Thoughts On Iran - Roast In Hell Soleimani

January 6, 2020 - San Francisco, CA - – Ok, so first what happened? In case you haven’t heard, early Saturday morning Iraqi time a U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone fired 4 Hellfire missiles at a small but important convoy located in the environs of Baghdad airport [fortified with your tax dollars to the tune of billions of dollars].

The convoy in question carried the number one terror figure in the world, Iran’s second in command actually, General Qassem Soleimani, officially the commander of Iran’s Quds Force, one of the Ayatollah’s many armies.

But along the way a slight problem arose…

“Upon disembarking from the plane that an Iraqi security official said arrived from either Syria or Lebanon, Soleimani and Mohammed Ridha, a senior figure in the Hashed Al-Shaabi paramilitary force, were whisked away from the airport in two cars.” [source, Times of Israel ]

It was a brief trip because the Reaper did what it does so well, meaning the missiles connected with the twin car caravan [cue Toyota truck commercial] obliterating the “revelers” who were literally ripped to shreds.

So sad…too bad…

Soleimani was the party responsible for the killing and maiming of hundreds of U.S. military personel as well as directing friendly diplomatic relations with the government of Iraq, yes the same government we naively stood up with the expectation of injecting a bit of civilization into a part of the world notably lacking it.

Both GW Bush and Obama had numerous opportunities to croak this guy but of course demurred so that the United States wouldn’t rile the natives too much.

We aren’t exactly sure just how many murderous actions and terror plots - did we forget to mention that Soleimani worked during the Obama administration on a plot using sleeper Iranian National Guard [IRG] cells in the DC area October 11, 2011to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, Adel al-Jubeir ? [ref., October 14, 2011] - America must endure in order to conclude that an entity wills us nothing but blood running in the streets, but really that wet red line was crossed decades ago.

All that remained of Soleimani was one of his hands [apparently his right] which helped identify the now room temperature terror hamburger because of his signature rings.

Dateline DC; the same folks who were out making stump speeches fulminating against the Trump administration for not taking action when an Iranian backed Hezbollah franchise attacked [December 11, 2019] the U.S. embassy in Baghdad’s green area, immediately started fulminating against Team Trump for taking the very action they had been demanding.

So perhaps we, those who are shedding the blood and underwriting the coup focused administrative/Deep State, should draw a conclusion about this whole mess. So far in our far from excellent adventure in the Muslim world, we have lost nearly 7,000 killed in action and over 50, 000 wounded, many horribly mutilated, in an effort to rout Islamic terror.

Sorry, the Muslims aren’t buying, terror is Islam's middle name, hence actions like Saturday’s Hellfire enema for a truly bad dude, Q. Soleimani.

Islamic doctrine preaches a very real hell [Shaytan/Shaitan/Satan presiding therein] and with that in mind we sincerely hope this piece of garbage is now slowly roasting there on a spit while the Devil laughs his ass off as the locals queue up at Muslim-fil-A.


So many targets, so little time…

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