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Hungarian PM Orbán Blames Soros For Muslim Invasion


November 1, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – According to the widely quoted, left-wing German news journal Der Spiegel, Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán is charging George Soros, the shadowy American Marxist billionaire, with aiding and abetting the massive Islamic invasion of Europe, which Western media is attempting to minimize, dealing with it as simply a “refugee and/or humanitarian crisis.”

As reported today in Der Spiegel:

“Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán blames the American billionaire and philanthropist George Soros for the current refugee movements in Europe…’This Western way of thinking and this activist network is perhaps the most represented by George Soros,’ Orbán added. [Soros] A native of Hungary promotes…worldwide initiatives and groups who work for democracy and human rights. His Open Society Foundation ( OSF ) supports Budapest activists who help refugees…” [source, Ungarn: Orbán gibt US-Milliardär Soros Mitschuld an Flüchtlingskrise?, Hungary: Orbán, Is US Billionaire Soros Complicit In Refugee Crisis? - Google translation from the German]

Soros is the definition of ambition and has shown great interest [and notable success] in the art of cultural manipulation/engineering [ala Gramsci]. Towards that end his Open Society Institute and Open Society Foundations [OSI/OSF] have created an often impenetrable, opaque array of networks, working off the same master plan. Through his array of NGOs, he is applying heavy social and legal pressure around the world to force transformational change of the type that Barack Obama has made infamous in the United States

The legal aspect of Soros’ method is especially problematic because his intent is to strangle the West with its own entrails, using the rights and freedoms which accrue to non-servile societies to silence dissent under the rubric of alleged bigotry, especially Islamophobia. This is taking a page straight from the Muslim Brotherhood’s concept of cultural jihad, which makes it very difficult for a liberal society to develop defensive measures that will not be ruled illegal when they run afoul of a skewed notion of  “civil liberties.”

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Vladimir Putin: A Briefing By Ilan Berman, Courtesy Of The Middle East Forum

September 28, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Recently Ilan Berman [Vice president of the American Foreign Policy Council in Washington, focuses on security issues in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Russia] delivered an audio briefing at the Middle East Forum: Putin’s Middle Eastern Moves, which dealt with the nature and the implications of Vlad Putin’s direct military intervention into the multi-dimensional conflict currently underway, involving Iran, Syria and Iraq.

We wish to thank our friends at MEF for allowing us to publish the following partial transcript:

“What Russia is trying to do is to kill many birds with one stone with its Syrian intervention. There is a dominant theme…[in discourse within the U.S] that casts it in an almost U.S/Russian light, as in ‘Russia’s gain is our loss’ and ‘Russia is able to do the things that it’s doing because of the administration’s weakness…its fecklessness’…That’s true, I think as far as it goes, but the Russian perspective...is much broader…they are trying to achieve at least four strategic objectives:

1. The first and the most obvious is that they are trying to prop up the Assad regime…Putin said as much in a recent interview with Charlie Rose…

2. Russia in a very visceral way ideologically sees itself as a great power and a prerequisite for being a great power is having the ability…to project power globally and here Syria plays a very important role…the Soviet Union hammered out a basing arrangement [with Bashar Assad’s father Hafez] under which the Syrian port city of Tartus became the home port for Russia’s Mediterranean flotilla. The port of Tartus is now at least partially in peril of falling. Certainly if the Alawite [Assad’s religious sect within Shia Islam] enclave falls, Russia will lose its grip on the port city…Russia…is structuring its deployment in such a ways as to have its naval presence strengthened…the air base that the Russians are building…North of Tartus…in Latakia…is geographically intended to provide air cover for the Mediterranean flotilla as well as Assad’s force…

3 [lost in much of the media commentary] Russia is doing a lot of things in Syria because it’s not doing a lot of things elsewhere…[the Russian incursion into Ukraine isn’t going very well]…what you see is a slowing Russian case of momentum…[there is also an intention by the Russian’s to change how the West views it]…Russia hopes at least that through its intervention…[to be seen as] taking up the standard of being the West’s champion in the fight against the Islamic state’s terrorist group, Russia hopes that it can improve its…appearance in the eyes of the West…leading to greater freedom of political action…

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Insane Asylum: Muslim Thugs March Of Intimidation Through Hannover Germany

October 27, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – As Angela Merkel works feverishly to deal with the consequences of her insane gambit to Islamize Germany, the country’s citizens are getting a front-seat demonstration of how cultural jihad works, even when the Muslim enemy still represents a small proportion of the population.

