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Will Obama Remove The $10 Million Bounty For Mullah Omar And Other Taliban Terrorists?

February 20, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Though the talks between the U.S. and Afghanistan's Taliban are being conducted under tight security in Qatar, the few details which have leaked are enough to make national security professionals awaken in a cold sweat.

Aside from the ugly spectacle of an American government bargaining with the Taliban's barbarians while the organization continues to kill Americans in Afghanistan, the Obama administration is seriously considering releasing 5 of the most dangerous Taliban jihadists currently being held at GITMO in order to further curry favor with Taliban negotiators.

Those five have been described as the worst of the worst by those who should know.

As Congressman Dana Rohrabacher [R-CA] states about the process:

"The Taliban is a terrorist organization responsible for the death and maiming of hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan, and were in league with al-Qaida when 3,000 people were murdered in the U.S. on 9/11...While President Obama refuses to talk to America's natural allies in Afghanistan, the Northern Front, he is in the processes of making one-sided concessions to the Taliban that will put some of its worst killers back in action...President Obama is negotiating with the Taliban from a position of provocative weakness, accepting their preconditions to release some of the Taliban's top terrorist plotters to resume their work without anything in return."

Obama's unilateral decision to withdraw from Afghanistan by a date certain gives the Taliban the upper hand in any conceivable negotiations. Thus, this process is more akin to the Taliban dictating the terms of a U.S. surrender in Afghanistan. Left unsaid in Mr. Obama's increasingly reckless approach to this matter is an important question. Should the U.S. emerge from the Qatar talks with a "peace agreement" between it, the Afghan government and the Taliban, will those who currently represent a mortal danger to U.S. interests, including the safety of the American public, be removed from the State Department's Most Wanted list? [see, Rewards for Justice, http://www.rewardsforjustice.net/index.cfm?page=wanted_terrorist&language=english]

Among the most notable of these terrorists are:

  • Mullah Omar - Afghani Taliban leader. Provided material shelter and support to Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaeda as it planned the murder 3,000 American citizens on 9/11. $10M reward.
  • Sirajuddun Haqqani - A member of the Pak Taliban's Shura Council [a Muslim governing board]. Up to $5M reward.
  • Hakimullah Mehsud - Emir of the Pakistani Taliban. Despite claims made by Pak ISI that he was killed in a drone strike, the Taliban has denied it. Up to $5M reward.
  • Abu Yahya al-Libi - An important terror facilitator who seeks to integrate Taliban and al-Qaeda operations. Up to $1M reward.
  • How can we continue to pursue with a "hunt and kill" mentality, these and other less well known Taliban jihadists in the face of a peace treaty with them?

    It's pretty hard to imagine the Taliban, which has waited nearly a decade for a weak president like Obama to bully, agreeing to anything but total and complete amnesty. That means no more drone attacks either in Afghanistan or Pakistan, where Mullah Omar is reportedly being shielded by the Pak ISI as it did with Osama bin-Laden.

    That will prove to be an exceedingly tough sell to Congress and the American people and it may prove to be the undoing of this president as we roll on towards November.

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    Iran - "Earth Belongs To Muslims, End Is Near"


    February 23, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Iran's economy is struggling because of crippling new restrictions on the country's financial system, but no amount of sanctions will keep the mullahs from their headlong pursuit of nuclear weapons, which they hope will help usher in Islamic dominance of the world. The religious leaders believe it is their responsibility, as foreshadowed by the Quran, to bring about nuclear war to facilitate the coming of the last Islamic Messiah.

    Two Iranian grand ayatollahs are now saying that the Earth will soon be under the feet of Muslims, as promised by the Quran.

    The clerical establishment in Iran has long believed that the Islamic Revolution of 1979 was a sign by Allah that the end of times is near and that the duty and responsibility of the believers is to become ready for such an event.

    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, indicated to his close associates that he saw a mandate for the final glorification of Allah to overthrow the Shah, establish an Islamic state and then pass the flag of Islam to the last Islamic Messiah. When asked if he would be the one to pass the flag, he responded that "the one after me will be the one" who will create the circumstances for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, the Shiites' 12th Imam.

    Many in the Islamic regime believe that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who became the Iranian supreme leader after Khomeini's death, is the chosen one to pass the flag of Islam to Imam Mahdi. In fact, statements made by close associates of Khamenei indicate that the supreme leader himself is convinced that he is the one who will trigger the coming.

    Mahdi, in Shiite belief, will reappear at the time of Armageddon.

    In a recent statement, Grand Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, a top Iranian Twelver Shia and a "Marja" (source to follow), addressed the future of the world as per the Quran."The Quran is very clear that the inheritors of the Earth will be those of the righteous who represent the force of the truth against the force of the false," Sobhani says. "The Quran is the proof that the world will be controlled and managed by the forces of truth and that there will be one government ruling everyone throughout the world."

    The Quran twice promises worldwide rule of Islam and its victory over all other religions, Sobhani says. According to hadiths, which have the tacit approval of the Prophet Muhammad, that will only happen when the last descendant of Muhammad, Imam Mahdi, returns and takes the rule of Islam from the East to the West.

    The grand ayatollah then quotes the Quran (Altobeh, 33): "It is He Who hath sent His prophet with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religions, even though the infidels may detest it."

    Sobhani calls the Internet another sign of the end of times and the coming of Imam Mahdi as hadiths indicate that at the age of the coming, people in the East will be able to see people in the West while in a stationary position.

    The ayatollah reiterates the promised victory by the Muslims in referring to the Quran (Al Anbiya, 18): "We hurl the truth against falsehood, and destroy it, and behold falsehood doth perish."

    Grand Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani, also a Twelver and a "Marja" with followers around the world, says the recent progress of Iran's nuclear program is hailed as "significant and one that has shocked the infidels."

    Hamedani states that it is said that in the end of times, the city of Qom will be the center of science and an elevated center for learnings of Allah. He says the current Arab Spring in the region is due to the Islamic regime in Iran and that this awakening must expand to the world stage for the coming of the last Islamic Messiah.

    The clerics in Iran have set up a center in the city of Qom specifically to track signs for the coming as they rely on centuries of hadiths from Muhammad and his descendants that have predicted signs in which the end of times will come and the last Islamic Messiah will reappear, killing all infidels and those who won't convert to Islam and raising the flag of Islam across the globe.

    The coming of Mahdi only awaits these last signs, as all of the signs that the hadiths herald have already taken place: Chaos, famine and havoc will engulf the Earth; major wars with dark clouds (atomic wars) will burn the Earth; one-third of the Earth's population will be killed, and the rest will suffer hunger and lawlessness.

    As revealed last year, an Iranian secret documentary, "The Coming Is Upon Us," clearly indicates that the radicals ruling Iran believe that worldwide war and the destruction of Israel will trigger the coming of the last Islamic Messiah.

    Mr. Kahlili is a former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He now resides in the United States and writes under the pseudonym, Reza Kahlili. For further background regarding Mr. Kahlili see our in-depth interview here Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations. He is the author of A Time to Betray, a book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

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    Rand Perspective On Iranian/Israeli Conflict Deeply Flawed

    February 22, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Iran's press TV [see, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/228042.html] today is touting a piece 'Long-term consequence of Iran war disastrous for Israel' which is based on the foreign policy perspective of RAND Corporation's Dalia Dassa Kaye who is identified on the organization's website as a senior political scientist.

    The Press TV piece uses as its centerpiece an op-ed penned by Kaye for the LA Times, entitled "Israel's risky option on Iran" [see, http://articles.latimes.com/2012/feb/21/opinion/la-oe-0221-kaye-israel-20120221].

    In that article Ms. Kaye claims, "While proponents may believe that Israel can endure the short-term military and diplomatic fallout of such action, the long-term consequences are likely to be disastrous for Israel's security..." Therefore she concludes that the downside of an Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear facilities make it, "too uncertain and potentially too costly to justify a strike," adding that, "the consensus among Western analysts is that a military attack against Iran would at best delay Iran's nuclear development, not stop it."

    If Ms. Kaye really believes that her analysis reflects "the consensus among Western analysts," she should get out more often and stay away from the Obama's State Department's Middle East Desk and its "experts" who have led us to the current insane policy of throttling Israel in an attempt to draw Iran into a serious dialogue regarding its nuclear war making capacity.

    On that point James Woolsey, former Dir. of Central Intelligence [whom we must assume had a higher security clearance than does Ms. Kaye] is in serious disagreement with Ms. Kaye and her imagined consensus of the "oh-so-bright." He believes that if negotiations and "sanctions," don't work that Iran must be prevented - militarily - from becoming a member of the nuke club.

    In a piece carrying the headline, "Ex-CIA Chief: Bomb Iranian Revolutionary Guards" [see, WND, http://www.wnd.com/2012/01/ex-cia-chief-bomb-iranian-revolutionary-guards/print/] the former spook in chief likens present day Iran to Hitler's Nazi Germany and counsels the use of force against the renegade country should all else fail.

