It’s [Stephen] Miller Time


October 7, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - - First let’s get some bookkeeping [as it were] out of the way. What with all the recriminations, counter-recriminations and non-recrimination-recriminations being tossed about in and around the Beltway/I95 Corridor, this writer is concerned [and wishes this were not the case] that most Americans no longer care about cultivating even the external aspects of a moral conscience - meaning don’t hold your breath for a moment of ethical clarity at any point in the ongoing Constitutional crisis being fomented by the Deep State, its rat bastard street army and GOP turncoats like Lindsey Graham and [likely] Chi-Com intelligence asset Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell [D- Beijing] - and his equally suspect wifey, Secretary of Commerce Elaine Chao - [see, W. August Mayer, Mitch McConnell, the Deep State and the Chi-Com Challenge, May 8, 2019]

That said, last weekend, WH Senior Advisor Stephen Miller engaged in a rather robust series of exchanges with Fox News’ Chris Wallace [Fox News Sunday] who is at the best of times a timorous douchebag.

One further point of reference since Wallace’s initial point of attack involved the reverential invocation of the "reputation" of acting ODNI chief Joseph Maguire, a bit of disambiguation is in order.

Maguire has no formal training in intelligence matters or the intricacies of this country’s far-flung intelligence gathering bureaucracies. Though his combat service is commendable, he has troubling ties to the private generally Trump hostil spook house Booze-Allen and should therefore warily be regarded at best as a loose-cannon - his best buddy is a harsh Trump critic Admiral William McRaven - and he previously served under Barack Obama.

Now as to the interview, Wallace immediately tried to take the offensive only to be shut down by the extraordinarily and effectively glib Stephen Miller.

Wallace: paraphrasing, “why not take the word of this dedicated public servant…blah…blah…blah?”

Miller: “I think its unfortunate that the media continues to describe this person as a whistleblower…a partisan hit job does not make one a whistleblower just because you do it through the Whistleblower Protection Act…[and] If u read the 7 page little Nancy Drew novel put together it drips with righteous condescension and contempt for the president. It is also ludicrous on its face; it describes an elaborate coverup, that also by the way the president talked about on Shawn Hannity April 25. What kind of secret coverup are you also discussing on the airwaves of Fox News?”

Wallace: channeling Perry Mason, "how can you say that...blah...blah...blah"]

Miller: “I know what the Deep State looks like, I know the difference between a whistleblower and a Deep State operative…you have a group of unelected bureaucrats who think that they need to take down this president [now recounts the myriad ways Deep State moles have leaked to and manipulated the media in furtherance of their decapitation effort]…their agenda is clear....This is about do you want a democracy in this country or a Deep State? It’s a binary choice for the American people…”

Wallace: [paraphrasing pugnacious question regarding, "why the president is using his offices and personal attorneys to investigate Ukraine, Biden…blah…blah…blah”

Miller: [after fending off Wallace’s repeated, agitated attempts to force a cookie-cutter response to a rhetorical MSM question] “What I find astonishing Chris about the people that are so enraged about an effort to find out about true and actual knowledge about foreign corrupt dealings with Ukraine are the same ones using a foreign produced dossier prepared by a British spy to put this country through unending political turmoil…”

Mercifully fading to gray, needless to say, Miller might at some point meet his match in these combative verbal excursions into media groupthink [not to mention lying, pomposity and smugness] but Wallace will not be the one to administer the first blow.

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