, "Who is ready to kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf who has really hurt Allah and His Apostle?" Muhammad bin Maslama said, "O Allah's Apostle! Do you like me to kill him?" He replied in the affirmative. So, Muhammad bin Maslama went to him (i.e. Ka'b) and said, "This person (i.e. the Prophet) has put us to task and asked us for charity." Ka'b replied, "By Allah, you will get tired of him." Muhammad said to him, "We have followed him, so we dislike to leave him till we see the end of his affair." Muhammad bin Maslama went on talking to him in this way till he got the chance to kill him.” USC Center for Muslim Jewish Engagement, Sahih al-Bukhari 4:52:270]

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Of Charwomen and the Death of Conservatism


February 28, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Little Billy Kristol’s knickers are all knotted up, ditto those of C. Krauthammer, G. Will, R. Lowry, B. Shapiro, Rove & Co., D. Limbaugh, Murdoch, Megyn [Butch] Kelly, ad infinitum.

This is the type of list whose length is dictated more over concerns about developing carpal tunnel syndrome rather than any lack of potential scalawags.

Though these are people who make their living writing, speaking and thinking about political matters it’s not at all clear that many of these Einsteins understand that the West is racing towards a very dark place. As a matter of fact it seems to be an article of faith among them that no such threat could possibly exist, that absent any hard work on their part, the flag of Fortress American will forever wave.

Instead, seeing a direct challenge to their continued role as gatekeepers of the true faith, lately these folks have engaged in an incredibly divisive war against “non establishment” GOP candidates, one of whom is clearly the party’s front-runner.

The Rich Lowrys of the world do this while trying to maintain, now against significant public pushback, the sole right to select who will be allowed to join the inner clique and thus enjoy all of the perquisites which ensue, the Georgetown parties, the inside briefings, respectability as opinion makers and of course, a platform from which to become wealthy.

Though it was once rote teaching from the now bygone days of civics classes that there is a participatory role played by the electorate in choosing official nominees, absent the imprimatur of DC mafia, candidates who favor true reform, regardless of qualifications are viewed suspiciously as dissidents and generally don’t make it near the main stage.


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Asylum Seekers Planned Terrorist Attacks Right In The Heart of Berlin


February 22, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.Asylum seekers with links to the notorious and extremely dangerous terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IS or ISIS) planned terrorist attacks on popular tourist spots right in the heart of Berlin, the capital of Germany. This is what the usually well informed German newspaper “Bild” revealed in its national edition of February 5, 2016. They wanted to carry out suicide bombings on two of Berlin’s famous tourist hotspots, namely the Alexanderplatz and “Checkpoint Charlie,” the latter being a museum near the former Berlin Wall. Bild writes that a terrorist cell had been dismantled which had received its directions from ISIS in Syria and which planned to inflict mass civilian casualties. The leader of this terrorist cell was, Bild claims, a 35-year old Algerian asylum seeker who together with his Algerian wife and two children used the so-called Balkan route and arrived in the south German town of Munich at the end of 2015. Using forged identity papers, they claimed to be Syrian refugees and applied for asylum. They were later transfered to a sports hall in the small town of Attendorn in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). There, the Algerian couple were arrested on February 4, 2016. The alleged terrorist cell leader and his wife are also wanted by the Algerian authorities, as they are accused of ties to terrorism in that North African country as well.

Three of his accomplices who were arrested were also Algerians who claimed to be Syrian aslyum seekers. One of them was a 31-year-old man in the crowded migrant center of Berlin-Tempelhof, another fake refugee was 26-year-old “Abbas A.” who was arrested in Hannover. Bild quoted police sources who say that Abbas A. maintained close contacts with the terror hotspot of Brussels-Molenbeek and visited Molenbeek in January 2016. But German authories later denied that there was a connection between Abbas A. and Molenbeek. But how credible are such denials? It was from Brussels- Molenbeek and from Syria that young Belgian-Moroccans planned the recent terror attacks in Paris. Moreover, the equally well informed German newspaper “Die Welt”, in its issue of February 5, 2016, quoted security sources who claim that the 26-year-old asylum seeker from Hannover visited Molenbeek “a few weeks ago.” Die Welt also writes about the arrest of another Algerian asylum seeker in Berlin-Tempelhof. This man was 41-years-old. Die Welt’s security sources claim that photos were found showing how he was having a meal with the perpetrators of the Paris attacks – an ISIS-operation.

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Halt All Muslim Immigration Until “Reformational Islam” Appears


February 10, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Yesterday the first primary of the 2016 presidential campaign cycle took place, as has been the case since 1920, in New Hampshire, where maintaining its lead position among the states is a matter of state law.

As it pertains to impact upon the political system at large, in and of itself New Hampshire isn’t really much of a player; neither Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush nor President Obama won New Hampshire yet they all served two full terms

New Hampshire isn’t exactly a powerhouse of economic clout or innovation either. For example not a single Fortune 500 company is headquartered there. Population wise [1.3M +/-] it’s on par with that of many American cities. In the national legislature, the state is represented by 2 senators and 2 members of the House of Representatives, just a single representative above the absolute minimum.