    "...Woolsey said Obama should make clear to Iran through back channels that "if there is a closing of the Strait of Hormuz or if there is any other aggressive action by Iran," the U.S. will take immediate military action...One should let them know we could strike their nuclear installations," he said, "but that's not all we should go after if there is a necessity of using force."

    Woolsey described a multi-pronged U.S. military campaign that would target the Iranian Revolutionary Guard infrastructure with the goal of annihilating the Guards as a political and military force inside Iran.

    "[The Guards] run the nuclear programs; they run the space program; they run the ballistic missile program; they run the Al-Quds force that is killing Americans who were in Iraq and now in Afghanistan...They have substantial commercial interests...So anything that is related to the thugs that are oppressing the Iranian people, namely the Revolutionary Guard, should be fair game...There was a lot of opposition to Hitler...The German people and the German army were not at that point the problem. It was his domination of the state using his thugs. And the thugs here for Ahmadinejad and Khomeini in different ways are the Revolutionary Guard...If we let it be known that we are going to be able to do what unfortunately Britain and France couldn't do in 1936, '37, '38, which would be to take out Hitler's regime, if we let it be known that we can do that in Iran, I think we will be in a much stronger position."

    Additionally, we find it intriguing that Islamic jihadism doesn't seem to figure at all in Kaye's equation. Such an abstemious approach certainly compromises her seeming conclusion that the Middle East is better off living with a nuclear Iran rather than attempting to prevent such an occurrence.

    In short form, Kaye is dealing with Iran as if it's a rational player with only local hegemonic interests, an approach that will ensure calamity if, as the regime repeatedly assures the world, it is driven by the ideology of messianic Shia jihadism.

    She makes the assumption that any effort to take out Iran's nukes would be incomplete and thus yield nothing but a short delay in weaponization while increasing Iran's purpose in pursuit of nuclear weapons and the delivery systems required to make good the Mullocracy's numerous threats to eliminate the Jewish state as well as America, the Great Satan.

    In Kaye's naive reliance on playing the State Department's game of pretend negotiations and limited sanctions, she fails to identify a nuclear Iran as an existential threat to the world and therefore impermissible under any circumstances.

    Moreover she ignores Iran's already substantial efforts to project power in countries as disparate as Chavez' Venezuela, the IRG's penetration of the Mexican drug cartels and the presence of IRG and/or Quds force cells already located in North America where at least one of them was involved in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador while on American soil just last October.

    These are the actions of a hostile power, in this case one made even more dangerous in that it is driven by revolutionary Islamic ideology. At a certain point - which is rapidly approaching - the talking must stop and Iran's nuke facilities must be reduced [within our ability] to smoking, radioactive ruins. If this takes more than a single strike, so be it - surgeon's don't simply quit when a cancer recurs in one of their patients, why should we?

    One Hitler and six million dead Jews should be enough of an example of evil run wild for all time and the fact that people like Ms. Kaye can't connect such obvious dots is reflective of her inability to grasp the true dimensions of this conflict.

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    The Detoxification Of Islam


    February 21, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Detoxification is the physiological or psychological removal of toxic substances from a living organism. "Toxic Islam" is a type of dependence inducing "potion." In the same way that, let us say, alcohol is. Millions and perhaps billions of people imbibe alcohol. A great majority of these consumers qualify as moderate and social drinkers. Drinking alcohol may do them some psychological good but may also inflict some health problems and a monetary price. Yet, a vast number of human beings find enough "comfort" to put up with the monetary, health, relationships, and other costs of their drinking.

    A certain number of these people are the heavy drinkers who are severely dependent and reliant on the drug. And there are those who are infrequent drinkers. They may have some wine at Christmas or on their birthday. And finally, there are those who are teetotalers. They never touch the stuff. So, you have what statisticians call a "bell curve" -- people distribute themselves along the drinking dimension as a bell-shaped function. Some are on one extreme, some on the other, with the great majority between the two extremes.

    The same bell curve applies to Muslims. Islam is habit-forming. Just like alcohol. How strongly habit forming? It depends on the person and his circumstances. Is Islam "beneficial" to the person? For some it is. For others, toxic Islam is life itself, just like booze for the skid-row alcoholic.

    Mind Invasion

    Islam, from its inception, discovered the crucial secret of getting to the young mind early by adhering to the dictum: Instruction in early childhood is akin to carving in a rock. In the same vein goes the Jesuit saying, "Give me a child until he is seven, and I will give you the man." The immense importance of getting to the young mind is also emphasized by non-religious doctrines as diverse as the Freudian psychoanalytic theory and Watsonian behaviorist psychology.

    Total or major replacement of beliefs, particularly as one gets older, becomes less likely, yet it happens occasionally. Paul's sudden transformation from a rabid Christian-persecutor to a devoted believer of the faith of Christ is a familiar instance of such a dramatic change. Ideas, on the other hand, are much more amenable to change, replacement, or discard, as long as the ideas do not substantially undermine the integrity of the main framework -- the belief.

    Short Answer

    In the same way that people need to go through detoxification programs to free themselves from physical dependencies, they also must undergo detoxification programs to wean themselves from toxic Islam.

    How to do that? The best way in my opinion is exactly what many concerned citizens, writers, bloggers, and experts are doing. Explain and expose toxic Islam and its harm. They also need to further expand the re-education effort by writing and translating in their native Muslim nations' languages. Radio and television programs are also vital. It is a long process. Yet, the bottom line is this blind dependency on toxic Islam that promises and provides easy answers for much of humanity's underclass.

    Persian Enigma

    I am very optimistic about the country of my birth. I believe Iran will be the first Islamic state to carry the torch of liberty. This is indeed the dawn of a new era in Persian history, a true renaissance for our world. Over 1400 years of darkness has reached its inevitable end. People on the mountaintops are clearly discerning the rays of the new sun that inevitably will chase away the gloom of darkness. It is time to celebrate the new day by enlisting all of us in the work of ushering in the light of freedom. I am calling upon all Iranians, whether at home or abroad, to join this natural movement in ushering in the new day and to contribute whatever you can to make it a truly magnificent change of fortune for the new Iran, as well as for the entire home of humanity, by weaning yourselves from toxic Islam.

    It is going to be a slow process, much slower and much more difficult than we would like it to be. Toxic Islam is a long-term deep dependency with many attractions. It is going to take a great deal of work and perseverance to free Muslims from its grip.

    Cultural Muslims

    There are some 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, the overwhelming majority of which are "Cultural Muslims" who are generally called moderate Muslims. Why moderate? Because they were simply born into Islam, where a great many of them never go through the process of deciding for themselves if they want to be Muslim. It is not a religion that they choose; it is a belief they inherit. For whatever reason, this great majority of these "Cultural Muslims" are Muslims of this type without fully toeing the line of Islam. "Toxic Muslims" are the jihadists, a small minority who live and die by the dictates of the Quran and the Sunna, the life examples of Muhammad.

    Islam is a powerful magnet for the masses that are unable to deal with the uncertainties of life and death on their own. It is from this population that the majority of diehard jihadists emerge.

    Humanity has matured considerably since the time of Muhammad. In order to continue its forward march, mankind must follow a roadmap appropriate for its age and state of development. It is foolish to insist that a book, which demands terrorism and was written over 1400 years ago, must serve as the one and only guide for humanity. I believe that "Cultural Muslims" hold the key. They hold the balance of power.


    The great majority of jihadists emerge from the ranks of those born into the religion of Islam, simply because they are the ones who are most thoroughly indoctrinated and influenced by Islamic dogma in their receptive and formative early years. Yet, there are others who embrace Islam in adulthood, on their own, and enlist themselves as devoted jihadists for the same rewards that Islam offers.

    Within this sea of surging humanity composed of some 1.5 billion Muslims, each individual believer -- a drop -- through a combination of choice and forces beyond his control, ends up in one of its many waves. It is the jihadist wave that is highly attractive to the deeply indoctrinated and poorly adjusted in dealing rationally and independently with life. Here, he finds the ironclad perfect solution to his anxieties and perplexities.

    To a jihadist, death is nothing more than casting off a shell of the worthless earthly existence and donning an angelic suit to wing joyously to a life of bliss promised by Allah's beloved final emissary, Muhammad.

    Eradication of jihadism is a daunting task, since "toxic Islam" is a persistent pandemic disease. Massive education efforts, combined with resolute confrontation of all sources and people that support and promote detoxification of the mind of this deadly philosophy, hold the best promise of dealing effectively with this affliction of humanity.

    Final Note

    The best, yet most difficult resolution of this conflict is to do what hundreds of thousands of former Muslims have already done. They have abandoned toxic Islam: they broke loose from the yoke of the exploitive clergy, renounced Islamo-fascism, purged the discriminatory and bizarre teachings in the Quran and the Hadith, and left the suffocating tent of toxic Islam for the life-giving expanse of liberty.

    Mr. Imani is an Iranian born American citizen and pro-democracy activist. He is the author of "Obama Meets Ahmadinejad," and "Operation Persian Gulf."