Two days ago hundreds of black clad Muslims carrying banners, one of which appears to be an ISIS flag marched through the city of Hannover, Germany while shocked citizens looked on in disbelief.

As the video unfolds the following comments were being made by onlookers.

“None of us want this, we are all scared”

“What is this, how will this be in 100 years?”

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European Citizens Rearming In Face Of Muslim Invasion

October 27, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In a breaking exclusive, our friends at World Net Daily are reporting that Europeans are coming to realize that it was great folly to allow their governments to confiscate personal firearms over the last 50 years without a fight.

Now these passive and defenseless societies are coming face-to-face with the gravity of their predicament as the Continent finds itself defenseless against the horde of young, aggressive Muslim males intent upon conquest based on the ancient Islamic principle of hijra, jihad by colonial occupation.

“A Czech TV report confirms that long guns – shotguns and rifles – have been flying off the shelves in Austria…They’re all sold out. [says Allan Gottlieb, Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation] ‘I just returned from a gun rights meeting in Belgium…all over Europe people now want the means to defend themselves, Self-defense is no longer a dirty word…I can tell you first-hand that people in Europe now wish they had a Second Amendment.’” [source, Leo Hohmann, Islamic Invasion Pulls The Trigger: Europeans Now Scramble For Guns , WND]

As we have made clear now since the phenomenon began [see, William Mayer, German Domino About To Fall: Razor Wire Considered To Stop Islamic Invasion ] that this is Islamic warfare, clever in its execution because it will not require the force of arms to completely change the demographic of such tiny nations as Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands etc.

Since Europe’s citizens foolishly surrendered their right to defend themselves decades ago we make two predictions:

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Oil Price Instability Opens The Way For ISIS’ Strategy To Dominate Islam

October 26, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In a fascinating piece published by the Middle East Forum [see, David P. Goldman Cheap Oil Puts the House of Saud at Risk] the author details the seismic waves which are starting to rock the Saudi government:

“Saudi Arabia spends money like there's no tomorrow. A new report from the International Monetary Fund suggests that there might not be a tomorrow for the House of Saud. Without massive spending cuts, the Kingdom will exhaust its monetary reserves in five years at current oil prices, the IMF reckons.”

Far from merely being a regional matter, should the Saudi government seriously falter [it would not be the first time] more revolutionary Muslim forces are prepared to exploit the unrest, potentially toppling the government. Towards that end ISIS has already mounted a serious attack in the area, bombing a mosque in the city of Abha [Southern Saudi Arabia, near the country’s border with Yemen] killing at least 15 just 6 weeks ago as a show of force.

As Mr. Goldman states, predictions of the demise of the Saudi kingdom have left more than a few prognosticators red-faced over the years as the government has been able to curb such threats, bribing the malcontents.

But the huge income disparity between the ultra-rich Saudi princes and the desperately poor general population constitute political dynamic which will be difficult to sustain in the face of falling oil revenues because of the current world-wide petroleum glut.

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What Difference Does It Make? - The Mysterious Ambassador Chris Stevens


October 22, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Editor's Note: Today, Thursday, October 22, 2015, ex-Secretary of State [and current Democrat candidate for president] Hillary Clinton will testify at 10 am EST in public before The House Select Committee on Benghazi [live link]. While we have been extremely disappointed in the performance of the Committee in general and specifically the Committee Chair, Trey Gowdy due to his apparent loss of courage in pursuing the matter with the necessary amount of vigor, we will, along with the part of the American public which has followed this matter, defer final judgment until the day's proceeding have taken their course.

