Kamala Harris’ Slave Owning Ancestry


June 28, 2019 - San Francisco - PipeLineNews.org – If nothing else, last evening’s Democrat “debate” proved just how strongly invested the Pravda-ized media is regarding their agglomerated corporate will to Stalinize the United States.

But since that should have been obvious to anyone this side of a Thorazine IV drip - and while few seem to be talking about it - let’s deal with the tip of the racist beast that lurks in the heart of EVERY “major” Democrat candidate running for the party’s nomination.

Case in point, Kamala Harris, king-maker Willie Brown’s ex-main squeeze, San Francisco’s most notorious cop-hater [“ As San Francisco’s district attorney, Kamala Harris refused to seek the death penalty for a gang member who killed a police officer ”]…and currently California’s junior senator. Playing upon a narrative amplified by news sources which will remain nameless, Joe Biden was brutally attacked by Harris who suggested that he was a segregationist by extension having worked with powerful Democrat congressmen generations ago whose viewpoint on race [shared by the majority of the nation’s Democrat leadership at the time] is now rightly viewed by most as being morally repugnant.


Pretty weird, IF you know the subtext - woman positioning herself as some kind of downtrodden black wretch [in her parlance, ““ As the only black person on this stage , I would like to speak on the issue of race…”] attacking the white man leader-of-the-pack as if he were Simon Legree.

First let’s get a few things straight, Harris is NOT African American, she isn’t even really black but rather a lightly-complected American born woman whose ancestors hailed from Jamaica and India, oddly for someone this race obsessed, her husband is white, so what is up with that?

As her father made clear, largely in response to his daughters flagrant attempt to seize what passes for the racialist version of the moral high ground at RAT Central:

“My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town )…”

In a vignette that was obviously MUCH rehearsed Harris made it seem that she must have grown up in the segregated South, a waif whose educational aspirations were only saved by “bussing,” despite having being born in Oakland, CA, one of the state’s largest predominantly black cities, growing up in Berkeley [one of the most radically race conscious cities in America] and graduating from a CANADIAN high school.

Harris’ mother was a cancer researcher and her father an economics professor at Stanford University, her first name Kamala being taken from the Indian Sanskrit word for lotus flower .

Ms. Harris’ pedigree is not the rough and tumble that she constantly parades, but rather one of privilege denoted by her high achieving parents.

And yet it is this fraud who might just have succeeded in dragging down Crazy Joe Biden presidential bid really before it started – as they say, time will tell.

But as to the the larger picture…the Democrat nomination is being pursued by two dozen misfit, egomaniacal, mostly closet Marxists whose platforms are built on lies concocted so inexpertly that one can readily imagine President Trump relishing the prospect of running against any or even the lot of them because even in an America that is disengaged from the sturm and drang of the daily political wars, this country’s citizens will likely be able to sniff out the pure horse shit being peddled by this group of cheeky poseurs.

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