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The Left's Promotion of the Jihadist Deconstructive Narrative

November 28, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Studying the machinations of the country's Marxist "A" team operatives, for example, Soros' Open Society Foundation, Media Matters, MoveOn and their journo shock troops in the legacy media, makes it apparent that they're very adept at incorporating or adapting Muslim Brotherhood talking points in their deconstructive broadsides.

That the left and the Islamists employ the same weapon doesn't imply that they share common goals, beyond eroding the society to the point that their starkly differing utopian hegemonies can be forcibly established.

Since the September 11 attacks it's been an article of faith among these allies of opportunity that the United States brought the calamity upon itself - a justifiable response to its violent colonialism, generalized oppression of the Third World, a slave-holding white patriarchy, support for Israel...the number of items on the charging documents is nearly endless.

One of the responses to the worst mass casualty event in U.S. history was that citizens intuitively linked true cause with effect, seeing a relationship between normative Islam and violence. Thus was developed what might be called a naturally reasoned wariness among the populace which the jihadist/leftist alliance have skillfully managed to brand as bigoted and Islamophobic, an example of successful lexicon based civilization jihad/warfare.


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Catholic Church Enabling Islamists to Destroy the West


November 23, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – We have written extensively over our 15+ years of existence about the relationship between the "evolving" dogma of the Catholic faith and the harm it's causing, not only within the Church itself but to foundational Western institutions. [please see our monograph, William Mayer, Bitter Harvest, How Marxist “Progressives” Have Infiltrated the American Catholic Church , The Religious Left Exposed].

Adding perspective to these issues, an important and very rigorous new study authored by Stephen Coughlin [Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Bridge Building to Nowhere, the Catholic Church's Case Study ] delves into a, "frank and insightful look at how jihadist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation take calculated advantage of liberal mindsets among Catholics from the lay faithful through the clerical hierarchy and all the way to the Vatican itself."

We commenced our study of what can only be characterized as an overturning of orthodox Catholic religious teaching over the last 100 plus years by noting the culturally subductive nature of Leo XIII's Encyclical Rerum Novarum [On Capital and Labor, which was issued as a malformed response to The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital].

However, Mr. Coughlin references a much more recent document, Evangelii Gaudium [The Joy of the Gospel] issued by the current See, which contains equally problematic language, this time dealing with the topic of "interfaith dialogue" with the Muslim world:

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What Vetting? - Are Minneapolis Taxi Fares Going To Support Al-Qaeda?


The following is a republish from an October 16, 2006 feature article that we wrote. We believe it will be of interest to our readers in that it sheds considerable light on the historical absence of a vetting process when it comes to "refugees/asylees" thereby lending credence to those who charge that the Obama adminstration's claims regarding the existence of such a mechanism are demonstrably untrue.

November 21, 2015  - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a September 19, 2006 piece Muslim Taxi Drivers At Minneapolis International Airport Subjecting Fares To Shari'a we detailed the controversy surrounding airport taxi drivers who were in growing numbers, refusing to transport passengers whom they suspected of carrying beer, wine or other products containing alcohol, using as their justification that such was contrary to Islamic law.

The program that the Metropolitan Airports Commission had devised to deal with the problem - segregating the taxi fleet into two groups, those willing to take alcohol bearing fares and those who were unwilling and identifying each group by a colored beacon to be placed on the roof of the vehicle - was ultimately rejected under the pressure of a withering outpouring of negative comments from the public and media. This is a positive development, since the airport's "solution" actually represented a capitulation to Muslim strong arm tactics and thus a victory for the radical Islamists whose unstated goal remains the implementation of Shari'a in America under the guise of multiculturalism.

Largely obscured by the outlandish nature of the cabbie story lies a more sober tale, one that has its origin in a little known and even less discussed aspect of a social experiment being conducted by the U.S. Dept. of State known as the U.S. Refugee Program which found its origin in the Refugee Act of 1980 and the earlier Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, both a reflection of sentiments expressed by the United Nation's High Commission for Refugees' "Refugee Convention."

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Anti-Islamization: Massive German Demonstration Against Cultural Suicide

November 15, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In the first PEGIDA demonstration since the 11/13 terrorist attacks in Paris, over 10,000 turned out on a brisk Monday evening in Dresden to express opposition to Chancellor Merkel’s policy of accepting hundreds of thousands of Syrian “refugees.”