With that in mind we are reprinting a piece we originally published on May 15, 2013 which drew what we feel then, and even more strongly believe today to be the only reasonable explanation regarding the events surrounding the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 - that the Obama administration, via its Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton, was involved in an elaborate [and most likely illegal] covert plan to arm jihadists in both Libya and Syria in an amateurish attempt to mold that part of the most volatile area in the world to conform with Obama's grand - and frankly insane - pro-Muslim Brotherhood foreign policy.

[begin piece]

Ok, it's clear now to anyone who happened to watch more than a few minutes of Wednesday's testimony by State Department officials before Darrell Issa's House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that Team Obama has, to use the vernacular, lied its ass off in an effort to cover-up the Benghazi affair.

However perhaps the most important question - aside from investigating the actual terrorist attack on the Benghazi compound by elements of Ansar al-Shari'a - remains unanswered...why on earth was J. Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, Libya in the first place?

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WikiLeaks Publishes CIA Dir. Brennan’s Emails Hacked By High School Student

September 21, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – WikiLeaks has just started publishing what the organization is representing as being the contents of Director of Central Intelligence, John Brennan’s email account.

So far, the perp has only been identified as an unnamed high school student.

Perhaps he is sitting patiently by the phone waiting for his invite by President Obama to the oval office ala Ahmed Clockboy Mohamed?

How such a relatively inexperienced hacker could crack any account relating to the man who allegedly runs the top U.S. intelligence agency is simply beyond comprehension. Admittedly Brennan is probably the dullest implement in Obama’s dystopian toolbox. Nonetheless he is, like it or not, the director of an organization which, until recently was feared across the globe for its ability to make enemies of the United States just go away forever [somewhere Che Guevara is nodding his head in the affirmative].

Under different circumstances an incident this serious would have already resulted in Brennan being unceremoniously escorted off the grounds at Langley and the perp frog-walked by Federal marshals to an armored SUV pointed towards the closest super-max prison.

Alas, those days apparently are long gone. We hear nothing but the sound of chirping crickets coming from the U.S. House of Representative which presently is engaged in a furious effort to find someone as incompetent, inebriated and untrustworthy as John Boehner to run the Stupid Party.

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Europe’s Muslim Invaders Continue Subjugation Of Christian Minorities

September 21, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – We learn today from a piece written by ME authority Raymond Ibrahim [who is fluent in Arabic] that as the hijra of military aged Muslim males continues to bleed into Europe they are bringing with them the same Shari’a borne anti-Christian bigotry which was the rule in their native Syria [or Turkey or Iraq or??].

“According to a September 30 report, in Germany, ‘Many Christian refugees from Syria, Iraq or Kurdistan are being intimidated and attacked by Muslim refugees. In several refugee centers set up by the local authorities, Sharia law is being imposed and Christians - which are a minority - are the victims of bullying.’” [source, Raymond Ibrahim, Christians Persecuted Even In The West, Islam Translated]

This is a pervasive problem, not one specific to the “refugees” in Germany:

“In Sweden, a July report told of how two small families of Christian asylum seekers were harassed and abused by approximately 80 Muslim asylum seekers from Syria. The Christians and Muslims—described by one Swedish newspaper as “fundamentalist Islamists”—resided in the same asylum house. As in Germany, the Muslims ordered the Christians not to use communal areas and not to wear their crosses around their necks”

The pattern is much the same throughout the free world; wherever these new Muslim immigrants land, rape, murder, gang violence, religious intimidation and similar crimes instantly spike.

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German Domino About To Fall: Razor Wire Wall Considered To Stop Islamic Invasion


September 20, 2015 - San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – German Chancellor Angela Merkel is on the verge of losing her once iron grip on the government as Rainer Wendt, president of the German Police Union is calling for the erection of barriers to prevent the country from being overrun by Muslims.

"If we close our borders in this way, Austria will also close the border with Slovenia. That's exactly the effect we need," he told the Welt am Sonntag. [source, Jess Saufenberg, Germany Should Build A Fence Says Chief Of German Police Union , UK Independent]

Merkel until very recently has been a sublime caricature of the EuroWeenie, advocating that the economic heart of the failing EU accept as many as 1M of the young, military age Muslim males streaming into Eastern Europe and from there into the German Federal Republic.

