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April 29, 2020 - San Francisco, CA - - Readers, please note the original publish date on this item - October 10, 2019.

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Mary McCord, who abruptly and suspiciously resigned from DOJ right before the Flynn case became radioactive, was deeply involved in the conspiracy to fraudulently prosecute then National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn. General Flynn, in additional to innumerable career achievements, served in the US Army, primarily as an intelligencd officer, for 33 years, including combat assignments.

As we go to press, Flynn's attorney Sydney Powell has forced the FBI to provide the exculpatory evidence which had been witheld. The money line is: The FBI witheld the evidence because it PROVES the existence of a conpiracy directly set in motion by former President Obama, to destroy the Trump presidency before Donald Trump was even sworn in. The following transcripted from notes; we have a very good idea who the author was and will confirm upon further building of evidence. Regardless, this nukes the entire chain of command from Obama, through his Attorneys General all the way to the Director of FBI, James Comey - who had better retain defense counsel immediately.

“What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

The documents memorialize the motive going after Flynn in the first place, plotting to take out what it considered the low hanging fruit, knowing that opened a path towards attacking President Trump, their ultimate goal. This is a TEXTBOOK case of treason and yes we thoroughly understand the enormity of such a charge.

Please proceed therefore, more fully informed. ED

Republish: Though few outside the DC Swamp have ever heard of her, Mary McCord has a lot of juice when it comes to Deep State intrigue.

As Ellen Nakashima of the WashPost wrote on May 11, 2017, “At the end of January, Mary B. McCord had a ringside seat to history [she was the] career attorney overseeing the high-profile Justice Department probe into potential collusion between associates of President Trump and the Kremlin…”

That would mean that McCord was the key DOJ counter-intelligence officer [Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division] at roughly the time that Donald Trump was taking the Oath of Office and therefore a high level player in the events that would culminate in the disaster of the Mueller Witch Hunt.

Actually, the wording of Nakashima’s piece is so intriguing it bears further clarification:

“[McCord] accompanied the acting attorney general, Sally Yates , to the White House to warn the president’s lawyer that the national security adviser was at risk of being blackmailed, according to an individual familiar with the matter…Yates brought McCord along because, “it was important” to bring a career national security professional. After all, McCord “had been the one who was most intimately familiar” with the facts, said Yates, who did not name the attorney in congressional testimony…”

Just for the record, that National Security Advisor would have been Lt. General Michael Flynn. Per Wiki – “He [Flynn] became a senior advisor to Trump during his presidential campaign and served as the National Security Advisor from January 23 to February 13, 2017.”

Of course, we know that by threatening Flynn that his son would be prosecuted, he was strong-armed into pleading guilty to a single process crime - misremembering a meeting with a Russian diplomat - rather than the incendiary status of being a “Russian asset,” as had been alleged by DOJ.

An addendum regarding General Flynn; William Krumholtz noted in The Federalist on March 8, 2019 - 35 People Involved In The Russia Hoax Who Need to Be Investigated:

“…McCord played a role in Yates’s plan to spy on Flynn and entrap him with the Logan Act….”

Additionally, as noted by Nakashima, McCord was Eric Holder’s point person in the oddly truncated investigation into Benghazi; she has been at this for a long time and proven her worth.

In a long interview with PBS [see, Mary McCord Acting Assistant Attorney General 2016-2017 ] McCord adopted a curiously defensive position re Russiagate, distancing herself from the guts of the plot, “Just to be clear, I was not part of consulting on what the script would be or everything that would be covered in that meeting…”

What? Yates brought her along because she was unfamiliar with the process that she apparently oversaw? And by the “script,” is McCord referring to the now proven fallacious allegations assembled by a British spy using Kremlin sources, or might she be referencing the larger issue, the “roadmap” to impeachment?

Unbelievably, during the PBS interview McCord claims that she first learned of what has become known as the Steele Dossier inadvertently, “I wasn’t really familiar with the full dossier at all before, frankly, I read it in BuzzFeed at home one night in January when it went public.”

Oddly this is the same way that President Obama became aware of important breaking news.