“Monday's rally by the group, whose name stands for "Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident" in German, took place in front of one of Dresden's major landmarks, the Semperoper….Durchgezählt, a student research group that estimates attendance at large events, put the number of participants at between 9,000 and 12,000” [source, Anti-immigration group PEGIDA holds first rally since Paris attacks, Deutsche Welle]

Indicating that Durchgezählt’s crowd estimate might be on the low side, the UK Daily Mail called the gathering, “a huge rally,” though it couldn’t refrain from its usual characterization of the movement as being “Islamophobic.”

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The Misnomer of Islamic “Radicalization”

November 16, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – As the immediate shock abates and the horrific reality of 11/13 permeates into the consciousness of the non-Muslim world, a single theory of causation is being offered.

It goes something like this; the organized teams of jihadists who struck with such force in Paris were previously blissfully peaceful, beret wearing Middle East type chaps whistling la Marseillaise….until…a black cat or something crossed their path and they fell under the thrall of a “radical cleric” who convinced them that their time was better served by going on a murderous rampage while screaming “Allah is greatest.”

Chortle if you wish but this isn’t really that far from the truth. It’s spread – like manure - by the cultural elite because it supports the next set of precepts in an argument, notable only for its banality, that “not all Muslims are terrorists” and that “we are not at war with Islam.”

While it’s certainly irrefutable that all Muslims are not alike, still can it be happenstance that so many Muslim males are named in honor of an illiterate 7th century sadist? As to the other matter, in reality the West isn’t at war with anything, excepting its own heritage and traditions.

Fact: 10% of the French population is Muslim [6.5-7M out of a total population of roughly 65M] - by far the largest such population in Europe.

Muslims generally are not subject to what we in the West are calling “radicalization,” because that implies that certain clerics brainwash impressionable, primarily male, Muslims into behavior which is sociopathic and inconsistent with their holiest texts.

Even the madrassas don’t radicalize in the common understanding of the term. They merely instill the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith through rote memorization.


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Post 11/13 Attack Le Pen Offers Prescription – Close Radical Mosques, Deport Islamists

November 14, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In the wake of the horrific 11/13 Muslim terror attacks which took place at six locations in and around Paris last night, Marie Le Pen, leader of France’s National Front party, offered sanity in the midst of multiculturalist idiocy.

"Urgent action is needed," Le Pen told reporters the day after 127 people were killed in assaults on cafes, a concert hall and a soccer stadium. "Islamist fundamentalism must be annihilated, France must ban Islamist organizations, close radical mosques and expel foreigners who preach hatred in our country as well as illegal migrants who have nothing to do here.” [source, France must 'annihilate' Islamist radicals, far-right leader Le Pen say , Reuters]

If the West is to survive, actions such as those suggested by Ms. Le Penn should be part of a comprehensive counter-attack against the jihad.

We will expand upon these ideas later today, for the time being, there should be no question that the suggestions offered by the leader of the France’s National Front are a reasonable starting place.

Tolerance of intolerance is suicide.

Continuance of the mad rush by the West to accept “refugees” from hostile cultures is suicide.

Coexisting in the presence of radical mosques and Muslim Brotherhood front groups on U.S. soil is suicide.

How many more innocent bodies will it take to shock the West into action?

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And so it Begins: Multiple Coordinated Jihadist Attacks in France, Borders Closed

20:10 PST Update: November 13, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – The French Army and Gendarmerie have a massive presence this evening in Paris as multiple [at current count at least 6] attacks have convulsed the City of Lights.

The most serious of the incidents played out at a popular music venue, the Bataclan theater. A concert featuring the Eagles of Death Metal was in progress, when AK wielding jihadists dressed in black stormed the hall. An eyewitness report says the attackers said nothing as they moved through the now prostrate crowd executing people in a very deliberate manner, reloading several times in the process. Amidst the understandable confusion at least 100 are thought to have been killed and the NY Times reported that 100 had been taken hostage.

After a counter-attack by French security forces, the immediate crisis at the Betaclan is now over, two jihadists are believed to have been killed.

With President Hollande in attendance, multiple explosions also took place at Paris’ Stade de France stadium as the French team was playing Germany. Hollande was quickly evacuated as he declared a national state of emergency and closed the borders.

In yet another attack, a bar or restaurant in Northern Paris has been struck, details at this point are sketchy but Sky News is reporting fatalities and ambulances on the scene.

As of this writing at least 129 have been killed.