But all that has changed over the last 10 days as Hungary last week constructed a razor wire fence to stop the flow of the hijra.

It is believed that if [when] Germany follows through with constructing its barrier that Austria will follow suit in short order, giving a kind of unofficial imprimatur to the “novel” concept of reestablishing the national borders that had effectively been eliminated due to the 1985 Shengen Agreement.

Protests throughout the normally stoic German populace have grown in numbers and ferocity, spiked by the outrage over the prospect of “ becoming strangers in their own homeland.”

Of course the media is undaunted in efforts to demonize the “nativists,” portraying them as knuckle-dragging thugs and Islamophobic hooligans. But the multicultural elite, who don’t have to live in the jihadist pig-sty the violence prone jihadists are bringing with them, are largely being ignored as perhaps for the first time since the Second World War, Europe’s lumpenproletariat is coming to recognize that their very way of life lies in the balance.

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Arab Jihadists Torch Joseph’s Tomb


September 16, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – The Intifada continues in Israel as last night a mob of Arab jihadist set fire to the Tomb of Joseph near the city of Nablus.

“Hundreds of Palestinians entered the Joseph's Tomb compound…and set it on fire, severely damaging the Jewish holy site in what Israel called a "despicable" act…The overnight violence came amid calls for another "day of rage" in the region…Hours after the tomb was torched, an Israeli soldier was stabbed…near the West Bank city of Hebron…The attacker had disguised himself as a news photographer and was shot dead, the IDF added.” [source, Palestinians Set Fire to Joseph's Tomb Amid Calls for 'Day of Rage' ,NBC]

Note: we intentionally removed the offensive portion of the above quote which suggested that the IDF soldier, who had been stabbed sustained only minor injuries. Might we hazard a guess that if the article's authors, Lawahez Jabari, Yael Factor and Alastair Jamieson had been the victims of such “slight” wounds they might well still be in intensive care, as well as having been traumatized for life. 

Not being familiar with Israeli criminal law we won’t hazard a guess as to what the charges would have been since the perp has assumed room temperature [an excellent example of genuine “gun control”] however in the United States, if he had survived, this slug would have been charged, minimally, with aggravated assault, battery and attempted murder. Finally…news flash…the invented term “Palestine” is the hand-maiden of Jew hatred.

Such is the pigsty journo in which most of the West is currently wallowing.

That aside, Joseph’s Tomb is revered as the burial place for the 11th child of Jacob who was sold into slavery by his brothers, jealous over the perception that he was his father’s favorite. The site has come under attack by increasingly bellicose Arab squatters living in the West Bank because of its close connection to Judaism.



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“Palestinian” Bar Association To Honor Dead 19 Year Old Terrorist “Martyr” With Honorary Law Degree

September 14, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – It appears that the current wave of jihad being waged by Israel’s Arab population against the Jewish people [6 attacks in less than 48 hrs, 4 killed, dozens hurt or traumatized] has been deemed insufficiently harmful by the terrorists. In response, the so-called “Palestinian Bar Association” is now in the process of awarding an honorary law degree to Muhannad Halabi who killed two innocent civilians in Jerusalem.

“The Palestinian Bar Association - which receives major funding from the United Nations and European Union - has decided to award an honorary law degree to Muhannad Halabi, the 19-year-old Palestinian law student who stabbed two Israelis to death in Jerusalem's Old City on Oct. 3 before being killed by Israeli security forces, according to a report published by the Middle East Media Research Institute on Sunday.” [source, Palestinian Legal Group Honors Terrorist Who Killed Two Israelis, Israel Hayom]

As we have recently noted [see, Arab Intifada Against Israel Gains Traction – 3 Killed In 4 Muslim Attacks and Netanyahu Demands Accountability Over Murder Of Two Israelis In Front Of Couple’s Children ] the Muslim Intifada against the Jewish people has shifted into overdrive with the current phase having had its start over right of Jewish access to the Old City of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, the most sacred site in Judaism.

The actions of the PaleBar are indicative of a truth that most in the West do not want to hear…there is no “moderate” Islam. The pseudo-religious political doctrine embodied in the Qur’an and Hadith is about one thing, forcing all non-Muslims to submit, convert or die usually in some unspeakably gristly manner.

