CA Governor Gruesome Newsom Feels Heat of Protest, Issues Fallback Order

May 4, 2020 - San Francisco, CA - – By the middle of last week, California’s Ken Doll Governor, Gavin Newsom was all piss and vinegar as he defiantly stated that he and his team would not be moved by the then upcoming, Friday May 1 protest scheduled to take place in front of the state capitol in Sacramento.

The event was actively pushed via social media, Facebook being an especially useful tool for political organizing.

Come Friday, thousands of protesters, many rabid supporters of President Trump descended on the capitol which was clearly unprepared for the level of the resistance, as protest leaders defied orders not to assemble [a basic First Amendment right] and shut down traffic in and around target zero.

In response, dozens of California Highway Patrol in full combat body armor [military ceramic armor, designed to deflect high-power rifle rounds] formed up in shoulder to shoulder phalanx mode as if they were preparing to clear the streets in Fallujah.

Thus deployed, the goon squad certainly made a picturesque [but not terribly flattering] visual statement; however, the tough-guy act failed to impress the gathering crowd which peaceably milled around the area carrying anti-lockdown protest banners and “Recall Gruesome Newsom” signs.

MAGA hats were on display everywhere as was the presence of pro-Trump campaign placards, thus making a counter-force statement in the face of Newsom’s SS detachment, which was clearly outmatched and intellectually out-flanked.

One of the protest leaders, Melanie Morgan - formerly one half of the Bay Area’s all-time most popular AM drive-time talk radio show on KSFO – has been deeply and effectively involved in California politics for over two-decades. [In the spirit of full disclosure, this writer has previously worked with Ms. Morgan in organizing political actions, so yes I am a fan] helped push the event towards a successful and peaceful conclusion.

Consequently it didn’t take long for the Sacramento protests to take its toll on Newsom’s incomprehensible desire to keep California residents under lock-and-key, virtual house arrest. So today - May 4 - in a hastily arranged noon press gaggle Newsom modified his “shelter-in-place order” allowing certain business enterprises to work their way back to some form of normalcy, but left the bulk of these decisions to county level supervisors, yep actual elected officials.

As regular readers are aware, this author has been writing about everything Wuhan for nearly the entirety of last month [please refer to Season of the Anointed , Comrade Fauci and Field Marshall Birx - The New High Priests of Scientism and Socialist Realism – Engineering How Things Should Be ] and have come to the reluctant conclusion that this level of power should never be entrusted to unelected health department officials. These folks have no regard for Constitutional rights, don’t care about economic hardship, enforce absurd regulations via threat of imprisonment and despite what is obviously a camouflaged stand-down order issued by Governor Newsom, actually intend to extend their reach via mobile phone tracking.

The less one sees of this governor, the better; he is hopelessly incapable of leading a free people. As to the county level health department, we have just begun to fight, yeah Ms. Roth [Contra Costa County Health Dept.] you need to leave your brick castle and face the media to answer questions regarding your general incompetence in the face of an obscenely high salary.

Oh, and a tip regarding mobile phone tracking, turn your Bluetooth off, except for instances where it is necessary after which shutting the app off will help shield you from Big Sis and her nanny warriors in scrub suits.

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