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    New Video - Anatomy Of A Smear - Charges CAIR And NY Times With "Cultural Jihad"

    February 21, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In response to a campaign of disinformation regarding the critically acclaimed film, The Third Jihad: Radical Islam's Vision for America, the film's producers have released a video exposing the smear.

    Most everyone interested in national security matters is by now aware that, The Third Jihad, has been subjected to intense vilification, led by the MSM [notably the New York Times] which now seems to be operating as a mouthpiece for the Council on American Islamic Relations.

    Editor's note: Regarding CAIR's bona fides, the public record is clear. In post prosecution court proceedings, following the landmark conviction of all defendants in U.S. vs. Holy Land Foundation, CAIR was specifically linked to Hamas by Federal judge Jorge Solis. "'The government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA, NAIT, with NAIT, the Islamic Association for Palestine, and with Hamas," U.S. District Court Judge Jorge Solis said in the July 1, 2009, ruling'" [source, The Investigative Project, Federal Dist. Court filing, http://www.investigativeproject.org/2340/federal-judge-agrees-cair-tied-to-hamas]

    In the video, the film's producers charge, "...blatant inaccuracies, misquotes, omissions and innuendos of New York Times articles and editorials aimed at discrediting The Third Jihad as "hateful" and Islamophobic...Claims that The Third Jihad is an anti-Islam film are ignorant and misinformed...Those that have blasted the film are attempting to stifle an important debate about the internal state of the Muslim community in America, and whether politicized Islam and indoctrination pose tangible security threats..."

    Third Jihad is narrated by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim who intones at the film's beginning. "This not a film about Islam. It is about the threat of radical Islam. Only a small percentage of the world's 1.3 billion Muslims are radical.'"

    Additionally the film's producers state, "The new video...demonstrates how the New York Times and CAIR campaign is a real-time example of cultural jihad, a strategy to use the banner of political correctness to manipulate American institutions and culture, the very subject of The Third Jihad."

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    Iran Warns - Suicide Bombers Poised To Strike U.S.


    February 21, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Iran has sleeper cells throughout the United States and the West that will unleash suicide bombings should Iranian nuclear facilities be attacked.

    The leaders of the Islamic regime have long prepared for a confrontation with the United States. Now, with tensions over Iran's nuclear program, U.S. Navy assets taking position in the Persian Gulf, Israel threatening strikes against Iranian nuclear sites and the decision by the regime in Tehran to pursue its goal of obtaining nuclear weapons, the Iranians are making it clear to America that U.S. military bases around the world and sites inside the U.S. will be attacked if Iranian nuclear facilities are attacked.

    In a recent Friday prayers sermon in Tehran, the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, promised that if America attacked Iran, Iran would respond by causing 10 times as much destruction to America as it had caused to Iran. Others in the regime have been more specific.

    Director of National Intelligence James Clapper recently told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about his concerns of Iran's willingness to attack the United States in response to any confrontation.

    As I reported last June, Brig. Gen. Mohammad-Reza Naghdi, during a gathering of high-ranking members of the Revolutionary Guards command and the Basij militia, announced that Iranian assets have successfully infiltrated deep within the West, from Europe to New York.

    Another commander of the Guards, Hussein Babai, revealed that Hezbollah terrorist cells, under the direction of Iran, began forming after the 2006 war between Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah. With the current Arab Spring, they have expanded their operations. Their mission, Babai said, is to help create an Islam-dominated world.

    With my background as a CIA spy in the Revolutionary Guards, I can attest to how the Guards successfully use mosques, Islamic cultural centers, Islamic student associations, alliances with other Islamic groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and Muslims from Afghani and Pakistani groups to infiltrate the West and infect its society.

    The Iranian Quds Forces along with Hezbollah cells have a large presence in Latin America, especially in Venezuela, and through collaboration with drug cartels, they get into Mexico and from there into the United States.

    In order to understand their motives, one must understand their ideology, which is best described in articles by Alireza Forghani, the former governor of Kish Province and an analyst and a strategy specialist in Khamenei's camp. I recently exposed one piece, carried on every major Iranian media outlet and within the Revolutionary Guards, that detailed Iran's religious duty to destroy Israel and kill all Jews. Forghani now promises an Iranian response to any attack by America on the world stage.

    "We Welcome War" warns America that within 48 hours of any attack on Iran, all U.S. military installations around the world will be attacked by martyrdom-seeking Muslims.

    He then quotes the Quran (Al-Anfal 60): "Prepare with all your armaments and force in your possession to confront the enemy so that your enemies and enemies of Allah will become fearful."

    In Islam, he says, war is a duty and Allah will resent any Muslim who backs down from it.

    "America should know that while they have been preparing for war, we have been ready for the re-appearance of the Imam Mahdi, Shiites' 12th Imam, and ready for war and jihad," he says. America should know that while it pays its soldiers to fight, the Islamic fighters wage jihad in war with pride, as dying otherwise is too shameful for them."

    Then Forghani makes the clearest threat by stating that America should know there are many young people of Hezbollah who are placed outside Iran and that they will carry out attacks and martyrdom operations on every American military base in 112 countries around the world in less than 48 hours after any aggression by America.

    He concludes that "America needs to know that while the American youth shout the slogan 'Stop the war,' for fear of dying, the children of Ruhollah [Khomeini], founder of the Islamic regime, never flee from war and always pray to Allah for the chance of martyrdom."

    Renowned Iranian ideologue Hassan Rahim Poor Azgadi, in a speech titled "A Model for Tomorrow," which recently aired on Iran's state-owned TV, called for jihad in Europe and America. He said that Iran's forces must get ready for a global operation.

    He says that the Islamic revolution in Iran, as promised, has now been exported and warned that "our fellow fighters" are present in all five continents of the world in the fight against imperialism and in preparation for the coming of Mahdi. Shiites believe the 13th-century imam demands world chaos and destruction — Armageddon — before he will return.

    An international jihad must be provoked, Azgadi said, and there must be no fear of anyone. Citing Khomeini's dictate that "We must destroy Israel and free Jerusalem," Azgadi concludes that "We will do this."

    Mr. Kahlili is a former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He now resides in the United States and writes under the pseudonym, Reza Kahlili. For further background regarding Mr. Kahlili see our in-depth interview here Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations. He is the author of A Time to Betray, a book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

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    British Hate Cleric Haitham Al-Haddad Visits Holland Despite Strong Opposition


    February 20, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Recently, the Dutch parliament unsuccessfully tried to prevent Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad, a controversial Islamic "hate cleric," from entering the country. Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad is a Wahhabist cleric from Saudi Arabia who studied in Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Britain. He has lived in Britain for many years. He had been invited to participate in a symposium at Amsterdam's Free University. But members of parliament claim that this cleric from Britain espouses anti-Semitic views calling Jews "descendents of apes and pigs" and defending the stoning of women. A majority of the parliament's Second Chamber asked the Dutch Minister of Justice and Security to prevent the cleric from entering the country. The minister, however, did not comply with this request, although the Free University had already cancelled the symposium. Instead, the cleric participated in a debate in the Amsterdam debate center "De Balie" on Friday, February 17.

    One day before, the Dutch news program "Nieuwsuur" conducted a live interview with the controversial cleric who had refused to come to the TV studio in Hilversum as the person who was to interview him there was a woman named Mariëlle Tweebeeke. Al-Haddad did not object a to satellite interview, though. He immediately denied all allegations.

    Tweebeeke: In 2001 you said, and I quote: "I will explain to you the essence of the struggle between us and the Jews. They are the enemies of Allah, they descend from apes and pigs." This sounds very radical to me.

    Al-Haddad: First of all, I cannot confirm whether these are my words.

    Tweebeeke: These are your words. This is from an article "The Intifadah and the Signs of Victory (2001)."

    Al-Haddad: No definitely, these are not my words. I have not written any article about this subject in English. You can say that this is the translation of what has been attributed to me. There is a problem here in communicating between East and West, based on the language used by the East. This is one thing.

    Tweebeeke: So you still deny that you said this.

    Al-Haddad: Yes.

    When he arrived in Holland Sheikh Al-Hadded made the impression of being in favor of tolerance and mutual understanding. But is is not uncommon for radical Muslims to make a distinction between liberal Western audiences on the one hand and their own fanatical followers on the other. What they say (or write) "in the West" does not necessarily correspond to what they say and write "in the East." In the West they often make moderate statements in English or French, in the so-called East, among their followers, that is, they are usually not moderate at all. These radical Muslims speak with double tongues; they lie for the sake of Islam and hide their true convictions when they are in hostile territory or among non-Muslims.

    A Dutch newspaper recently interviewed a Dutch Moroccan student at Amsterdam's Free University. Abdullah Ghzili is studying Islamic theology. He claims that many Muslims in Holland pretend to espouse tolerant views of Islam, but deep in their hearts they think differently. Ghzili does not hide his own radical views. He claims that those Muslims who break with Islam deserve to be killed. "A Christian may become a Muslim, but not the other way round – that's what most Muslims agree about." "Punishment for killing a non-Muslim is not as heavy as punishment for killing a Muslim." "It is considered an act of war when a Christian insults Islam in a Muslim country." The younger generation of Dutch Muslims tends to be more radical than their parents.