In an interview earlier today the Commander in Chief of the United States, President Barack Hussein Obama declared that ISIS had been contained

We will continue to update this report as events play out.

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40,000 Attend Polish Anti-Islamization March

November 13, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Breaking through the chimera created by George Soros and his minions as they seek to destroy the foundations of Western Civilization, 40,000 Poles took to the streets in Warsaw on Wednesday [Polish Independence Day] to protest the influx of jihadist age Muslim males into the country.

The largely Catholic nation is concerned that the so-called “refugee crisis” is threatening the traditional culture of Poland.

Though the nativist sentiment is much maligned by the legacy media and the Continent’s EU-centric leaders, it’s having a powerful effect on nearly all national elections across the region. This despite the skewed coverage which portrays concerned citizens as racists, knuckle-dragging troglodytes and Nazis - as was oddly reported on Breitbart – apparently on the strength of one goose-stepping geek caught on camera.

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Jihadists Kill Two Israelis In Escalating Arab Violence

November 13, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In a major escalation of the intifada, Arab terrorist gunmen killed two Israelis today and injured another in what appears to be a carefully premeditated attack in the city of Otniel.

The victims, who were not immediately identified, were both males, one 40 the other 18 years old. The wounded party is a 16 year old male whose injuries are described as moderate.

Though details are sketchy at the time of this writing, reports indicate that the attacking vehicle pulled up alongside the car containing the family and strafed it with gunfire. When the vehicle came to a stop the jihadists continued to fire upon the occupants.

“Arab terrorists overtook an Israeli family traveling in their car and raked it with bullets…Four children who were traveling in the car were treated for shock at the scene, and evacuated to Soroka hospital in Be'er Sheva.” [source, Ari Sofer, Two Killed in Shooting Attack Near Hevron, Arutz Sheva]

PM Netanyahu immediately stated his intent to hunt the terrorists down, "’We will get to these heinous murderers and we will bring them to justice as we have done in the past,’ he said in a statement.”

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Germany Being Forced to Deport Elements of Stealth Jihadist Army

November 12, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Amidst growing outrage by native Germans, the Merkel government is being forced against its will to start the deportation process, sending numbers of the so-called Muslim “refugees” back to the country of their initial entry into the EU.

“Germany is to start deporting Syrian refugees after reinstating EU rules under which they must claim asylum in the first member state they enter. But there was fresh discord in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government after it emerged Thomas de Maiziere, the interior minister, had ordered the measure without consulting colleagues. It is the second time Mr. de Maiziere has been accused of acting unilaterally in less than a week.” [source, Justin Hunter, Discord in German government as Syrian refugees to be deported to other EU countries, UK Telegraph]

Open warfare has broken out between the German Interior Minister and the Chancellor, who heretofore had been reversing the actions of de Maiziere, until the public outcry forced her to become an unwilling ally in the deportation process.

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Merced Jihad Update: Did Feds Predict Faisal Mohammad’s Attack, Was ISIS Involved?


November 11, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Investigative journalist Matthew Gonzales is reporting [via the Merced County [CA] News Television website] that there appears to be much more to the recent stabbing incident at UC Merced perpetrated by Faisal Mohammad, which injured 4 in an unprovoked attack and led to his shooting death, than was immediately apparent.

“From the information I have gathered, the suspect was…on the FBI’s terrorist watch list [and] also on a national watch list and had been one of the topics of discussion at a recent FBI briefing to Merced County law enforcement…about 6 months ago the FBI held a terrorist/extremist briefing with Merced County law enforcement leaders…several suspected terrorist with ISIS links were said to be here in Merced County. Names and photos were presented including one of Faisal Mohammad. Based on the FBI’s own analysis and a number of people on the terrorist watch list that are in the area they projected an attack at the UC Merced campus…” [source, Matthew Gonzales, Were Law Enforcement Leaders and US Chancellor Aware of Threat by Terrorists/Extremists to Attack UC Merced? , Merced County News Television]

At the time of the incident this news source reported:

“Though it took a full 24 hours for the details to finally slither out, we now know that on Wednesday morning, 18 year old U.C. Merced freshman Faisal Mohammad stabbed 4 people in an unprovoked attack.



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How to Avoid Israeli “Brutality” - A Practical Guide

November 9, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – There has been much said in the media about the surging level of violence in Israel between Arabs and Jews.

