Deputy Secty of State Sullivan - U.S. Policy Discourages Corruption

October 30, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - – Rejecting the Democrat effort to portray President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine President Zelensky as being an impeachable offense, in Wednesday’s Congressional testimony:

“Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan said during his Wednesday confirmation hearing to become U.S. ambassador to the Russian Federation [stated that] “Our policy has been to encourage anti-corruption reform generally in Ukraine.” [source, Joel Gerhke, It is Not our Policy, source Washington Examiner]

Sullivan’s testimony is in stark contrast to the current Democrat narrative, stressing that it remains the official policy of the U.S. State Department to encourage countries that are receiving foreign aid, to clean up domestic commercial operations that have traditionally been heavily influenced by corrupt oligarchs and highly placed insiders.

Sullivan was heavily pressured by Democrats to criticize the President, but Sullivan noted that Mr. Trump’s request to Zelensky was of a general nature, i.e., deal with the country’s widespread corruption, that might possibly include the Burisma deal, rather than a specific quid-pro-quo such as, “investigate Hunter Biden or we will hold up the $400M that’s in the pipeline.”

Undeterred by fact, the law or procedural issues, Soviet style star-chamber proceedings such as the interrogation of Mr. Sullivan will continue to gain urgency as the impeachment circus rolls on.

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