Coup Update - 30 Year Intelligence Officer Outlines Deep State Ops Against Trump

October 12, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - - Epoch Times Senior Editor Jan Jekielek recently sat down with Lt. Col Anthony Shaffer, a 30 plus year intelligence professional and acting president of the London Center for Policy Research [as well as being a consultant to Trump 2020], to gain his perspective on the Deep State coup that has targeted President Trump and his associates.

Throughout the 30 minute interview Shaffer outlines the broad dimensions of how domestic and foreign intelligence operatives were weaponized, working in tandem to fashion out of whole cloth a false flag cover story intended to create he appearance of great impropriety against the incoming president, members of his staff, advisors, family and just about any senior level individual connected with President Trump.

Shaffer's key takeaways:

1. The first leg of the impeachment effort [the Russia hoax narrative] relied upon knowingly false information [compromat] assembled by a British spy [there is really no such thing as an ex-spook] and specifically developed by official Russian intelligence, with obvious ties to Vladimir Putin. Though used by the Democrat campaign effort to slime candidate, then President Trump, the Russians had no favored candidate, it was the intent of the Russians so sow dissention and chaos throughout the entire 2016 election cycle and thus decrease the electorate’s confidence that our electoral system is fair.

2. As the Russia hoax angle imploded in Mueller’s face, these same dark-ops Deep Staters working in conjunction with Western media, continued to wage information war against the administration on numerous fronts. As soon as one effort would fail, another and then another would be at the ready to feed into the public consciousness. The intended effect here is not necessarily to convince the average American voter that Trump is guilty of any one thing in particular, but rather to simply link the president and the administration to a general narrative of corruption hoping to drive his poll numbers down.

3. Shaffer suggests that the DOJ and Intel branches are incapable of policing themselves; they have proven unwilling to take on this burden now for over 3 years and current FBI Director Wray continues to stonewall and obstruct at every juncture and has refused to go as deep as necessary to “root out the bad actors.” He must be removed. Shaffer strongly suggests that Department of Defense Intelligence has the capacity and objectivity to conduct a review of the entire affair so that the guilty will be forced to face justice and to remove the taint associated with the guilty investigating themselves. It was, for example, it was a review conducted by the ODNI OIG that analyzed the meta-date [code within the email itself indicating when it was sent, the route it took, all recipients, time coding, etc.] and proved that all of the emails that were on Hillary’s private server were also delivered to a business fronting for Chinese intelligence locate in Virginia and from there to Chicago.

4. The FBI and federal law enforcement, “did not become corrupt overnight,” instead it had its inception under the Clintons, so the blight runs deep.

5. Shaffer believes that DOJ/FBI became corrupt as “operators” [field agents] were replaced by “analysists” which tend to be attorneys with political motives. He sketches out the bizarre instance, memorialized in Fed 2019 released texts by Lisa Page that describe efforts by the US State Dept., bargaining with the FBI under the quid-pro-quo that if the agency took it easy on the matter of Hillary’s emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop [Weiner the disgraced husband of Hillary’s long-time top aid Huma Abedin] that State would grant the FBI more physical office space for an increased number of attaché’s positions.

6. In wrapping up his presentation, Shaffer stressed how highly qualified the London Center fellows are, mentioning litigator Sydney Powell [now chief defense counsel for Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn], Bud McFarland from the Reagan administration and James Woolsey a very long time intel pro who also served as Dir CIA.

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