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The One-Minute Guide to Obama's Foreign Policy

By Daniel Pipes, PhD, President of the Middle East Forum

October 14, 2015 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - We who follow U.S. foreign policy, and especially the Middle East, sometimes get asked whether Barack Obama is a community organizing naïf way out of his depth or a brilliant ideologue who knows exactly what he is doing? Is he inept or purposeful? Does he see his foreign policy as a failure or a success? My reply:

Not one or the other but a bit of both. He is a leftist who sees the imperialism, militarism, and corporate greed of the United States as a menace to the outside world. He conceives of his role being to reach out to enemies, reduce America's cowboy ways, make it one of the pack, and render the world a safer place.

But he is also the president on whose watch we find not security but anarchy and despotism. Reduced America's influence has lead to revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, renewed civil wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, conflagrations in Libya, Yemen, and Syria, Russian military intervention, and unfathomable future troubles from a nuclear Iran.

In other words, Obama's policy is purposeful but the consequences are not.

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Arab Intifada Against Israelis Gains Traction – 3 Killed In 4 Muslim Attacks

September 13, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Over the last 24 hours, Arab jihadists have mounted 4 separate attacks against Israeli Jews.

The first incident involved a knife wielding Muslim resident of Ra’anana who stabbed a man waiting for the bus. The victim is in the hospital now but is expected to survive, the terrorist [laudably] sustained massive injuries during apprehension.

An hour later two jihadists attempted to commandeer a bus full of passengers, shouting the traditional Muslim battle cry, Allahu Akbar, one opened fire with a gun while the other started randomly stabbing the terrified riders. Security on the bus killed the gunman and the other was apprehended by a passing motorist.

Shortly afterward another Arab terrorist drove a vehicle into a crowd which had assembled at a bus stop, exited the vehicle and commenced stabbing and hacking people with a meat cleaver, killing a rabbi in the process.

At almost the same time the fourth such attack took place at a café where the assailant repeatedly stabbed customers until he was chased from the establishment by the enraged patrons and was shortly thereafter run over by a truck and apprehended.

Western news coverage of the slaughter is spotty at best with Time Mag typically placing the blame on Israeli security personnel while not even mentioning today’s attempted massacres.

The headline should say it all, clearly the knuckle-dragging author of the piece needs a course in remedial English - "Clashes have broke [sic] out in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip."

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Both Hitler And The German Nazis Courted Iran


October 12, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org - On November 4, 1937, Nazi leader and German “Reich Chancellor” Adolf Hitler had a very friendly conversation with Rader Arashteh, the new Iranian ambassador to Germany. The ambassador emphasized that there existed “sincere friendship” between Germany and Iran. Hitler, in turn, praised the Iranian government. A brief account of that meeeting was published in the official Nazi Party newspaper “Völkischer Beobachter” of November 5, 1937. I found this article in German historical archives in Berlin.

Max Domarus, an anti-Nazi German writer and historian, published Hitler’s most important speeches and proclamations (with many critical observations from Domarus himself). He describes how Hitler sent a congratulatory telegram to Iranian Shah Reza (or Reza Shah) on the occasion of the latter’s birthday on March 5, 1941. And on March 20, 1941, Hitler sent another congratulatory telegram to the Shah on the occasion of the Iranian Nauruz Spring festival.

It was obvious that Hitler and the Nazis courted Iran and the Iranians. Iran in turn was interested in German economic and technical assistance.

Back in 1953 Richard N. Frye, Harvard Professor of Iranian studies, wrote an interesting study on Iran. He points out that:

“Reza Shah was suspicious of the Russians and the British, so it was only natural that he would turn to (Nazi) Germany for technical advisors. With the advent of Hitler, Germany showed a new interest in Iran, and technicians, doctors, and various advisors were sent on terms usually favorable to Iran. Trade between the two countries developed apace so that Germany was receiving 4 per cent of Iran’s foreign trade at the outbreak of war.”

Things changed in September 1941 when the Russians and the British occupied Iran and forced the pro German Shah Reza to abdicate in favor of his son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who sided with the allies during World War II.


