We Warned You in 2008 - Barack Obama, the Stealth Candidate


October 22, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - This is a republish of a republish of a 2008 project that was designed to warn people that sleazy crooked Obama was the neo-Marxist/jihadist stealth candidate, an empty suit fellow traveller...What with all of the DEEP STATE'S machinations in and around the DC SWAMP some might think that it is simply business as usual, the unending war between hostile political ideologies, but that belief would be wrong. What has essentially been overlooked - because it is "hidden" in plain sight - is the genuinely fundamental nature of the change that Barack Obama brought to bear in support of the Deep or Administrative State.

Characterized as simply possible; President Obama, in lockstep with the DOJ, FBI, Department of State, NSA, DIA, CIA George Soros, Tom Steyer, DNC party hacks, etc, and a Stalinized media, have collectively brought this republic nearer the edge of utter chaos than at any time in the history of the United States.

This is of course by design, not coincidence. The above represent the evil that has befallen the West - the wholesale destruction of tradition and revealed truth, the sullied notion of sovereignty, wave upon wave of mass illegal-immigration, creation of a surveillance state helped along by our foreign “allies,” an ascendant Marxist dominated judiciary, the intentional outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to China, surrender to Shari’a supremacy and devotion to bloody and never ending foreign wars…just hitting a few of the main vectors of conflict now in play.

As little as a generation ago, one would have been labeled a tinfoil-hat conspiracy monger for even suggesting that any of these threats would really take hold in the world’s oldest democracy.

After all our Founders gave us a system that was intended to be self-regulating, but they could not in their wildest fantasies imagined how the hard hand of the state could be used to simply sweep away the notion that a free people are capable of self-rule.

Consequently, the latter proposition is in great peril.

However, we here at PipeLineNews.org were not deceived by the ultimate threat these and other forces represented. We absolutely knew that Barack Obama was a hard-core neo-Marxist agitator whose malign intent was boundless, a realization that led to the creation of the above video which was assembled by our team in the Summer of 2008.

This warning has only increased in relevance as the DEEP STATE’s ongoing coup attempt continues to roll out. The West is the last great hope of mankind, we know who is pulling the strings and we pray that our fellow citizens take heed of these developments at the risk of irretrievably falling into darkness and despair.

You were warned - the time for action approaches, keep your loved ones near and your powder dry.

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