DEVELOPING BOMBSHELL…Fox Stalwarts to Form Rival News Service?

October 1, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - - According to a source familiar with the matter, but unwilling to go on the record at this time, we have learned that several of Fox News’ top-tier personalities are currently engaged in preliminary talks centering on the possibility of forming an alternative to the Fox niche-dominant cable brand.

In order to preserve the identity of this source only so much can be revealed as we go to press, but it is possible that some of the principals might include high-flyers Chris Wallace as well as Shepard Smith.

It is known that despite their on-screen demeanor, tensions between what advisors are calling “renegades” and Fox stalwarts are near the boiling point.

The issue at hand of course is that President Trump continues to aggressively pursue fake news related to the Democrat Party’s latest impeachment effort.

Also rumored to be part of this cabal are “Judge” Andrew Napolitano as possible Senior Legal Correspondent and Karl Rove as Washington Bureau Chief.

In a stunning move, Megyn Kelly might be harvested out of retirement to anchor a prime-time foundational news hour, Megyn’s World.

It’s no secret that Trumps anti-Deep State administration and its take-no-prisoner style has exacerbated already extant personality conflicts among Fox’s “A” team who are, even on the best of days, jealously protective of their positions within Fox’s social pecking order.

This rift has only grown worse since founder Rupert Murdoch distanced himself from day-to-day operations, leaving his two sons and their wives to run the high-flying network.

This possible breakaway operation threatens to destabilize a highly charged intra-company ceasefire that is now in effect. The global effects inside Fox-world are really incalculable because this dissaray threatens its ability to carry on as the leading cable news provider. Actually even if the suspected rift is somehow resolved in a non-destructive manner the hard feelings will not only continue to exist but actually grow and fester.

If Fox were to fail simply because the inflated egos of its very highly paid talking heads will have killed this version of the Golden Goose.

It doesn't take much of an imagination to envision the impact that a Fox implosion would have as far as covering the now out-in-the-open coup againt the republic being led and coordinated by an alliance between powerful Swamp Dwellers the Marxist left and a lockstep legacy media. The stakes are high; the simple act of someone playing a wrong card could initiate a chain of events leading to widespread violence that could thrust the United States into a civil war.

For those on the right, be careful to check your visions of a brave resistance to the overwhelming force of the American government, the course of wars, especially civil wars are impossible to predict. For those on the left, ponder what might happen if this matter is pursued to its natural conclusion, because if that happens your words and black masks will be met with the kind of fury not seen here in over 150 years.

Names have already been floated regarding what the renegade cable service might name itself, with DNS1. being the current consensus leader.

Lending more credibility to this story, we also understand that prominent Wall Street investment banking houses are vying to represent a possible DNS initial public offering, though the legal firm retained to manage the possible venture has not, as far as we can determine brought the entity into compliance with Section 12 of the Exchange Act.

Just for emphasis, we made the editorial decision to hold this story until after the close of business on Wall Street, so whatever effect this might have on Fox stock, if any, is something that will have play out.

Since this is a breaking and developing story, stay tuned as this story is updated.

We expect to have further confirmation shortly.

End note:

1. DNS = Douchebag News Service - yeah folks this is a parody. We thought a chuckle, no matter how brief, was indicated given the growing dissaray that is taking place within that shining city on a hill...the world's oldest democracy.

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