Despite these many obstacles to stature and visibility, through sheer diligence and perseverance New Hampshire has distinguished itself by carving out a niche, albeit one which would be ordinarily inconsequential were it not for it being the first real primary contest and the media’s insatiable appetite for content.

In a little over two weeks when the “Super Tuesday” primaries take place all that occurred in New Hampshire will be forgotten, overwritten like compressed code on a stick drive.

There is a proviso though, in case you haven’t been paying attention this is not your normal quadrennial battle for the most powerful office on earth; it’s unique in American history, featuring dual insurgencies - on the left as well as the right - fueled by a near revolutionary state of rage among average voters who sense DC’s total indifference as they observe Western Civilization locking into a death spiral.

On the Democrat side there are two, white and weathered progressive/Marxists running - nothing really new there except for the fact that they are no longer hiding behind euphemisms, this is Stalinism head on…oh…and it would be remiss to avoid noting that one of them is under federal investigation, staffed by a team of over 150 FBI agents who are diving into every aspect of the Bill and Hillary’s unsecured external email server network which was used to transmit the highest level of intelligence, far beyond secret [Special Access Programs, SAP access ] possibly revealing the identity of field agents, national technical means, networks etc.

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HAMAS Supporting CAIR Kingpin, Nihad Awad: Turn your Mosques into Voter Registration Centers


February 4, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – According to the Israeli news source, Arutz Sheva, in a speech delivered about a month ago, Nihad Awad, the Executive Chairman of the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR, a known Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas front group1.] counseled his Muslim audience to turn their mosques into the political equivalent of forward operating military bases, a concept not at all foreign to Islamic ideology.

Who is Nihad Awad?

Well we do know that he supports HAMAS and serves as the Executive Director of an organization [CAIR] which was named as an unindicted coconspirator in the largest HAMAS terror prosecution in U.S. history, one in which all the defendants [including a co-founder of the Texas chapter of CAIR, Ghassan Elasahi] were found guilty on a total of 108 charges

Video courtesy of The Investigative Project on Terrorism


“Nihad Awad, Executive Director of CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim Brotherhood-linked group), has called on the growing numbers of American Muslim voters to increase and utilize their electoral power…”What Muslims do and do not do in 2016," Awad stated at an annual Muslim American Society and Islamic Circle of North America conference in Chicago a month ago, "can influence not only the future of America itself, but also the future relationship between America and the Muslim world. Your votes are your negotiating power; if you don't like Islamophobia, or what [candidates] Donald Trump or Ben Carson said, get busy in 2016… register to vote!"

But that's not enough, according to Awad's vision: "Register other people to vote! Turn your Islamic centers and mosques into voter registration centers and polling stations…” [source, Hillel Fendel, Could the Muslim vote swing the US election? Muslim Brotherhood-linked group calls on American Muslims to 'turn your Islamic centers and mosques into voter registration centers.' , Arutz Sheva]

Awad is a known quantity, especially to federal law enforcement.

For example he was in attendance at the infamous Philadelphia Conference, a secret meeting involving the Islamic Association For Palestine [a HAMAS front group which can be said to have later morphed into CAIR] conducted in 1993.

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A Reinvented Islam?

February 2, 2016 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Islam has and always will be exactly what it is, the sum amalgam of its constituent parts. To clarify, Muslim bedrock principles will remain the same despite efforts to present them in a less threatening manner, one which is inconsistent with reality. Outside of the conjuring of academia and the media, Islam’s “true nature” is determined by how the Ummah conducts itself on the ground, within its own sphere of influence and more importantly as it interacts with the West.

As an observed phenomenon, the inertia of normative/operative Islam is neither accommodative of Western values nor do its adherents show much interest shifting in that direction.

Despite the fact that there isn’t much that is hopeful to point to - consider the absence of a single Muslim majority nation on Earth which comes close to embracing the liberal values we cherish - earnest calls for a reformed Islam continue to issue from some very bright, well-meaning and learned people, including patriotic, secular American Muslims.

But let’s examine the proposition a bit; isn’t the hope for Islam to start conforming to ethical standards of the civilized world really a call for Muslims to be nonobservant?

Throughout its 1,400 year history doesn’t the extent to which any Muslim could be called “radicalized” depend upon the degree to which he or she is Shari’a compliant? The effect of this is profound in that Muslims who accept the entire corpus of the Qur’an as the literal and direct revelation of Allah cannot help but carry jihad in their hearts.

One of the real mechanical roadblocks to a reformed Islam is that it’s anything but monolithic. Rather it’s so multi-faceted that it might even be thought of in terms of being schismatic, three major sects, numerous schools of jurisprudence [fiqh] and dozens of sub-groupings.

Briefly in the Sunni tradition [representing over 80% of Muslims] there are 5 major schools of legal theory - Hanafi, Hanbali, Maliki, Shafiʿi, Ẓāhirī. Within Shia Islam one can find Twelvers, Ja'faris and Ismailis. Sufi Islam is also fractioned with well over a score of schools of thought [please refer to, The Divisions of Islam].


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