Here We Go, Lefty CA Governor Newsom, Dangles Martial Law, Risks Civil War

“We have the ability to do martial law … if we feel the necessity”


March 18, 2020 - San Francisco, CA – From what this author has seen over just the last two days of the increasing insanity over the Corona virus; the people themselves are trying to go about their business as best as can be expected. By this is meant that there has been zero evidence of civil disorder or any activity that could be translated as being injurious to the public good…that is aside from the deadly policy of instructing police departments NOT to arrest felons.

Despite the reassuring behavior of the public - millions of random acts of kindness - California’s entirely corrupt governing clique is responding to the “crisis” as one would expect from the largest and certainly most blue state in the nation - generally, commies don’t change their stripes overnight.

Instead they act as Newsom’s gangsters already have, grabbing every lever available to further consolidate power under the oligopolistic corporate guidance of Silicon Valley, its venture capitalists and billionaire, soon to be trust funders like Charlie Munger Jr.

This of course is to be expected - leftist ideology and reality seldom being in correspondence.

For practical purposes this means that our pretty-boy potentate who dweleth in Sacramento is so far out of the loop, so utterly disconnected that over the last 12 hours he and his performing-seal minions in the press have floated the notion of martial law in the most populous state in the union, all of which is predicated upon a cooked up virus-scare which has yet to claim 100 people nation-wide and exactly as of this writing, 13 dead in a state of 33 million people.

Even such veiled references should not be allowed to stand, because the prospect of declaring martial law in California might be seen by MILLIONS of freedom-loving, peaceable citizens who happen to own a firearm as a prelude to civil war.

We are entirely certain that these folks will act appropriately, unless/until there are soldiers in the streets, in which case, well let’s not go there, very bad things, you know…

Now for a sliver of the back-story; for over a generation California’s Democrat Party and unfortunately too many GOP legislators have systematically destroyed the exercise of the Second Amendment in the state [see, In California, The Second Amendment is Effectively Dead-NRA MIA]

NRA, are you listening?

Thought not, never-mind.

Anyway, from California’s late 1980s outright banning of America’s most popular sporting rifle, the AR15 platform [see Roberti-Roos] - designating it a weapon of war, to a cockamamie system where state bureaucrats bully gun manufacturers into providing the state with free “test mules” so that people who know nothing about this matter can determine by fiat what constitutes a “safe” side-arm, through a now year-old draconian law banning the online purchase of ammunition [meaning that many weapons will be turned into paper weights, the correct ammunition not being available at your local Piggly-Wiggly [which requires that the store run a BACKGROUND CHECK, you pay] for the right to purchase a limited amount of ammo in a face-to-face transaction, the state’s gun grabbing minority is close to destroying the shooting sports forever.

And so, since we made the decision to resume more frequent coverage of the important political and cultural events of the day [as they say] we will leave it at that since some of the foregoing is a little info-dense.

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