Mark Levin - Another Fraudulent “Conservative”

November 5, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - – Let’s get this straight, I do NOT know Levin, but I never considered him the heavyweight he pretends to be.

Right now, it is Tuesday, November 5 at about 3:30 PM PDT. Mark Levin just went psycho about the media refusing to name Eric Ciaramella, to whom yesterday’s piece [Got Dem Eric Ciaramella Blues] was lovingly devoted.

This got Levin turned off, perhaps permanently.

Does this fat windbag really not grasp the monstrous irony of pointing to other media sources for failing to name Eric Ciaramella when he cowers in the corner pissing on himself, afraid to do what he has excoriated the press about?

It’s really unbelievable, but one needs to know a bit about Levin’s gig.

Perhaps the most important is that he was a NEVER Trumper from the get-go, so his cowardliness could have been predicted. His brand of conservatism is that of the National Review variety, effete and oh so correct - the party of George Will and little Billy Kristol.


Levin is on the periphery of the Deep State; he served as a staffer under AG Ed Meese about 157 years ago which he thinks makes him an oracle.

Au contraire Mark, honey; if Ronald Reagan were not destined for the greatness he ultimately achieved - he would have been first on board the Trump express before it was even built.

Levin and the rest of the “conservative” blow-hands area phonies, loud-mouth commentators of the type who crucify others for what they are personally unwilling to do.

Yeah, I know the deal here, these inflated bladder-mouthed pretenders are being restrained by their employers because, well…that is what the DEEP STATE does. If these people were what they represent themselves to be, they would risk being fired rather than playing the game and failing to out Eric Ciaramella.

Remember boys and girls, that is C-I-A-R-A-M-E-L-L-A, though of course Paul Sperry might have been mistaken when he identified this slug, though the fact that Sperry has not been hit with some kind of lawsuit, along the lines of daring to genuinely speak the truth to power, means that this is the unique quadratic equation that solves itself.

Readers, it’s time to move on we need to jettison people who are afraid to pull the trigger figuratively of course. Talk with your right leaning friends, help educate them. Reach out to young people.

Become part of the solution and stop drinking the Wolfbane that’s dripping from mouths of our very own overlords.

The GOP is dead, talk radio as we know it is dead, Fox News is being embalmed as we go to press…long live the alt-Right.

Yours in the resistance...

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