    Oppression of women

    Mariëlle Tweebeeke did not seem to like Haitham Al-Haddad's view of women. He refused to come to the TV studio in Hilversum because he had a problem of being interviewed by a woman. A woman should be dressed in accordance with the Muslim fundamentalist dress code, and Tweebeeke is a modern Western woman who obviously does not deserve respect.

    Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad serves as a judge at the Islamic Sharia Council in London, an intolerant and totalitarian Sharia court which seeks to introduce Sharia law in the United Kingdom and make as many converts to Islam as possible. Just like the Taliban in Afghanistan these religious fanatics justify barbaric punishments such as the stoning of "adulterous" women and "Jews who fornicated." They quoted Omar bin Khattab who said: O people! Indeed rajm (stoning) is truth, so do not deviate from it and the proof is that the prophet stoned and Abu Bakr stoned and I also stoned." Omar or Umar bin Khattab was the father in law of the Muslim prophet Mohammed as well as the so-called "second Caliph" of the Muslims. Abu Bakr was the first successor to Mohammed or "Caliph" or "head of the Caliphate" (Islamic state). Both Sharia law and the Tribunal (Sharia Council) consider two women the equivalent of one man.

    Childhood sexual abuse, forced marriages, marriages between cousins and so-called "honor killings" are not uncommon among Muslim immigrants in the West, especially those coming from Pakistan, Turkey and Morocco. Yet, in Britain, the Islamic Sharia Council rebukes sex weary wives who "deny their husband's marital rights." The following question was put before the council or court: "What is the ruling regarding a couple where the wife had suffered abuse in childhood and due to that she refuses to respond to her husband's sexual needs?" The court quoted Abu Hurayrah, another companion of Mohammed. "Narrated by Abu Hurayrah that the prophet said, 'If a man calls his wife to his bed and she does not come, and he goes to sleep angry with her, the angels will curse her until the morning.' Agreed upon. This narration should be enough to make any woman pay heed to the severe warning by the prophet that the angels' curses are upon those who do not respond to their husbands' sexual needs because the purpose of a woman is to fulfil that and for that they are made in order to produce offspring."

    Thus, women are constantly obliged to fulfill the wishes of their oppressive and abusive husbands. What really counts is "producing offspring" – and so expand the Muslim community. That's why polygamy is sanctioned by Islam.

    In August 2008, Al-Haddad criticized new British legislation, which enabled Muslim women to get a divorce from their husbands more easily. Islam cannot be changed from a Western point of view, he claimed. More recently, he justified female circumcision.

    Even Osama bin Laden in possession of pornographic material

    It all is part of the Islamists' primitive and backwards desert culture and practice. Even having sex with nine year old children is being justified by some clerics. For example, Moroccan cleric Mohammed Al-Maghraoui claims that nine year old girls give more sexual satisfaction to a man than girls who are twenty years old. Last year, this "pedophile Imam" was invited to Holland by the ultra-conservative As-Soennah mosque in The Hague. The mosque's Syrian firebrand cleric Sheikh Fawaz Jneid believes in polygamous marriages and has a huge following, also on the internet. Fortunately, the Dutch government, pressured by parliament, was about to refuse Al-Maghraoui entry to Holland, but the controversial Muslim cleric then wisely decided to cancel his planned visit.

    Many of these radical Muslims are sexually frustrated or perverted. Having sex with nine year old girls is, of course, abominable. In the 1990s lots of Muslim radicals raped defenseless women and girls in Algeria. They just claimed they had every right to do so as they branded their victims as "infidels" or "apostates" – which they certainly were not. After the act of rape had been committed, the same Muslim terrorists invariably sliced the throats of their poor victims. Many of those terrorists and rapists later joined Al-Qaeda. In Iran there are so-called "marriages" which last only a few hours. What this practice really comes down to is legalizing prostitution, although the fundamentalist clerics or "mullahs" will never say so, course. They are usually being paid quite well for sanctioning this kind of evil.

    Some of the 9/11 hijackers watched "a pay-perview porn film in their motel room on the night of September 10." Others wanted to know how much they had to pay for a prostitute. It was to be a foretaste of "paradise," where beautiful virgins were expected to be waiting for Al-Qaeda's dear martyrs.

    When Osama bin Laden was finally killed in May 2011, it turned out that he, too, was in possession of pornographic material. I wasn't surprised at all when I read the news reports on this.

    According to Osama bin Laden's former mistress Kola Boof, the Al-Qaeda leader even wanted to make Whitney Houston one of his wives. "He believed Houston was truly Islamic but had been brainwashed by American culture."

    "In his briefcase I would come across photographs of the star, as well as copies of Playboy, but nobody in the West believes me when I tell them this." Kola Boof reportedly lived with Osama bin Laden for several months on a Moroccan estate in 1996 and later published her autobiography "Diary of a Lost Girl," the source of these allegations.

    Emerson Vermaat is an investigative reporter in the Netherlands. He maintains a website at Emerson Vermaat


    CIDI (The Hague, Netherlands), Rapport CIDI: Overzicht van de haatzaaiende uitspraken van sjeik Al-Haddad, February 16, 2012, www.cidi.nl.

    ChristenUnie, Kamermeerderheid wil extremistische Shariageleerde weren uit Nederland, February 15, 2012, www.christenunie.nl.

    Nieuwsuur (Dutch TV), February 16, 2012.

    Nederlands Dagblad/ND Zeven, February 18, 2012, p. 8, 9 ("Op afvalligheid de doodstraf"). Abdullah Ghzili.

    Hasan Afzal, Is FOSIS Training the Violent Extremists of Tomorrow? in: Huffington Post, February 3, 2012. (FOSIS means "The Federation of Student Islamic Societies.")

    Islamic Sharia Council, London, Deeming Shariah (Islamic Law) as incompetent, www.islamic–sharia.org.

    Islamic Sharia Council, London, Denying Husband's Marital Rights, www.islamic–sharia.org.

    Spits (Amsterdam), February 17, 2012, p. 2 ("Handboek voor de haatimam").

    Gilles Kepel, The War for Muslim Minds. Islam and the West (Cambridge, Mass./London: Harvard University Press, 2004), p. 107 (9/11 hijackers watching porn movies).

    Mailonline, February 16, 2012 ("Osama bin Laden 'had stoned fantasies about marrying Whitney Houston and murdering Bobby Brown'"); De Standaard (Belgium), February 16, 2012 ("Osama bin Laden wilde met Whitney Houston trouwen"); NME, February 14, 2012 ("Osama bin Laden wanted to marry Whitney Houston, former friend claims").

    [Read More]

    Will Egypt Demand Release Of World Trade Bomber, The "Blind" Sheikh, For 19 American Hostages?

    February 18, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Omar Abdel Rahman [aka, the "blind" sheikh] is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

    Plucked from this relative obscurity, he has once again been injected into the news cycle, this time as part of gambit by Egyptian Islamists [including presidential candidate Hazem Abu Ismail] to secure Rahman's release in exchange for 19 Americans [most employed by NGOs] who are being held hostage in the country, accused of fomenting civil unrest.

    According to Iran's semi-official Press TV news agency [see, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/227393.html] Ismail, "...an Islamic thinker, and a presidential hopeful said the parliament ...must play a pivotal role in pressuring the government to hold serious talks with the US over the release of [the] al-Azhar cleric...an Egyptian lawyer told Press TV that the Parliament along with the government should take the initiative to propose the release of the detained Islamic leader in exchange for 19 Americans who will be tried later this month on charges of receiving funds to instigate violence in the country..."

    Ismail has long been recognized as an influential Muslim Brotherhood intellectual but officially broke ties with the party [wink-wink-nod-nod] upon his announcement as a candidate for the Egyptian presidency.

    An important aspect of his candidacy rests upon the assertion that Egypt should abrogate its peace treaty with Israel [see, http://bikyamasr.com/47045/egypt-candidate-abu-ismail-no-gambling-no-bikinis-no-alcohol-islamic-dress/]

    The demand for Rahman's release is not a new issue to Egyptians however.

    As we reported in an April 21, 2011 piece [see, Egypt's "Freedom" Revolutionaries Demand That U.S. Release Terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman, The Blind Sheikh

    "According to multiple reports [see for example, http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2011/04/21/general-ml-egypt-protest_8428796.html] a large mob of Islamists has gathered outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt demanding that Omar Abdel Rahman, aka the "Blind Sheikh," be released from confinement in the United States. Rahman is serving a life sentence for his role in multiple terror plots including the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. Those conducting the protest are not your garden variety Muslim Brotherhood riff-raff, as Associated Press is reporting, 'The protest leader was Abboud el-Zomor, who was released from an Egyptian prison in March after serving multiple sentences for his role in the assassination of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.'"

    It's likely that such pressure tactics by the Muslim Brotherhood will only stiffen the already considerable resolve expressed by some DC lawmakers to pull the plug on foreign aid to the country.

    Standing in opposition are the usual suspects, Hillary's State Department and the WH, still eager to curry favor with the terrorist Muslim Brothers.

