Got Dem Eric Ciaramella Blues

November 4, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - – For the record, the name is Eric [Charly] Ciaramella and according to sources too numerous to list here he seems to be near, if not at, the center of the Ukraine insanity that has replaced the Russia hoax as DC’s current kerfuffle.

Regarding investigative journo Paul Sperry who first broke the story:

“But the name of a government official fitting that description - Eric Ciaramella - has been raised privately in impeachment depositions, according to officials with direct knowledge of the proceedings, as well as in at least one open hearing held by a House committee not involved in the impeachment inquiry….RealClearInvestigations is disclosing the name because of the public’s interest in learning details of an effort to remove a sitting president from office. Further, the official's status as a “whistleblower” is complicated by his being a hearsay reporter of accusations against the president, one who has “some indicia of an arguable political bias…”

Ciaramella has threatened legal action against those who see him as a threat to the republic; he [allegedly…wink-wink, nod-nod] being the apparent behind the scenes Brennan true believer who [again reportedly] worked with DNC hack, “Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American" [funded by the DNC] to slime the president.

The alt-Right ‘Net is awash in reporting regarding Eric [Charly] Ciaramella, meaning he has gone from obscurity to ubiquity in less than a week

Oh my… did we say that his name is Eric [Charly] Ciaramella ?

Good, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Now as to the absolute complicity of the media [Fox News are you listening?] the entirely of which, to this reporter’s knowledge, absolutely refuses to speak his name.

Notable no-shows such as, Tucker Carlson and Shawn Hannity have become self-parodies whose loud mouthed self-promotion as saviors of the media look comical in the face of their inability or unwillingness to say two words, which would be Eric Ciaramella …just for the record.

We did say that his name is Eric [Charly] Ciaramella , right?

Just checking, C-i-a-r-a m-e-l-la, that’s it!

Yeah, thought so, though of course we must remember that his innocence [the presumption of innocence is the legal principle that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. It was traditionally expressed by the Latin maxim ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat - the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies] must be assumed, though the stain he bears cuts a particularly wide swath as these things go.

Oh about the very real possibility of Mr. Ciaramella being entirely innocent, well it’s possible that he might even be an upstanding red-blooded patriot [ahemmmmm] in that case, pard you better put some ice on that sucker.

Got dem Eric Ciaramella blues again…

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