Season of the Anointed

“Cause when the city drops into the night
Before the darkness there's one more ray of light
That’s when everything seems clear
The other side, it seems so near”

[Jim Carroll Band, City Drops in the Night]


April 3, 2020 - San Francisco, CA - San Francisco, CA - - It had to come, I mean the time when everything - even aborning tyranny - becomes clear as what Jim Carroll wailed about on his first album, Catholic Boy; unfortunately, that time is now and we have been delivered to the sacrificial altar in propitiation to the State, whose hunger is insatiable.

It seems to this author that by now nearly everyone who gets out has observed the little vignettes of madness that are playing out across the country, minor examples of raw animal fear; I can relate two of my own.

Yesterday I had the need to fill a prescription, something generally handled speedily through the mail. But not every medication can be processed this way, for example if a doctor writes a new ‘script for something that needs to be started immediately or is a controlled substance that needs to be picked up personally. No problem, my pharmacy is only a couple miles away, though from talking to the faceless doctor who authorized the prescription it became clear that the HMO [Kaiser Permanente, California’s premiere health care provider] was essentially in lock down remote mode. But I was assured that Kaiser pharmacies would remain open to fill critical need meds, so when I arrived at the pharmacy the next morning I expected a very light patient load, which was a correct assumption.

But what I had not been prepared for was running something of a medical gauntlet. As I crossed the nearly deserted parking lot, there was gaggle of medical workers in full hospital scrubs, gloved and masked, waiting for me apparently, no one else seemingly being around. So I approached the first of these people, Ms. Scrubsuit#1, who stopped me cold and asked why I was there. I explained, that my doc had written a script that was waiting for me so I intended to pick it up if still possible. After what seemed like an uncomfortable few seconds for Ms. Scrubsuit #1 pasted a reflective, ribbon type thing made out of the type of material one sees on roadway signs on the front of my jacket. Ok, no problem, this was obviously a triage station so after being told that I was only to enter the pharmacy and nowhere else I moved on, but quickly was met by Ms. Scrubsuit #2 who asked me the same questions and provided the same guidance. Great, I was near the entrance, where I met Ms. Scrubsuit #s 3 and 4, yeah, same deal I was getting good at this. Finally I was in the hallowed hallway with the pharmacy a quick left just inside the auto-sliding doors, but not so fast.

There I was set upon by Mr. Scrubsuit #1 whose scrub top had been tailored to accentuated his rather large set of gym-rat guns. Fine, he approached, but was neither smiling nor friendly, and directed me to take the entrance that was only a few feet away. I guess I didn’t sufficiently acknowledge his advanced musculature, a lot of tension was building for some reason. Inside the pharmacy were maybe half-a-dozen patients. I started queueing up for the first of what is a two-stage system, again, no-problem, new scripts need to be started through that particular location since the scripts can be claimed at any Kaiser pharmacy, of which there are many. Mr. Scrubsuit#1 placed himself in front of me and motioned to get into another line, I thought he might grab my arm which is to me, a no-no, so I told him I knew what I was doing and that I had to do this before getting in the other line to purchase the med. He backed off a bit, but was sending out this funny vibe. After the clerk took my order I sat down and waited for my name to show up on a lighted display. I noted that every other seat had a “Do Not” placard on it, I guess in recognition of “social distancing.” Wonderful, name up, I had won the prescription lottery of sorts, but as I rose, ready to complete the transaction, Mr. Scrub again came to my side as if to guide me to the line that I was already essentially in, that was it I was tired of his glowering presence and told him a little loudly, “back off pal, you need an attitude adjustment, “ and walked around him.

Purchase in hand I once again was confronted by him as I left, an act I simply ignored and side-stepped.

Free at last? Woaahhhh horsie, not so fast.

So what the fuck happened? I’m not sure but I have a working theory that played out against a bevy of increasingly unpleasant scrub-suited individuals trying to stand between patients and much needed meds, all capped by Mr. Scrub and his intimidator act. Now I know I am a freak-magnet, if there is some trouble-making half-wit in a crowd he or she will undoubtedly be pulled into my orbit, or perhaps that should be aura. Also during the cold months when I go out I tend to wear a black watch cap, which along with my John Durham type beard and dark sunglasses tends to make me look like a “Don’t Tread On Me,” type, which I guess pumps up those whose fuse is already way too short. Also since I travel light and don’t like things in my pockets I often wear a nylon Air-Force flight jacket [ CWU-45P as per GI issue, get one and piss off a commie] with two zippered vest pockets that hold my mobile, keys and wallet. The jacket also has a fairly large American flag over one of the pockets which tends to crank the tail of certain segments of the population, you know, the type who enjoys Maga hat beat-downs, fuck-‘em.

Onward, next day, another bit of weirdness, but one definitely fueled by the increasing Wuhan madness. It didn’t help at all that my previous day’s experience with Kaiser’s Scrub Team 6 revealed them to be pathetic, to-the-letter rule following losers as if they were law-enforcement gatekeepers, not pleasant. Having experienced that manner of extreme deference to authority figures numerous times previously, I was just glad that none of these jamokes was of the rent-a-cop variety and packing a side-arm, taser or something.

Like I said, I’m used to it.

Another day, another adventure, so this morning I did some grocery shopping knowing that given the current, uhhh unpleasantness, that I would have to hit more than one store to get everything needed. But as usual I first went to the local Safeway since its so close. Now, I like grocery shopping seeing it as kind of a bloodless hunting adventure so I’m invariably in a good mood, despite what my above noted outward appearance might suggest. Whoops, not on the list…peanuts…mandatory, only Planters salted or nada. I turned into that aisle and it took a bit of time to sort out the unadorned snacks from the candy-ass ones - who the hell eats toffee flavored peanuts? Having finally grabbed a can I did a U-turn but ACHTUNG! I was accosted by a middle-aged dirty-blonde haired woman who made the “halt” sign with her hand outreached, like some Third Reich maniac, and screamed “6 feet.”