    [Read More]

    Countdown! Iran's Finger On Nuclear Trigger


    February 17, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Pry notes that reports that Iran is working on an atomic trigger – a device that helps initiate the fission reaction that results in a nuclear explosion – indicates that Iran's nuclear weaponization is advanced, since this is one of the last steps toward building an atomic warhead. Centrifuge technology has enabled Pakistan, North Korea and now Iran to enrich uranium to weapons grade without requiring enormous, and impossible to disguise, gaseous diffusion plants, thus enabling those countries to build nuclear weapons clandestinely.

    "The U.S. Manhattan Project produced two atomic bombs of radically different designs in just three years," Pry says, "yet Iran has supposedly been struggling to build a nuclear weapon for two decades. Some of us believe Iran may already have nuclear weapons but has concealed this from the West in order to avoid a preemptive strike until such time as Iran's nuclear status will become irreversible, as with North Korea."

    Pry warns that Iran does not have to develop an ICBM in order to pose a nuclear threat to the United States. "Iran has already demonstrated the capability to launch a missile capable of delivering a nuclear weapon from a freighter at sea."

    Iran currently has enough enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs and is enriching uranium to the 20 percent level unabated, despite four sets of U.N. sanctions. Enriching to the 20 percent level is nine-tenths of the way to weaponization. It takes only several weeks to further enrich the 20 percent stock into weapons-grade material over the 90 percent level.

    In another major development parallel to Iran's nuclear program, Fars News Agency, which is close to the Revolutionary Guards, announced that Iran will launch a one-ton satellite into orbit in the Iranian New Year (starting March 20).

    Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi, who is wanted by Interpol for the Jewish Community Center bombing in 1994, stated that Iran is setting up a new base for the launch of the heavier satellite.

    Iran, which launched its first satellite in 2009, successfully sent another satellite into orbit on Feb. 3. Though the payload was only 110 pounds, it was sufficient to deliver a nuclear artillery shell to intercontinental distances.The news of a heavier satellite should come as a warning to the West, as the one-ton payload could very well carry a nuclear bomb any distance on earth.

    Historically, orbiting a satellite is the criterion used for crediting a nation with ICBM capability.

    Last December I revealed that China, in a secret agreement with the Islamic regime, had sold Iran ICBM technology and that the North Koreans were working with the Guards in assembling the missiles, which once complete will have a range of over 6,000 miles and will have America within its range.

    In an alarming indication that Iran and North Korea are collaborating on nuclear bombs, radioisotope data from Russian and Japanese stations close to North Korea suggest that North Korea likely conducted two nuclear tests in 2010. At the same time, reports from inside Iran indicated a team of Iranian nuclear scientists had been sent to North Korea and that the two governments have agreed on a joint nuclear test in North Korea with a substantial financial reward to North Korea.

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in another defiant speech on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on Saturday, announced that the world will soon witness another major accomplishment in the Iranian nuclear program within days. The Iranian president said his nation will "never yield" to Western sanctions and threats of military action from Israel and the United States.

    Negotiation and sanctions will not deter the Islamic regime in Iran to change its course from obtaining the nuclear bomb. It is not the economy, it is the ideology

    Mr. Kahlili is a former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He now resides in the United States and writes under the pseudonym, Reza Kahlili. For further background regarding Mr. Kahlili see our in-depth interview here Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations. He is the author of A Time to Betray, a book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

    [Read More]

    Barring Use Of Nukes, U.S. Incapable Of Destroying Iran's Fordow Weapons Lab

    February 13, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a January 28 WSJ [see Pentagon Seeks Mightier Bomb vs. Iran] piece that received little attention, Pentagon insiders state that our largest currently produced conventional munition, the Massive Ordnance Penetrator [MOP], is incapable of breaching Iran's newly operational Fordow plant which is located inside a mountain in Iran's Fordow range.

    The site is situated within the confines of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard base [see BREAKING! - Iran's Fordow Nuclear Weapons Lab Made Operational].

    "The Pentagon was particularly concerned about its ability to destroy bunkers built under mountains, such as Iran's Fordow site near the Shiite Muslim holy city of Qom, according to a former senior U.S. official who is an expert on Iran.

    The official said some Pentagon war planners believe conventional bombs won't be effective against Fordow and that a tactical nuclear weapon may be the only military option if the goal is to destroy the facility. 'Once things go into the mountain, then really you have to have something that takes the mountain off,' the official said."

    Casting doubt on the U.S.' ability to destroy/incapacitate even the much less heavily fortified Natanz nuke plant with conventional weapons, "The official said the MOP may be more effective against Iran's main enrichment plant at Natanz but added: 'But even that is guesswork.'"

    The Pentagon is now engaged in a rush program to upgrade the effectiveness of the 30,000 pound penetrator. Boeing is handling the contracting, but the delivery of the final units aren't scheduled until 2013.

    The current thinking at DOD is that in order to use only conventional high explosive weapons in any strike on Iran, the exit/entry points on such structures as Fordow would have to be hit directly, thus sealing the facility but not totally demolishing it.

    Though such a precision strike is certainly within U.S. capabilities, it would require pinpoint targeting which would, in turn, depend on exact GPS coordinates which could best be obtained through precise ground based intelligence, a commodity in very short supply when it comes to Iran.

    [Read More]

    BREAKING! - Iran's Fordow Nuclear Weapons Lab Made Operational


    February 13, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - According to Mehr News Agency, sources within Iran revealed that there will be an announcement in a few days that the previously secret nuclear site, the Fordow nuclear enrichment facility, is now fully operational and enriching uranium at a 20% level.

    The world learned about the existence of this site in 2009 when the Iranians disclosed it to the IAEA right before President Obama, Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom, and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France made statements at the G-20 summit in Pittsburg that referenced the secret Iranian site.

    The site is built deep into a mountain on a Revolutionary Guards' base near the city of Qom.

    The Iranian leaders had intended to transfer much of their low-enriched uranium stock from Natanz to Fordow and to start the process of enrichment at a much higher level with protection against any attack.

    It is reported that the site cannot be destroyed even with the current bunker-buster bombs kept in the U.S. military's arsenal.

    It should be noted that the Fordow facility can only house 3,000 centrifuges, and is therefore useless for providing fuel for a nuclear power plant. The only purpose is for clandestine use or for making a nuclear bomb. It is also important to note that enriching uranium to the 20% level is 9/10 of the way to weaponization.

    Iran currently has enough enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs and continues its illicit nuclear activities despite four different sets of UN sanctions already in place.

    On Saturday, marking the anniversary of Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad promised to announce important news within days on the Iranian nuclear program. At the same time, the Iranian foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, stated that Iran is ready for the worst-case scenario in its confrontation with the West over its nuclear program.

    Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, during his recent Friday prayer sermon, called Israel "a cancerous tumor that should and will be cut," and warned the U.S. that any aggression will result in a response ten times greater on America.

    As reported recently, the Iranians not only have received intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) technology from China and are working with North Korea on assembling the missiles, but they also have succeeded in completing the component for a nuclear bomb trigger, overcoming a major obstacle in obtaining the bomb.

    Mr. Kahlili is a former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He now resides in the United States and writes under the pseudonym, Reza Kahlili. For further background regarding Mr. Kahlili see our in-depth interview here Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations. He is the author of A Time to Betray, a book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

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    Hamas' Prime Minister Of Gaza, Ismail Haniya, Greeted In Iran For High Level Talks

    February 10, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - According to PressTV and the Fars News Agency [both semi-official instruments of the Iranian government] Hamas' Prime Minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, arrived in Tehran today for a three day flurry of meetings with the country's leadership.

    As PressTV [see, http://www.presstv.ir/detail/226022.html] reports the matter, Haniya will meet all of Iran's top level officials:

    "During his stay in Iran, Haniyeh will meet and confer with the high-ranking Iranian officials, including the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, and Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Saeed Jalili."

    According to the Khaleej Times Haniya is scheduled to speak, along with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at an event celebrating the Mullocracy's 33rd anniversary [see, http://www.khaleejtimes.com/DisplayArticle08.asp?col=§ion=middleeast&xfile=data/middleeast/2012/February/middleeast_February315.xml].

    No doubt Haniya and the Ayatollahs will be coordinating policy as international economic pressure on Iran increases. The urgent nature of these talks is underlined by the fact that Haniya seldom travels outside of Gaza, fearing he is a marked man.

    [Read More]

    Iran's Quds Forces Storm Into Syria, Takes Central Role In Assad's Bloody Crackdown


    February 8, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a recent order, Ayatollah Khamenei has given the duty of stabilizing the Assad regime in Syria to Iran's Quds forces.

    According to the Turkish newspaper, Sabah, the commander of the Quds forces, Qassem Soleimani and 15,000 of his fighters have entered Syria with the mission of assisting in the suppression of the Syrian protestors. The Quds forces will act as a firewall for the Assad regime as the Syrian army is finding itself in a difficult situation where many officers are joining the opposition because they do not approve of the mass killings of the civilians, which so far has taken the lives of more than 5,000 people.