Most of this journo follows an unfortunately familiar meme, charging Israeli law enforcement with brutalizing the nation’s, always irritated minority, the so-called Palestinians. According to this narrative, even when self-defense is justified, for instance when an Arab drives a vehicle into a crowded bus stop, the press cautions against the use of what it calls a “non-proportional” response, a vague concept at best.

For some observers however the level of restraint exercised by Israel against Islamic jihadists is remarkable. There are no reprisals, no leveling of hate-factories masquerading as communities, not even an “eye for an eye,” type justice, unless someone can point to an occasion where for example, the IDF retaliated against a vehicle attack by driving a 65 ton Merkava tank into a gathering of Arabs.

In pursuit of what the Western elites like to refer as “common ground” the following video was prepared as a guide for Arabs interested in avoiding any further “brutality.”

We hope this will help foster an environment in which political violence will no longer be used as a strategic weapon against Israel’s Jewish population.


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Turks Blackmailing the European Union While Jihadists Pose As Refugees


November 9, 2015 – Utrecht, Netherlands – PipeLineNews.org - Just two weeks before the Turkish elections of November 1, 2015, the ruling Refah Partisi (AKP) or Welfare Party and its Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu sent a controversial letter to Turkish citizens in the Netherlands calling on them to vote for the AKP. This vote-recruiting letter was sent to the home addresses of possibly more than 100,000 Dutch Turks. Davutoglu even promised those who fly back to the country via Turkish Airlines a twenty percent fare reduction.

Some politicians in Holland are now worried about Ankara’s far-reaching power in their small country, the letters being indicative of the arrogance of Turkey’s Islamist rulers. AKP founder Recep Tayyip Erdogan won the elections after a campaign designed to intimidate political opponents, critical journalists and encourage attacks on the Kurdish minority.

Erdogan now behaves as an Ottoman Sultan.

It was back in 2004 that I wrote a lengthy Dutch study on “Misdaad, Migratie en Cultuur” (Crime, Migration and Culture). At that time leading politicians in Europe advocated Turkish membership of the European Union (EU). I still remember how I was ridiculed by liberals for expression opposition to this idea, although I did not write about the role of Islam in Turkey. The thesis of that essay was, “the external borders of the European Union should not be expanded in such a way that the instable Middle East is within reach,” because it would foster Turkey and the Turkish mafia’s ability to export even more crime and criminal elements to Europe.

My well documented book dealt with crime and criminal networks from Turkey, Morocco, Africa, the Balkans, Latin America, Jamaica and Curaçao. There was also a chapter on crime among asylum seekers in the Netherlands and Germany. It was a follow-up-study of a book that I published early 2000.

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“Like a Poison” - Comic Book Coverage of Anti-Muslim Invasion Movement

November 8, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – Europe’s middle class is in an incendiary, pre-revolutionary mood as it watches its political class embracing the Islamic death cult as hundreds of thousands of young military age jihadists descend on the Continent like the Biblical plague of locusts, veritably trashing everything in their wake.

Germany, the economic hub of the now tattered EU, is ground zero in this epic battle and the media have clearly taken the side of those in the hijra.

Typical is the Guardian UK, certainly a leftist/Marxist journal, but in its effort to denigrate the rapidly growing so-called “anti-immigrant” movement, the newspaper is going to such lengths that its coverage is becoming hysterically comical in one sense, sinister in another.

In setting up a recent piece, the author grabs a pull-quote from a party it obviously portrays as the voice of cultural enlightenment, someone off to the opera:

“My daughter wanted us to babysit our grandchildren so she could go to that [Pegida rally] I said: ‘You must be joking, my darling. I’m going to the opera, not to that nonsense.’”

Ever the multicultural juggernaught, even between scenes those who run the opera house assail the audience with the politically approved ideological line in the form of a banner, “Open your eyes…open your hearts…The dignity of humans is sacrosanct…We’re not a backdrop for intolerance.”

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Dossier: Iran’s Soleimani, Master Terrorist

November 6, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Hat tip to Steven Emerson and the folks at The Investigative Project on Terrorism for making available an important new 50 plus page study [prepared by Dr. Raz Zamit, The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center] detailing the activities of Qasem Soleimani who leads Iran’s QUDS/QODS Force, considered the elite cutting edge of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC].

“The Qods Force was established in 1990 as an organized, operational framework for the extensive activities Iran conducts to export the Islamic Revolution to other countries.” [source, study, p. 1]

Soleimani has run the Quds operation since the late 1990’s and is the face of the Iranian effort to promote the revolutionary ideology of Shia Islam throughout the ME [targeting its Sunni majority] and indeed the world.