Sure honey, u betcha…wink, wink, nod, nod.

Oh, and did we mention that Mary McCord was involved with Andrew McCabe in the mysterious handling of Anthony Weiner’s laptop where the FBI, according to a recent report in RealClearInvestigations , only reviewed 3,000 of 700,000 State Department emails?

“McCabe Phone Call with McCord on October 25 - McCabe and McCord both told us that they discussed the Weiner laptop in a phone call in late October, though neither could recall the specific date. McCord provided contemporaneous notes from the call, but they were undated. Page also provided notes that referenced this call and her notes suggest the conversation occurred on October 25. Given the timeline of other events, we believe October 25 is the date on which this conversation occurred…” [source, OIG Report Regarding FBI Actions Taken by the FBI Before the 2016 Election, p. 311]

Ahem…and then there is the matter of McCord’s husband Sheldon Snook who worked as a FISA court spokesman .

How convenient, it comes full circle in a typically circuitous manner.

But all of this is backstory, offered as indicia of McCord’s over-familiarity with the mechanics of the Russia Hoax and Deep State intrigue in general.

Now as has been the case with so many of the Swamp Creature power players, McCord abruptly exits DOJ.

However she remains a very busy girl, landing as Legal Director and Visiting Professor of Law at the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown University Law School as well as having a side-gig as a poison pen artist with the Lawfare Project, an organization tightly bound to the Brooking Institute that is co-orchestrating the House’s non-impeachment impeachment, to the extent that two of Lawfare’s polemicists are currently “on loan” to the Nadler Judiciary Committee, though one suspects that they might have been detailed to Adam Schiff’s notorious Intelligence Committee by now, Nadler having imploded.

Those Brookings/Lawfare authors would be Norman Eisen - Editor & Chief, Lawfare blog and Sr. Fellow at Brookings, and Barry Berke - a Founding Editor, Lawfare blog, Sr. Fellow Brookings.

Great job guys, of course Pelosi would want them as part of her circus - bring on the clown shoes and fright whig.

Per the Nadler February 19, 2019 announcement:

“Washington, D.C. - Today, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) announced that Barry H. Berke, Esq., and Ambassador (ret.) Norman L. Eisen, Esq. have been retained on a consulting basis as special oversight counsels to the Majority Staff, advising the Committee’s Oversight Counsel team on a range of issues. In their role, Mr. Berke and Ambassador (ret.) Eisen will consult on oversight matters related to the Department of Justice, including the Department’s review of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, and other oversight and policy issues within the Committee’s jurisdiction.”

Actually both of these guys are assclowns who had until recently published like rats in heat pushing the Russia hoax narrative, much of which is collected under this overly-cute header - RealNews on Trump et L'Affaire Russe : A Resource Page, although Lawfare is quick to point out that the “page is no longer being updated.”


Ok, Lawfare and its parent Brookings are first degree DC vipers, which we thought necessary to establish before we circle back to McCord because material originating in these fevered minds seems to hold considerable sway within the Swamp.

Now with McCord’s long background in some scabrous version of Federal law enforcement one might think she would be writing about those kinds of topics, but no…

Mary McCord is now writes about the threat of Trumpian “incendiary language,” his stoking the fires of civil war, “right-wing” militias, AR-15s and most ominously…3-D printed plastic guns.

There is more, but the bottom line is simply that McCord continues to serve the Deep State, in the current guise of pushing a number of outlandish narratives. Since the Masters of the Universe have taught us that threats to the public order always originate on the “far right,” McCord seems studiously unaware of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Answer Coalition, Refuse Fascism, SF Bay Resistance, the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, etc.

In concluding; there is a lesson to be learned here. McCord is emblematic of the Deep State. The Swamp Dwellers live to see the Alt-Right crushed because it actively supports national sovereignty and opposes globalization. They want to seize your guns and deny your First Amendment rights, in short they want you disappeared.

What to do?

We will have to reserve judgment on that, what with several DOJ investigations giving bureaucratic rogue types what appears to be the full procto-exam, the fun and games might just be starting…and then again perhaps not - these are dangerous times.

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