    Other sources have indicated that Qassem Soleimani has a permanent presence in Syria's war room overseeing and managing the attacks on the opposition.

    Khamenei has said that Syria is the red line, adding that the fall of Assad will not be tolerated. Qassem Soleimani is urging Assad to enforce a complete lockdown of information to the outside world and to use a vicious clampdown to put an end to the uprising before the West can possibly get involved militarily.

    The Iranian leader also has asked Hezbollah to join forces with the Quds forces to help the Assad regime. As reported back in July, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei delivered a threatening letter to President Obama ordering the U.S. to cease and desist pressuring the Syrian regime leadership, cautioning that Iran will retaliate against American forces in the region.

    At the same time, the Revolutionary Guards, through its publication, Sobh'eh Sadegh, in an article titled, "Iran's Serious Stance in the Face of Syrian Events," warned that "Should Turkish officials insist on their contradictory behavior and if they continue on their present path, serious issues are sure to follow. We will be put in the position of having to choose between Turkey and Syria. Syria's justification in defending herself along with mirroring ideological perceptions would sway Iran toward choosing Syria."Days ago, a source close to Soleimani disclosed to the Pan-Arab media outlet, Al Arabiya, that the Guards' forces in Syria, in coordination with Russia and China, are there to protect the Assad regime. He added that Russia has committed to sending an aircraft carrier task force to the area to ensure that "the West knows we will not allow any military adventurism against Syria."

    On Saturday, China and Russia vetoed the UN resolution condemning Syria for the continuing killing of its people. The UN resolution that came to a vote on Saturday said the Security Council "fully supports" the Arab League plan that calls for Assad to cede powers to his vice-president and a unity government that would lead Syria to democratic elections.

    As graphic videos are emerging from inside Syria, some U.S. lawmakers, including Senators McCain and Lieberman, are suggesting that the U.S. consider arming Syrian rebels.

    Also today it was reported by Fars News Agency (which is close to the Revolutionary Guards), the representative of the terrorist group Hezbollah stationed in Tehran, warned the West that the result of the assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists will be very bad for the West. He added that "Soon under the guidance of the leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, we will witness the destruction of the West."

    Ayatollah Khamenei called the recent assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist, Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, deputy director of the first uranium enrichment facility at Natanz, a deed that crossed the red line, and openly announced that Iran will respond in kind.

    Since then several members of the Iranian Quds forces and terrorist group Hezbollah, have been arrested in Argentina, Azerbaijan and Thailand.

    Mr. Kahlili is a former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He now resides in the United States and writes under the pseudonym, Reza Kahlili. For further background regarding Mr. Kahlili see our in-depth interview here Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations. He is the author of A Time to Betray, a book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

    [Read More]

    Will "Justice" For Ronald Stanley Bridgeforth Result In Justice Denied For Murdered SFPD Sgt. John Young?


    February 7, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - On November 5, 1968 Ronald Stanley Bridgeforth, attempted to make a credit card purchase at the now defunct retailer, White Front, located in South San Francisco [San Mateo County].

    Local law enforcement was alerted when it became apparent that the card had been stolen.

    Responding to the call, officers were confronted with a hand gun wielding Bridgeforth who "escorted" them and a store employee to the front curb where a getaway car sat, idling. In the car were Ray Boudreaux and Henry Jones.

    As Bridgeforth entered the vehicle another officer, providing backup, pulled his squad car in front of Bridgeforth's, blocking it. A gunfight ensued during which Bridgeforth fired at the officers. The escape attempt quickly ended in a car crash whereupon Bridgeforth and his two cohorts were taken into custody. Bridgeforth sustained a gunshot wound to the foot.1

    The following year Bridgeforth pleaded guilty to the charge of assault with a deadly weapon, but jumped bail before sentencing.

    Bridgeforth covered his tracks well, he simply disappeared.

    Last week Bridgeforth, attorney at hand, surfaced in a San Mateo court room after 40 years on the run, vowing to plead guilty to the now ancient charges and stating, "I guess I've come back to face the consequences of my actions...in the end, it's always about family..." [see, Fugitive In '68 South San Francisco Police Shooting Surrenders, http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2011/11/10/fugitive-in-68-south-san-francisco-police-shooting-surrenders/].

    San Mateo Chief Deputy DA Karen Guidoti has stated that she will seek a 5 year sentence in the matter.

    As is often the case is such matters, the back story is far more intriguing than the extant case appears.

    During the late sixties and early seventies several revolutionary domestic terrorist organizations [specifically the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army, BLA] declared war on the U.S. government. During this lengthy battle, numerous bombings and shootings were committed by both groups, including an attack mounted against San Francisco's Ingleside Police Station, where Sgt. John Young was cold-bloodedly shot-gunned to death by members of the BLA [see, http://www.odmp.org/officer/14631-sergeant-john-victor-young].

    Previous to the Ingleside attack, on February 16, 1970 San Francisco's Park Police Station was bombed [presumably by the Weather Underground] resulting in the death of Sgt. Brian McDonnell. 9 other officers were injured in the blast, including Robert Fogarty who sustained massive shrapnel injuries leaving him partially blind.

    The BLA is believed responsible for the murder of at least 10 police officers nation wide.

    Bridgeforth, the aforementioned Boudreax and Jones along with others were eventually charged in connection with the Young murder. Bridgeforth was suspected as being the getaway driver.

    "...he was one of eight men charged in 2007 with murdering police Sgt. John Young at Ingleside Station on Aug. 29, 1971. Young was killed when at least three men burst in, with one firing a shotgun through an opening in a bulletproof glass window. The men, along with a ninth alleged Black Liberation Army veteran, were also charged with conspiring to kill officers over the course of several years..." [see, Fugitive to surrender in decades-old case, http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/11/08/BA8D1LS4E7.DTL#ixzz1le4MC7RF]

    In 2007 the suspects in the Young murder were busted in New York, Florida and California. Since the offense was committed in California, it retained jurisdiction whereupon then AG, Jerry Brown [yes THAT Jerry Brown] took the case over [after the San Francisco DA, Kamala Harris, currently CA State AG, failed to even review the case]2 and proceeded to monumentally bungle it. Eventually two of the defendants [serving life sentences in New York for the murder of two police officers during the BLA's reign of terror] pleaded guilty to lesser charges, an ephemeral victory at best.

    A circus surrounded this comic book prosecution, with members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, other officials and the city's labor council engaged in a successful campaign of deifying what became known as the San Francisco 8.

    Such is unfortunately the state of justice in California. It has become increasingly politicized to the degree where this type of charged prosecution now results in Soviet era "revolutionary justice" wherein the criminal often becomes the hero.

    According to press reports the CA State AG's office [now headed by Kamala Harris, the controversial former San Francisco DA who refused to seek the death penalty even in cop-killer cases] has dropped the Ingleside murder charge against Bridgeforth.

    "We have advised his (Bridgeforth's) attorney that we will not proceed on the charges," state Chief Assistant Attorney General Dane Gillette said in a statement." [source, http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/11/10/BAEP1LT8JK.DTL#ixzz1ljBdh61g]

    Contacted for comment regarding confirmation and an official statement on the matter, the CA State AG's office informed PipeLineNews.org that none was available, the AG's spokesman stated that, "...there was no written statement...we decided not to appeal the state trial court decision..."

    The spokesman was unable to provide any reference to which state trial court decision the AG was referring; pressed for more details we were told we could make an official public document request relating to the matter - an obvious dodge of responsibility in this politicized case.

    Bringing the matter full-circle and considering that the most serious charge - the murder of a police officer - was simply dropped, Bridgeforth faces - worst case scenario, a maximum sentence of 5 years.

    The question remains, has justice been served in this matter?

    The answer of course is an emphatic no, apparently Mr. Bridgeforth will never be called upon to face charges that he was involved in the shotgun murder of Sgt. John Young.

    So far, Bridgeforth has entirely avoided the consequences of his previous criminal actions, having established a new life under an assumed name - Cole Jordan. He also has a wife and two children. While on the lam, Bridgeforth obtained a Masters Degree and then worked as a counselor at Washtenaw Community College in Michigan [source, Cole Jordan - I've Come Back To Face The Consequences Of My Actions, http://www.washtenawvoice.com/2011/11/cole-jordan-ive-come-back-to-face-the-consequences-of-my-actions/].

    Bridgeforth has paid nothing and apparently is counting on the "exemplary," life he has lived since he jumped bail to avoid confronting his past.

    It is indeed a stark contrast seeing the nattily dressed and scholarly appearing defendant as compared to the historical Bridgeforth, an animal. In the matter of Sgt. Young's death, Bridgeforth's guilt or innocence in the plot will never be known, leaving Young's remaining family members bitter over the obvious miscarriage of justice and the public denied any real explanation of the machinations which brought about the decision not to prosecute.