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Internal Subversion, The Present Danger: “Down, Down, USA” Chanted At Tiny “Million Man” March

October 11, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – The much heralded, but sparsely attended Million Man March hit 20 years old yesterday. The crowd was so insignificantly small that many of the usual suspect media massagers failed to mention it at all.

Others, always game for a round or three of pretend journo, actually published crowd scenes from the 1995 march which drew in excess of 250,000 people, a quarter of the original march’s goal but substantial nonetheless.

The vicious, whitey hating, anti-Semite leader of the Nation of Islam – Louis Farrakhan has been the prime mover behind these events, as he was at last Saturday’s rally.

Anti-Americanism has been the guiding ideology behind these yearly gaggles, and, as has been the case in most large demonstrations over the last half century, stern-faced revolutionary Communists of varying stripes made their presence known resplendent in Che, Mao and Marx T-shirts as well as the omnipresent black on red banners advocating overthrow of the government along with information tables hawking revolutionary and anarchist tracts.

Despite the MSM’s fawning treatment of the MMM, at least one of the major local news sources got its coverage right:

“A female Native American speaker led a crowd in a chant of “down, down USA” at the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, the woman claimed that former Libyan dictator Muammar “Gaddafi is still alive” and called on President Obama to pardon Leonard Peltier…” Kellan Howell, Million Man March Speaker Chants, ‘Down USA Down ,’ Washington Times]

Peltier, an American Indian is a domestic terrorist convicted and sentenced to life in the 1975 murder of two federal agents at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Despite the dwindling numbers of participants, make no mistake about the seriousness of the matter. This level of anti-American, pro-Marxist sentiment has grown substantially, especially during the presidency of Barack Obama, with at least 30% of the population apparently willing to strap on the jack-boots, grab the Molotov cocktails and head towards the nearest synagogue...or Tea Party meeting.

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New York Times Doubling Down On Jew Hatred


October 8, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – We have written about the New York Times' coded Jew hatred on many occasions. In our opinion this sentiment have been on display, in what is considered to be the newspaper of record, for entirely too many years to be anything but intentional.

We therefore turn, with great interest, to a piece published today in FrontPageMagazine [please refer to,Phyllis Chesler,  A Blood Libel Every Day: The New York Times Does It Again  ]. Ms. Chesler's article raises many of the same issues about which we have written so often, including the Times' effort to elevate contrived issues regarding Israel's defiant Arab squatters [the "Palestinians"] over those of a Jewish population that is under daily assault.

"I do not understand why a lawsuit has not already been launched against the New York Times for incitement to genocide...There is little doubt that the poisonous propaganda of Hamas, Fatah, and the Palestinian Authority has, is, and always will lead to terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians—babies, toddlers, senior citizens, as well as adult men and women. So, too, does the daily—and I literally mean the daily—coverage of Israel and Palestine in the Gray Lady which has, is, and will lead to a great hardening of their readers’ hearts towards Israel, and an opening of their readers’ wallets to fund boycotts against Israel as well as terrorism against Jews globally..."

What follows is a reprint of an August 18, 2014 article which deals with these topics, among others:

In a piece recently appearing on these pages [William Mayer,  New York Times’ Coded Jew Hatred: Running Body Count During Gaza Operation  ] this author noted that while the legacy media had discontinued daily, front page body counts showing casualties in America’s ongoing Middle East conflicts as a service to President Obama, the practice once again surfaced during the war in Gaza.

The media’s over-the-top bias in favor of the HAMAS terrorists is unremarkable.

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Official: Afghan Hospital Targeted By US Air Strike And Run By Doctors Without Borders Sheltered Taliban Fighters

October 6, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – At 2:15 am, Saturday local time, a hospital in the embattled Afghan city of Kunduz [for further reference, please see our September 28 coverage, Asleep At The Switch, Again: Obama Malfeasance Gives Taliban Historic Win , PipeLineNews.org] was hit by a U.S. airstrike in response to hostile fire which was coming from the upper floor windows of the facility. The hospital is run by Medecins Sans Frontieres a French group which along with its affiliate, Doctors Without Borders has a history of providing aid to Muslim enemy fighters.