What the fuck? Is this happening? This crazy woman not permitting me to pass because I wasn’t 6 feet away in an aisle that was barely that wide?

Absolutely, so I told her to write me a ticket. She said something like “well I can I’m a public health” something or other, the phrase trailed off as it bounced around my head. Ok, she is on my home turf but doesn’t know it. I say well that means that you should be familiar with epidemiology, but you obviously aren’t, since this whole thing is a make-believe crisis. I then just pushed the cart past her as she mumbled some kind of public health voodoo curse, my parting words being, “you are a fucking moron.”

And that was it, boy was it.

Two instances of self-empowered nazi-type personalities on a mission in service to their god of authority. But escape is impossible, on the way home I’m listening to financial news on the radio and hear that in some states, national guardsmen and local police officers are “checking for compliance” door-to-door.


Bloody fucking hell, this is madness, I pray to God that none of these bozos comes near my door because if that happens they will be having a meaningful conversation with a battle rifle; there is a point where not resisting oppression is the greater sin because it does disservice to this republic.

If anyone needs a lesson regarding why the Second Amendment is important, these times are certainly providing it.

So with all of this other-worldly Gulag weirdness floating around I am not surprised at all by the speed and ferocity with which the Wuhan scare-frastructure has been spun-up. Might come as a shock to many, but not this writer - no I am not some kind of [idiot?] savant. At least since my college days, I’ve been nearly obsessed with the study of how cultural dynamics can be manipulated. At that time one of the most frequently recurring questions among my classmates in the cafeteria scrum, was something on the order of, “Why didn’t the people of Weimar Germany stop the rise of a madman like Hitler? Didn’t they see his bloodlust and intent to plunge the Continent into darkness?”

But as my thinking matured and I continued to study history, philosophy and comparative political systems it became apparent that we were asking the wrong questions, because by the early 1930s Hitler’s murderous war was inevitable. Yes, Germany was rabidly anti-Semitic, but to a lesser degree so was much of Europe, so it kind of had unofficial countenance. Unsurprisingly the German people nursed a huge grudge over the terms of the armistice that ended World War I, just 20 years previous. German economy in shambles, mass unrest? Yeah they wanted revenge.

In the beginning the public assented to the insanity, as Germany prepared for war. But no one, not even Hitler wanted to see an occupied Germany in ruins and the guilt of over 100 million dead on their collective consciences.

No Second Amendment there, especially poignant for the Jews, no resistance possible, caught in open street warfare between rival militias, one communist the other national socialist - two sides of the same coin, implacable enemies.

September 1, 1939 rolled around and, well, most of our readers are aware of how that turned out, the first truly global war and one filled with unmatched savagery. After the war many of the remaining Nazi leaders were brought to trial in Nuremberg. Key ministers - Hermann Göring, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Wilhelm Keitel, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Alfred Rosenberg, Hans Frank, Wilhelm Frick, Julius Streicher, Fritz Sauckel, Alfred Jodl, Arthur Seyss-Inquart, Reichskommissar and Martin Bormannwere were charged with capital crimes against humanity.

At trial these officers offered the pathetic defense that they were only following orders [Aufträge sind Aufträge] and hence not responsible for their crimes. That of course didn’t fly; they were found guilty and summarily hung - no justice, just done.

And so it is, we are genetically incapable of "learning from history," that should be obvious by now. The “lessons” of the moment do not translate well over time; John Dos Passos’ “truism” is idiocy. The present isn’t history, it’s an intensely personal snapshot of the moment unique to the individual and has no real correspondence second to second - it’s here and then it isn’t.

Is it happening again?

Well not quite yet, but we are damn well getting close; turn on your television or radio today and you might just get a few clues, a rogue virus is “wreaking death and destruction across the globe,” or so we are told. And it’s within the “being told” part where we might well find, if not answers, at least a reasonable hypothesis that now informs the rather simplistic questions I and my college chums ruminated about so long ago.

Lastly, I came across a bit of wisdom as this crazy train onward rushes, a chap by the name of Dave Asprey has done yeoman’s work untangling the statistics laden battle axe of this crisis [social, not medical]. You might watch his video which is enlightening.

Here is how he puts it. Think of four circles each inside the other. The largest by far is the population of the United States [340M +/-] next inside is a much smaller circle, the number of people infected, even those with no symptoms, a significant component, next inside that an even smaller number, those people who have contracted the disease either mildly as is the case with most, or more critically. And inside that circle is the fourth which is comparatively tiny those who don’t make it.

Where public health officials and especially the criminally negligent fools at the World Health Organization [WHO, a UN operation, go figure] err is that they have NO IDEA HOW MANY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED and without that statistic, taking to the air and scaring billion of people with dire predictions of a pandemic is irresponsible in the extreme because you CANNOT with any degree of accuracy calculate mortality figures in terms of percentages from a partial data-set.

This is why WHO had - 4 years after the contagion occurred - to revise down its sensationalistic initial mortality figures for H1N1, down by a factor of 65!!

At the time of H1N1 the global population was about 7 billion and using the WHO’s spurious first estimate of 4% mortality that would have mean that 200 million would have died. It didn’t happen of course, this version of the flu came and went, killing about the number it always does, picking off those who are older with existing health issues, especially pulmonary.

So that’s it, keep your powder dry, lock and load. RESIST TYRANNY, don’t let anyone take away your birthright, it’s infinitely precious, the greatest experiment in self-government the world is likely ever to see.

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