    End notes:

    1. The FBI's Most Wanted poster described Bridgeforth's record as follows:

    "Ronald Stanley Bridgeforth is wanted for his alleged involvement in attacks on law enforcement officials in California, including the August 29, 1971, attack on San Francisco's Ingleside Police Station in which a Police Sergeant was shot and killed. Law enforcement investigation determined that this act of violence was committed by members of an extremist group known as the Black Liberation Army (BLA). The BLA had undertaken a series of attacks on police targets consisting of shootings, bombings, and attempted bombings beginning in the late 1960s and continuing through the 1970s. These attacks resulted in the deaths of several police officers around the nation. Bridgeforth was alleged to be a member of the BLA and was detained on November 5, 1968, in South San Francisco after attempting to purchase merchandise with a stolen credit card. During questioning, Bridgeforth pulled out a revolver and fled the area. A pursuit ensued, followed by a gun battle in which Bridgeforth was wounded. He was taken into custody and charged with attempt to kill a public official and assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon. He pled guilty to these charges and was ordered to appear in court for sentencing on April 11, 1969. Bridgeforth failed to appear for sentencing and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. A federal arrest warrant was issued in the United States District Court, Northern District of California, San Francisco, California, on June 18, 2004, charging Bridgeforth with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. Additionally, on January 18, 2007, California state arrest warrants were issued for Bridgeforth charging him with murder and conspiracy to murder police officers based on the multiple attacks/murders and bank robberies committed by the BLA, and in connection with the 1971 attack on the Ingleside Police Station allegedly committed by Bridgeforth and other members of the BLA. [source, http://www.fugitivesfromjustice.com/public/publicFugitiveSearch.aspx?state=CALIFORNIA&fid=572]

    2. Kamala Harris served as San Francisco's DA from 2004 until 2011, when she was elected as CA State AG. Source for allegation that Harris failed to review the SF 8 case [see, http://sfbayview.com/2009/supervisors%e2%80%99-resolution-urges-ag-jerry-brown-to-drop-charges-against-sf-8/]

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    Paks Push Further Alliance With Iran - "We Should Strengthen Our Trade And Economic Ties"

    February 6, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In a development highlighted by Iran's Fars News Agency [see, Pakistan Eager To Further Increase Energy Cooperation With Iran, http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=9010173838], the increasingly rogue Pak government recently declared its intentions to solidify its "relationship" with Iran's Islamic dictatorship as the West seemingly heads in the opposite direction, preparing for military conflict.

    "During the meeting on Monday, the minister suggested that Iran and Pakistan should strengthen their trade and economic ties...Iran and Pakistan enjoy strong brotherly relations and their historic relationship provide basis for strong economic ties. 'We are close religiously, geographically and culturally, we should strengthen our trade and economic ties,' added the minister."

    The planned cooperation would include assistance in constructing a gas pipeline which would help deal with Pakistan's chronic energy shortage as well as generating much needed cash for Iran's outlaw regime.

    Such cooperation will have the additional effect of helping to strengthen Iran's will to resist Western pressure on the Mullocracy to de-nuclearize. The deal also carries political consequences, further demonstrating where Pakistani interests lie, which certainly isn't with the United States.

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    Iran Nuke Negotiations Will Fail - Islamic Fanatics Won't Deal


    February 6, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - In his State of the Union address, President Obama said that he will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons and that all options to prevent that are on the table.

    More importantly, Obama said the Islamic regime, which fuels terrorism worldwide and oppresses its own people at home, could still rejoin the international community "if it changes course and meets its obligations." That is not going to happen – despite glimmers of hope after a trip of UN nuclear inspectors to Iran this week.

    As a former CIA spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, I wrote a cautionary, open letter to President Obama when he took office three years ago. I said I was worried that he failed to see the realities of the regime's fanaticism.

    In offering to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program, Mr. Obama must have believed that the aggressive policies of his predecessor, George W. Bush, were to blame for the lack of progress. But I reminded the new president of the long history of attempted rapprochement by every US administration, each attempt ending in failure.

    I explained that the very ideology of Iran's Islamic leaders was the sole reason for no progress in a negotiated settlement. They simply would not close an honest deal with infidels.

    In the 1980s, the Reagan administration was involved in deep negotiations with Iran over arms sales and normalization of US-Iranian ties. National Security Council staffer Oliver North could barely contain himself over the prospect of peace with Iran.

    Hashemi Rafsanjani, then speaker of Parliament, promised American authorities resumption of diplomatic relations once the founder of the Islamic regime, Ayatollah Khomeini, was dead. In exchange, he asked for arms and America's help in diminishing Saddam Hussein's Iraqi military machine.

    I was in the Revolutionary Guard then, but as a CIA spy. My Guard commander mocked the Americans for believing Speaker Rafsanjani's promises. The Iran-Contra Affair, in which US arms sales to Iran funded "freedom fighter" Contras in Nicaragua, ended embarrassingly for President Reagan's administration.

    President George H.W. Bush continued negotiations to improve US-Iranian relations. I was working for the CIA in Europe then when my American handler told me to consider the more moderate Rafsanjani, by then president, as the new king of Iran. This despite information I had passed on about Iran's involvement in the 1988 Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland – and despite the fact that Rafsanjani and other regime leaders were involved in worldwide terrorism and assassination. The elder Bush's efforts at negotiation failed.

    Then President Clinton attempted to persuade Iran to stop supporting terrorism and to normalize ties with the US. But he also failed to achieve results with Mohammad Khatami, the next Iranian president. President Khatami promised cooperation while secretly purchasing parts for Iran's nuclear project.

    Despite his harsh rhetoric, President George W. Bush, too, approached Iran. In 2006, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice negotiated with Ali Larijani, then Iran's top nuclear envoy. By the autumn, the Bush administration believed an agreement was set, expecting Mr. Larijani to appear at the UN to announce Iran's suspension of uranium enrichment as America announced the removal of sanctions.

    Secretary Rice showed up for the big event; Larijani never did.

    When Obama took office in 2009, he missed the biggest opportunity to support democracy, bring stability to the region, and secure world peace when he wrote Ayatollah Ali Khamenei requesting negotiations. Then, fraudulent elections transpired in Iran, sparking the uprising of millions of Iranians demanding freedom and democracy.

    The leaders of Iran masterfully, as always, provided a sliver of hope to Obama's request, enough for the West to remain largely silent over the protests in Iran. The Iranian nuclear envoy even expressed confidence about an offer put on the table by the West in October 2009 as a step toward solving the nuclear issue. The Obama administration was ready to announce victory, though several months passed.

    Then, after the demonstrations in Iran were suppressed, with tens of thousands arrested, many raped, tortured, and executed, Iran announced the deal was unacceptable. Meanwhile, Tehransaid it enriched uranium to the 20 percent level, a significant advance. Iran's treachery was obvious: Their negotiating masked further enrichment on the way to nuclearization.

    Now we are in a quandary that could have been avoided had the US more demonstratively assisted Iran's protesters.

    The Islamists have enough enriched uranium for six nuclear bombs – despite four rounds of UN sanctions. And they continue to enrich at two nuclear facilities while barbarically suppressing freedom-loving Iranians and threatening world peace.

    Iranian authorities recently revealed that Obama sent yet another letter to Ayatollah Khamenei, expressing his concerns over Tehran's threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, and his desire for cooperation and negotiation based on mutual interests.

    Obama greatly errs in his continued drive toward negotiation. Sanctions are now having a biting effect on Iran, but they cannot alone deter Iran's race to get the bomb.

    America must openly support the democratic aspirations of the people of Iran - facilitating a direct channel of communication with them and finding a way to bring Iran's leaders to court for crimes against humanity.

    Only then can we can hope for real change in Iran, for peace and stability.

    Mr. Kahlili is a former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He now resides in the United States and writes under the pseudonym, Reza Kahlili. For further background regarding Mr. Kahlili see our in-depth interview here Iranian Defector Reza Kahlili - Iran Runs "Large Network" Through U.S. Mosques And Islamic Organizations. He is the author of A Time to Betray, a book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

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    Devout Muslim, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Defends Movie, The Third Jihad

    January 27, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relation [a disgraced organization, named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the nation's largest domestic Hamas terror funding prosecution, U.S. vs. Holy Land Foundation1] has lately been making waves in the Big Apple's media market.

    The basis for CAIR's latest display of pique centers on the use of a film The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America as part of the training material for New York police officers.

    CAIR and its media cohorts, primarily the New York Times, suggest that the movie is a dark work which stokes religious hatred.

    All of the usual suspects have chimed in of course, supporting CAIR's preposterous claims while trying to gain sufficient political momentum to justify censorship of speech that is critical of Islamism - a central tenet of Shari'a, Islamic law.