For example even the hard left leaning Wikipedia detailed some of the activities of Medcins Sans Frontiers:

“In December 1979, after the Soviet army had invaded Afghanistan, field missions were immediately set up to provide medical aid to the mujahideen…”

A 2007 piece in the liberal Jerusalem Post tied a Doctors Without Borders worker to a plot to assassinate then Israeli PM Ehud Olmert.

“A Palestinian from the Gaza Strip who works for the humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders has been arrested for allegedly plotting to assassinate Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed Thursday. Mazab Bashir, 25, from Deir el-Balah began working with Doctors Without Borders five years ago. On April 19, he confessed during a Shin Bet interrogation that for months, he had been collecting intelligence on senior Israeli officials - including Olmert and a number of Knesset members.” [source, Yaakov Katz, Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) staffer plotted to kill Olmert , JPost, cross-posted by NGO Monitor]

In a 2013 NPR interview conducted by Melissa Block, Stephen Cornish the executive director of Doctors Without Borders Canada didn’t hesitate to state that his group provided medical services for Islamic “fighters” in Syria. The activity is taking place outside the areas under control by the Assad forces so what we are really talking about here are most likely Sunni mujahideen which could include members of the Al-Nusra Front or even ISIS terrorists...

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Uncontrolled Immigration And National Security, A Threat To Western Society

October 6, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – In a recent posting on his website, Dr. Daniel Pipes [President of the Middle East Forum] cautioned against the ramifications of continuing the current [50 year old] immigration policy which controls [among many other aspects of the matter] the number and ethnic composition of foreigners who are permitted to legally immigrate to the United States.

Critiquing the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 Pipes writes:

“As multiculturalism takes hold, I wonder if classic American culture, with its stress on individualism and freedom, will survive…” [source, Daniel Pipes PhD, 50 Years Of Dangerous Immigration Policy]

This iteration of “immigration reform” was passed during the heady days of President Johnson’s “Great Society” and the American public was strongly assured by prominent politicians that the legislation would have little or no impact on America’s ethnic mix and hence no discernible effect on the culture.

For example Senator Ted Kennedy, a prime mover of the bill, stated:

“First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same ... Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset ... Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia ... In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think…The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs." [U.S. Senate, Subcommittee on Immigration and Naturalization of the Committee on the Judiciary, Washington, D.C., Feb. 10, 1965. pg. 1-3, for additional discussion of the way the bill was sold please see, Three Decades Of Mass Immigration: The Legacy Of The 1965 Immigration Act, Center For Immigration Studies, 1995]

Similarly, members of both parties argued, against all logic, what should have been apparent to all on the Immigration Act’s face, that allowing people to legally stream into the United States from markedly non-democratic, often despotic cultures, could only harm the continued promise of liberty and freedom that American traditionalism represents.

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U.S. Media Playing Along With Putin’s Bait And Switch Syrian Bombing Campaign

October 3, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – With Russia’s major incursion into Syria now well into its second week, one would be hard pressed to determine the exact nature of this expeditionary venture, its goals, targets and overall effectiveness by relying on the legacy media.

CNN is typical, accepting at face value Vlad Putin’s so-far bogus claim that his SU-34 bombers are being used to target ISIS positions.

At the same time the reportage [such as it is] is being massaged to be in accord with what has now become a standard template in covering warfare, stressing alleged civilian casualties…collateral damage, rather than diving deep into what data we do have to present a reasonable, if necessarily spotty at this juncture, picture of the situation on the ground.

For example:

“At least 11 people were killed in an alleged double strike by Russia in Syria's Idlib province, according to opposition groups. Members of Syria's Civil Defense, a volunteer group operating in rebel-controlled areas, rushed to save people after the aerial attack on the village of Ehsim when a second strike hit the area. A rescue worker and nine members of one family were among the dead, according to the rebel-run Revolutionary Forces of Syria.” [source, Faith Karimi, Russia Bombs Syrian Targets For The 4th Day As International Concerns Grow , CNN]

What this manner of journo tells an awake reader [how many of those are in CNN’s meager audience is debatable] is that the network is likely never to reports what is actually going on because it relies upon the disinformation being provided by those who are actually being targeted in the Russian air bombardment, Sunni jihadists bent on toppling the Iranian supported regime of Bashar al-Assad - a less-than-rabid Alawite Shia whose behavior is angelic compared to that of his foes.