Soleimani was instrumental in coordinating the Iranian funded and trained Shia militias during the United States’ Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign and is now responsible for leading the Ayatollocracy’s efforts in support of Syria’s embattled president Bashar al-Assad as various stripes of Sunni jihadists try to destabilize this key Iranian buffer state.

Though quite successful, from the standpoint of creating thousands of additional casualties among U.S. troop

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Obama Ignoring Jihad Attacks: Russian Airline Downing, California Mass Stabbing And Muslim Invasion Of Europe

November 5, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Over the last 96 hours two significant jihadist attacks have taken place; the terror related crash of a Russian airliner and the stabbing of 4 yesterday on California’s UC Merced campus, by an Arab youth.

The terrorist downing of the Russian aircraft is of huge significant, leaving 224 dead, the most serious incident of this type since 9/11, when out of the 2,996 victims, 246 were passengers on the four hijacked airliners.

On Wednesday Faisal Mohammed an 18 year old freshman student at U.C. Merced stabbed 4 people in an unprovoked jihadist attack. All of the victims are expected to recover.

As these two events took place, Europe is in melt-down mode, gang-raped by hundreds of thousands of – soon to be on the dole - surly Muslim males, a process which assumed critical mass last April.

The response by the Obama WH to the Islamist threat is the sound of chirping crickets, mum is the word, and the word is mum.

Rather than deal with the unpleasant realities of a worsening global jihad, the CIC’s Monday schedule reveals nothing but business as usual, no heavy lifting:

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UC Merced Knife Attack: Islamic Jihad Comes To The Golden State

November 5, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Though it took a full 24 hours for the details to finally slither out, we now know that on Wednesday morning, 18 year old U.C. Merced freshman Faisal Mohammad stabbed 4 people in an unprovoked attack.

The injured – two students, a contractor working on campus and an employee of the university – are expected to fully recover.

Mohammad who used an “8 – 10 inch” hunting style knife in the attack, was shot and killed by local law enforcement, thus proving that the only way to stop a bad guy with a knife is a good guy with a gun.

“One stabbing victim…Byron Price, is being called a hero after he ran to the classroom where the initial stabbing happened when he heard commotion. Price was able to distract Mohommad, allowing other students and staff to get away. ‘He had a smile on his face," Price said. "He was having fun, which is more what bothers me…’” [source, Sara Heise, Officials: Stabbing Suspect Was Freshman At UC Merced , KCRA Merced]

Though the media is taking the normal multi-culti dodge claiming ignorance regarding the reason behind Mohammad’s multiple acts of attempted murder – “A motive for the stabbings has not yet been released” – it seems pretty clear that there just might be some connection between Mohammad’s rampage and what is happening in Israel as identical jihadist attacks by young Arabs are taking place along the country’s major ethnic fault lines.

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ISIS Bomb Took Down Russian Airliner

November 4, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – It is now the consensus opinion of the media that the Russian Airbus A321-200a [Kogalymavia, Flight 9268] which crashed in the Sinai on Saturday killing all 224 passengers was brought down due to an act of terrorism, most likely at the hands of ISIS, which claimed responsibility for the attack shortly after its occurrence.

ABC News - 'Significant Possibility' Russian Plane Was Brought Down by Explosive Device, UK Says

CNN - Russian plane crash: U.S. intel suggests ISIS bomb brought down jet

Fox News - Sources: Significant chance bomb caused Russian jet crash

We filed two reports on the incident, the first just hours after Russian aircraft inexplicably slammed into the desert a little more than 20 minutes after having taken off from Sharm El-Sheikh airport in Egypt. Both of them expressed our carefully reasoned opinion that terrorism loomed as the only reasonable explanation.

November 1:

“Though speculative, we believe that the possibility of terrorism regarding this event is quite high given the number of incidents which would have to be dismissed as being purely coincidental in order for the crash to have occurred for reasons not related to terrorism or some similar external agent.

A Russian airliner was indeed brought down; it broke up in mid air, apparently without warning; Russia has recently expanded its air operations in Syria, hitting targets believed to be associated with ISIS, prompting threats of reprisal; The group has claimed responsibility; The Sinai is a known to house numerous jihadist groups and ISIS has already made its presence known, “On 29 January 2015, militants from the ISIL-affiliated Wilayat Sinai (Sinai Province) militant group launched a series of attacks on army and police bases in Arish using car bombs and mortars. The attacks, which occurred in more than six different locations, resulted in 44 deaths: source, Wiki].” [source, [ Was Russian Airliner Brought Down By A Bomb? , PLN]

As this matter currently stands - taking into account that the investigation is still unfolding - the most reasonable working theory is that this tragedy was directly associated with jihad.”