    It's important to note that the film is narrated by Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim with an impeccable pedigree, "...Jasser is the son of Muslim-Syrian immigrants. After medical school, Jasser served as a US Navy doctor. He was later an Attending Physician to the US Congress. Jasser has since been in the private practice of internal medicine and nuclear cardiology in Phoenix. He is the immediate-Past President of the Arizona Medical Association." [source, http://www.thethirdjihad.com/about_new.php]

    Mr. Jasser is highly critical of how The Third Jihad is being characterized stating that his organization, The American Islamic Forum for Democracy, "unequivocally supports the efforts of the New York Police Department and its Commissioner Raymond Kelly to fight the insidious ideology of militant Islamism. The NYPD has been an international leader in this fight and has paid a heavy price for being at the forefront of the ideological war that must be waged. Lost in the shoddy and biased reporting was the most basic fact that NYPD's counter-terrorism programs have protected New Yorkers and Americans from a vast number of increasing threats like Faisal Shahzad, the Time Square Bomber, who embodies the radicalization described in the Third Jihad. This week's attacks on the NYPD and now Chief Kelly are yet another example of the depths of deception that groups such as CAIR are willing to go in order to suppress any criticism of the organization. This attack has nothing to do with the rights of American Muslims and everything to do with the efforts of CAIR to use American Muslims as a tool to suppress dissent and frame our communities as victims of American society."

    Jasser similarly judges the conduct of the New York media in this matter:

    "The editorial board and reporter Michael Powell of The New York Times should be ashamed of themselves. They have abandoned any journalistic standards in their factless regurgitation of the CAIR mantra. The New York Times seems to care little about genuine Muslim diversity or addressing the root causes of terrorism. This latest attack is simply part of a systematic attempt to dismantle the efforts of NYPD to address the root causes of radicalization within American Muslim communities."

    Asked whether the film is Islamophobic, Dr. Jasser states, "The Third Jihad is not anti-Islam or anti-Muslim. If it were I would not have been a part of it. For me, it was an opportunity to speak with my co-religionists about the threat that exists to our children and our very way of life. It is a wake-up call for our community to accept our responsibility to fight against an ideology within our communities that seeks to strip us of our Constitutional freedoms. CAIR's victimization of American Muslims emboldens that sinister ideology."

    After having viewed the Third Jihad numerous times we can find nothing false in its portrayal of what the Islamists have planned for America and the West in general. Absolutely, there are disturbing, sometimes sickeningly bloody scenes depicted in the work. But contrary to what significant parts of the MSM and CAIR's hate machine allege, the documentary is not Islamophobic, these events really happened [and continue to occur on a regular basis] and the acts were committed by Muslims, often claiming specific Quranic justification as the basis for their mayhem.

    The New York Times, CAIR and the rest of the caterwauling anti-American left had better get used to it, the anti-jihad forces in America, rather than being silenced by such tactics note its presence as confirmation of the movement's effectiveness and success.

    End Note:

    1. Regarding the true nature of CAIR, we recounted in a recent piece CAIR Makes Common Cause With Occupy Wall Street Marxists, the organization's troubling associations.

    "CAIR is a highly controversial radical Muslim pressure group whose associations are so noxious that it was named as an unindicted co-conspirator [see, U.S. Dist. Court Document U.S. vs. Holy Land Foundation For Relief and Development [see doc at Holy Land Foundation Unindicted Co-Conspirators] in the nation's most extensive prosecution of domestic funding of the terrorist group Hamas, U.S. vs. Holy Land Foundation. In that proceeding, all of the defendants were found guilty on a total of 108 charges.

    Among those convicted was Ghassan Elashi, one of the co-founders of the Texas chapter of CAIR. Elashi was already serving a long sentence due to his conviction in U.S. vs. InfoCom, also a terror related case.

    In post prosecution court proceedings CAIR was specifically linked to Hamas by Federal judge Jorge Solis.

    'The government has produced ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR, ISNA, NAIT, with NAIT, the Islamic Association for Palestine, and with Hamas,' U.S. District Court Judge Jorge Solis said in the July 1, 2009, ruling' [source, The Investigative Project, Federal Dist. Court filing, http://www.investigativeproject.org/2340/federal-judge-agrees-cair-tied-to-hamas]

    In June both CAIR as well as its CAIR Foundation lost their tax exempt status for reasons among which were repeated failure to file IRS form 990, a requirement of all tax exempt entities. [see, IRS document located at, http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-tege/dc.pdf]

    In another damning revelation [a story broken by the Investigative Project, see, http://www.investigativeproject.org/2709/cair-officials-sought-gaddafi-money] regarding the nature of CAIR, Fox News reported that the group's Executive Director, Nihad Awad, had solicited funding from ex-Libyan dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi who recently assumed room temperature. Qadafi is reportedly on display in a meat locker located in Misrata, Libya.

    'A letter from the executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, and president of an offshoot group, Muslim Peace Foundation to Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi has added fuel to criticisms of the controversial group and what its critics say are some dubious fundraising tactics. In the letter, obtained by Fox News and dated Sept. 23, 2009, CAIR executive director Nihad Awad asks Qaddafi for funding for his new project called the Muslim Peace Foundation. Qaddafi was in New York attending the United Nations General Assembly.' [source, http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/04/06/lawmaker-criticizes-controversial-muslim-group-200-fundraising-letter-qaddafi/#ixzz1QbUvycFA] [source, https://www.pipelinenews.org/?page=sbee6292011101.htm Why Is The Sacramento Bee Carrying CAIR Press Releases?]"

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    The American Left's Reckless Disregard For The Truth Concerning The Muslim Brotherhood

    February 1, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - An article authored by Brian Katulis, a Sr. Fellow at the Center for American Progress - the Soros funded, John Podesta guided, hiring center for Team Obama - entitled, Support Pluralism in Egypt's Transition, was today republished by Ikhwanweb, the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood's English website [see, http://www.ikhwanweb.com/article.php?id=29613].

    That is never a good sign.

    Katulis was previously employed by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs [NDI, see http://www.americanprogress.org/aboutus/staff/KatulisBrian.html] - a backwater of the most extremist wing of the Democrat party. For example the operation is run by Madeleine Albright, Clinton's dull-witted Secretary of State. The organization's luminaries include a roster of failed Dem politicians, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Tom Daschle, Howard Dean, Donna Brazile and the like [see, http://www.ndi.org/board_of_directors].

    Regardless of Mr. Katulis' ideological lineage, one might hope for a bit more candor from someone who has spent a considerable amount of time in the Middle East [including Gaza and Egypt].

    Rather than bearing witness to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis' power grab in Egypt [which is so obvious that even the New York Times admits as much, see, Islamists Win 70% of Seats in the Egyptian Parliament, http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/22/world/middleeast/muslim-brotherhood-wins-47-of-egypt-assembly-seats.html] Katulis writes glowingly, "...Despite the small wave of gloomy and pessimistic articles in the United States about the risks posed by the rise of Islamist political parties in Egypt...What I observed is hope about the historic opportunity tempered with the realism of the challenges of advancing a more pluralistic society that respects the wide range of views and building a new governing system that can deal with the growing economic and social problems..."

    It might first be helpful to define pluralism, which is a Western political concept pitting competing elites against each other so as to ensure that all sides of a controversy are represented. At the same time the theory posits that this broad-based intellectual exchange will check whatever possible excesses might come out of the process. In short form, pluralism is the necessary foundation to establish and maintain a republican democracy - a path which Egypt's Islamists have no intention of following.

    In order to cloak itself in the mantle of respectability, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood created the Freedom and Justice Party as its above ground tool to extend Islamist hegemony. That the MB has always been a terrorist organization [it created Hamas1 for example and a splinter MB group was responsible for the assassination of Anwar Sadat] bespeaks the reality behind the facade of a name. Demonstrating that affinity, Mohammed Morsi, the MB's leader recently entertained Hamas chief, Khaled Meshaal, accepting the terrorist's "congratulations," over the MB's huge electoral victory [see, https://www.pipelinenews.org/index.cfm?page=hamas1252012101%2Ehtm Hamas Chief Meshaal Congratulates Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi On Huge Islamist Win In Egypt].

    To Katulis, "...the Muslim Brotherhood," is simply, "a large Islamist movement founded in Egypt in 1928," which apparently to the author offers a chance of providing an "...answer to the Egyptian populace's...genuine desire for moderation and calls for building unity and cohesion among Egypt's diverse groups."

    Nowhere in the piece does Mr. Katulis even mention the MB's history of spreading the ideology of revolutionary Islamic jihadism [the organization has chapters in over 100 countries, including the United States]. Also ignored is the Ikhwan's motto, "Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

    Most likely, sensing the absurdity such a statement might engender, Katulis refrains from stating that pluralism actually exists within Egypt's political structure. Instead he falls back on the most threadbare diplomatic bromide, that we must remain engaged in the process regardless, "Egyptians now have a chance to shape a new political order, and the pathway forward is unclear and will take some time...We may strongly disagree with some positions the Muslim Brotherhood stakes out, but it would be foolish for the United States to disarm ourselves so early in Egypt's transition by stopping diplomatic engagement..."

    Hope is one thing, however conjuring up silly notions that the MB might refrain from totally dominating Egyptian politics and that a diverse polity will spring from the loins of Sayyid Qutb is quite another matter.

    End note:

    1. Regarding Hamas, Mr. Katulis has recommended "...pragmatically dealing with Hamas is necessary for getting to some de-escalation of the current violence " [source, http://thinkprogress.org/security/2008/05/02/175082/hamas-engagement/]

    [Read More]