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Netanyahu Demands Accountability Over Murder Of Two Israelis In Front Of Couple’s Children

October 2, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – Hat tip to the Investigative Project on Terrorism...today Binyamin Netanyahu demanded that the PA leadership condemn the Arab terrorists who killed an Israeli couple as they were driving their four children home.

In his most recent public appearance, Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the PA, failed to even refer to the incident while its controlling faction, HAMAS praised the killing.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism posted an excerpt from a speech by Abbas made on PA television which clearly demonstrates his stoking of the worsening jihad taking place in Israel.

"The Al-Aqsa [Mosque] is ours... and they have no right to defile it with their filthy feet. We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem... We bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah, Allah willing. Every martyr (Shahid) will reach Paradise, and everyone wounded will be rewarded by Allah," Palestinian Authority (PA) President Abbas said in a speech, segments of which were aired on official PA TV and posted on his website."

About the incident Palestinian Media Watch has this to say...

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Huge Escalation In Temple Mount Tensions As Arabs Become More Provocative

October 2, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – The Investigative Project on Terrorism is calling attention to the provocative actions being taken by the International Union of Muslim Scholars, which is attempting to ratchet up the daily violence which has been occurring in and around Israel’s Temple Mount, what Muslims refer to as the Al-Aqsa mosque.

“The International Union of Muslim Scholars [IUMS] is calling on Palestinians to "Rescue al-Aqsa" and rise up against Israel, according to several Twitter posts translated by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). One of the tweets features a picture of Israeli police about to enter Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque. In reality, the Israeli authorities are pursuing Palestinian rioters who took refuge in the mosque and terrorists who were plotting to conduct attacks against Jewish worshippers…”

As the group states in its most recent presser :

“The International Union calls for resistance against the Zionist occupier criminal acts on the land of Palestine, by all possible means, in particular that recently done at the Aqsa Mosque and its courtyards and corridors and the burning of some of the windows and historical doors and its components, and the attack on the morabitoun and morabitat, and prevent Muslims from praying or entering Al-Aqsa Mosque..."

The IUMS is led by Yusuf al-Qaradawi one of the modern jihad’s spiritual fathers, a supporter of al-Qaeda and the party whom the ADL has aptly named the Theologian of Terror . As an example of the clout Qaradawi holds in the Muslim world, he hosts what is probably the most watched weekly television show on the planet broadcast on al-Jazeera television with a reported audience of over 50 million. He is also the proprietor of IslamOnline, a popular da’wa website.

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The “J” Word None Dare Mention

October 1, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – PipeLineNews.org – It’s no longer breaking news that Vlad Putin’s Russia has entered into a full military alliance with Iran and that over that last few days Moscow has been directing a heavy campaign of bombing Sunni Islamist targets [what is ridiculously referred to as the Free Syrian Army] from newly constructed bases actually on the soil of the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

Within this the new reality, we thought it might prove of interest to explore the meaning and implications of jihad from a Jewish perspective. We do this because Israel is now more than ever serving the function of the canary in the coal mine having been undercut and sold out by the Obama Administration and his willing Western allies. One might note that the most prominent of our European “friends” only 70 years ago – a mere blink-of-the-eye as these things go - plunged the entire world into the largest, most horrific war in history.

To that end we refer to a really excellent essay regarding the topic, written by Dr. Mordechai Kedar [see, It’s Jihad Stupid, and published by Arutz Sheva, the Israeli news website, today.

“It is sad to see the lack of real understanding on the part of Israelis and the rest of the world as to what actually is happening out there, because there is only one word that describes…reality…the word, and it is the only applicable word, is "Jihad." This, to many Israelis, is the word "that must not be said" because it tells us is that what we in Israel are experiencing at the present time is an Islamic religious war.”

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