We updated that filing on November 3:

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Near Civil War: Mass Demonstrations In Germany Against Muslim Invasion

November 3, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Germany is heading towards a civil war over the direction the culture is taking as Chancellor Merkel’s ongoing policy of not only allowing, but actually welcoming 1 million Muslim males of military – jihadist – age into the country takes hold.

The actions have ignited a level of outrage and civil unrest never seen within modern Germany. Crowds are growing as thousands are taking to the streets every evening, a development which the few Western media sources are even mentioning.

“Hansjoerg Mueller, of the Alternative for Germany party, said the country was 'sliding towards anarchy' and risks becoming a 'banana republic without any government.’ He made the claims after about 8,000 people joined the anti-Islam Pegida movement for a rally in Dresden over Angela Merkel's decision to allow up to one million migrants into the country this year. Some demonstrators held crucifixes and upside-down German flags while others shouted 'Merkel out!'” [source, German official says Merkel’s open door migrant policy will lead to ‘civil war’ after thousands march through one city holding crucifixes… , UK Daily Mail]

Commenting on the same phenomenon:

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All Signs Point To Terrorism In Russian Airliner Crash

November 2, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – With each passing hour it seems more likely that the Russian Airbus A321-200a [Kogalymavia, Flight 9268] which crashed in the Sinai on Saturday killing all 224 passengers and crew was brought down due to an act of terrorism.

Russian experts have just definitively concluded that the crash was not the result of pilot error nor was it caused by any structural defect in the airframe.

“’We absolutely exclude the technical failure of the plane, and we absolutely exclude pilot error or a human factor,’ Aleksandr A. Smirnov, a former pilot and the airline’s deputy director for aviation, told a packed news conference in Moscow.” [Neil MacFarquhar, Mystery Deepens Over Russian Airliner Crash in Egypt , NY Times]

The flight data recorder is in the custody of Egyptian officials who are guarding it with a level of security and secrecy that only increases speculation that the crash was terror related.

Airline spokesman Alexander Smirnov stated that the jet’s avionics were capable of handling human error:

“Kogalymavia airline official Alexander Smirnov told reporters in Moscow that the protection systems on the plane would have prevented it from crashing, even if there were major errors in the pilot's control equipment. ‘Therefore the only reason that could explain the plane's breaking up in the midair can be a certain impact, purely mechanical (and/or) physical impact on (the) flying vessel,’ he said.” [source, Jethro Mullen and Susannah Cullinane. Russian plane crash in Egypt: It's too early to determine cause, officials say , CNN]

As we reported yesterday:

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Was Russian Airliner Brought Down By A Bomb?

November 1, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Russian officials are now admitting that the Metrojet Airbus A321-200a which crashed in the Sinai on Saturday killing all 224 passengers and crew had “broken up at high altitude,” a non-revelation really, considering that remnants of the commercial airliner were strewn over an unusually wide area:

“The plane's flight data and cockpit voice recorders were recovered from the crash site, which spreads out over 16 square kilometers (over 6 square miles) some 70 kilometers (44 miles) south of the Egyptian city of el-Arish.” [source, The Latest: Russian Plane to Evacuate Crash Victims' Remains , New York Times]

These same officials were noncommittal regarding when, or where the information from the plane’s black box flight data recorder would be analyzed.

Aviation experts seem to agree that it’s possible the flight could have been taken down by a bomb placed in the luggage hold, “French experts believe Isil may have placed bomb on [the] plane…President Sisi says nothing has been ruled out [source, Raf Sanchez, Magdy Samaan, David Chazan and Ben Farm, Could a bomb have caused the Russian plane to crash in Sinai? , Telegraph UK]

Almost immediately after the crash, ISIS claimed responsibility for the disaster and in short order a video, disclaimed as fraudulent by ISIS, appeared on social media.

It was the worst air disaster in Russian history.

Though speculative, we believe that the possibility of terrorism regarding this event is quite high given the number of incidents which would have to be dismissed as being purely coincidental in order for the crash to have occurred for reasons not related to terrorism or some similar external agent.

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