Elijah [Bullfrog] Cummings’ Potential Legal Problems Come to the Fore

May 21, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org – According to a just published investigative piece, the wife of Representative Elijah Cummings [Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform], Maya Rockeymoore who runs a non-profit entity [Center for Global Policy Solutions] and a for profit consulting group [Global Policy Solutions, LLC] might have some issues to resolve with the IRS.

At the heart of the matter, the Washington Examiner’s piece states that Rockeymoore’s “operations appear to have overlapped, according to the IRS complaint filed by watchdog group the National Legal and Policy Center on Monday. The complaint states that the arrangement may have been used to derive "illegal private benefit."

Rockeymoore also runs the Maryland Democrat Party so Cummings’ wife casts a long political shadow in the state.

But the evidence unearthed in this exposé appears to be deadly serious given that, “The largest contributor to the nonprofit organization was the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a company that is regulated by Cummings’ committee. The foundation, which gave a total of $5.5 million to Rockeymoore’s consulting firm and $5.2 million to her nonprofit group, ceased supporting her groups in 2017.” [source, Alana Goodman, Top Democrat’s wife may have gained ‘illegal private benefit from his committee activities, Washington Examiner]

Bullfrog Cummings has been waging a take no prisoners war from his position of power, against the Trump Administration since day one, but the potential impact of a conflict of interest involving millions of dollars might well damage the Maryland Democrat’s reputation along with his efforts to overturn the will of the 63 million voters who came out of the woodwork to support President Trump.

Cummings is known to have been cash strapped, early in his career, having had to provide, “child support payments to his first wife and two other women he had children with - but his financial situation has improved considerably over the past decade.”

Unfortunately this is how members of Congress build great wealth via what is a part-time job [an average legislative week is about 3 days].

Not to infer that Cummings is guilty or if the evidence even rises to the level where judicial intervention might be expected, but Bullfrog’s effectiveness in his quest to impeach the President will quickly be impeded in light of his need to at least consider the shape of a possible defense should one prove necessary.

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