The Real Story About Flight 800 - Conclusion


June 10, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - - As we wrote in the first article concerning the destruction of TWA flight 800, the official conclusion that a spark in a near empty fuel tank was the producing cause was rejected by many professionals and members of the aviation community. It was widely assumed to be a cover up designed to protect the Clinton administration, desperate to win a second term and eager not to acknowledge what would have been the fourth major terrorist strike on its wa.

While the actual cause of the crash may not at present be known - even the NTSB concedes that the initiating cause of any center fuel tank ignition has never been identified - a terrorist missile attack remains by far the most likely scenario. As more facts are emerging, those who constitute today's investigative movement have sought to have the crash analysis reopened.

As to the question of why this particular flight was the target of a terrorist attack, the answer may be that Flight 800, late in departing, was assigned the time slot of another 747, this an El Al Israeli airlines flight. The El Al flight would have been over the crash site at the same time as the TWA Flight 800.

Soon after the downing of Flight 800, an investigation was initiated by Accuracy in Media (AIM) under the leadership of the late Reed Irvine, and later joined by the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals (A.R.A.P.)and Flight 800 Independent Researchers Association (FIRO), the latter formed by then PhD candidate in Physics, Tom Stalcup.

Retired TWA 747 Captain Al Francis, who is one of the leaders of the movement to re-open the investigation, may soon have an in person meeting with Senator Lindsay Graham (R, South Carolina), current Chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary. In addition to Senator Graham, Senator Tim Scott (R, South Carolina) and Congressman Joe Wilson (R, South Carolina) will also be included. Captain Francis will keep us posted.

In the last few years an increasing number of whistle blowers have come forward, and research has unearthed CIA documents pertaining to Flight 800, again raising the question of why the CIA was involved in the crash of a domestic flight said to be caused by a mechanical malfunction with no foreign involvement.

For example, an Air Traffic Controller with 38 years of experience has revealed that a primary radar return showed high speed vertical movement of at least one object toward TWA Flight 800. He showed it to his supervisor who had military experience with missiles, and the latter commented that it seemed like a missile strike. When the controller came in the next day to look at the video a second time, he was told that it no longer was in their possession - it had been taken - and that they were no longer to discuss it.

In the first article we referenced the CIA "zoom climb" animation, intended to discredit the statements of several hundred eyewitnesses who reported objects rising from the surface to intercept the airliner. The animation was itself discredited by aviation professionals; instead the CIA effort served as the starting point of suspicion on the part of these same professionals.

The FBI explained the explosive residue found on the wreckage of Flight 800 as having originated in the test of a bomb sniffing dog about five weeks before Flight 800's fatal event. FBI Assistant Director and the primary investigator of the destruction of Flight 800, James Kallstrom, blamed the dog handler, a St Louis police officer by the name of Herman Burnett, for being careless in his handling of the test explosives and causing some of the chemicals to land on seat covers and remain there. Officer Burnettresponded by saying that he absolutely did not perform his test on the aircraft that later became Flight800 but on a TWAsister ship parked nearby on the ramp. He also claimed that the test explosives he used were not the same as those found on the downed plane. While his protocol did not require that he the list the tail number of the test airplane, it did require him to keep a record of the time he entered the 747 and the time he exited. Regulations also required that he and the dog be the only occupants of the aircraft. At the time of the testing the 747 that was later to become Flight 800 was at the gate waiting to take a full load of passengers and crew to Hawaii. TWAregulations require crew members to board 90 minutes before take off to prepare the ship for its flight and also required that the ship be free of non TWApersonnel. That flight departed at 12:35pm. If the test had been conducted on the future Flight 800 aircraft, there would have been an overlap of personnel in direct violation of TWAprocedures.

Further, explosive residue was found in the wreckage of the cargo area and on a wing - places that the dog had no access to. Of course it was necessary to attack Herman Burnettas both James Kallstromand NTSBChairman Jim Hall did, in order to discredit any terrorist theory.

Late in 1996 President Clinton issued a strange Executive Order removing protection from federal whistle blowers. This action appears to have been aimed toward silencing or at least discrediting opposing principals, particularly eyewitnesses. To cite but one example, Major Fred Meyer was aboard a nearby Air National Guard helicopter at the time that Flight 800 plunged into the Atlantic. His military background is in ordnance, and he is certain he witnessed an ordnance detonation prior to any fuel burning. He has subsequently testified that the FBI did not approach him as an eyewitness. He went to them and was interviewed, it seemed, somewhat reluctantly by an agent for about five minutes. During this time the agent took scant notes on a small pad and indicated at the end of the "interview" that he had no further questions. He was never contacted again and he, along with the 200+ other eye witnesses, took no part in the NTSB "investigation".

These questionable investigative techniques were public information or would have been simple to unearth as the eyewitnesses made no attempt to hide from public view. Yet the press corps, so diligent when their agenda are threatened, were content to follow the government script.

Where possible recovered bodies of the victims were correlated with seating assignments. According to U. S. Army forensic pathologist, Colonel Dennis Shanihan, few passengers seated over the center fuel tank showed evidence of burns. How would this be possible if an explosion of the fuel tank brought the airplane down? [TWA 800, The Crash, the Cover-up, and the Conspiracy, Regnery History, 2016, p188]. Also, many of the passengers were decapitated or had severe lateral dislocation to their necks indicating a powerful sideways shock to the aircraft rather than a relatively slow expanding fuel explosion.

Here are a few of the unresolved issues surrounding the loss of Flight 800. Each is worth a separate column and can be found documented and discussed in detail on the Inter net.

-- Tracon Radar tapes are missing in part

-- Sequential Radar hits show high speed objects approaching and fragments of departing wreckage blasted away at more than twice the speed of sound (far beyond the energy capability of a fuel explosion)

-- Tracon tape also shows a "primary target at the speed of approximately 1200 knots converging with TWA 800"

-- FBI forms 302 were falsified representing claimed but non existent revised second interviews of critical eye witnesses

-- Suppression and exclusion of eyewitness testimonies from NTSB hearings by FBI

--Flight Data Recorder (FDR) anomalies

-- Material abandoned by the FBI on leased scallop trawlers, indicating that they were assigned to search the sea bottom for missile components

-- Non burn injuries to bodies of passengers seated above central fuel tank

-- The FBI did not permit the NTSBto interview witnesses

-- The Islip, Long Island Radar indicated over thirty ships in the area of the crash including a small, high speed surface target under the end of the flight path of Flight 800 which was one of the few vessels not identified.

The law mandates that the primary investigator of a commercial air crash, absent suspicion of a crime or foreign involvement, is the NTSB. Yet the FBI took over immediately and crowded out the NTSB, tainting the investigation with many of the same political aspects that have so sadly discredited the post Obama FBI.

Probably the plurality of those in the present investigative movement, if not the majority, are associated with the airline industry. The defenders of the official FBI/NTSB/CIA conclusion have often found it convenient to smear the subsequent investigative opposition to them. They accuse the skeptics of being "tin hat conspiracy theorists" and of being out of touch with reality. Consider that for a moment. In the public square there is probably no group of people more knowledgeable, rational, analytical, and given to the quest for empirical data than those associated with the aviation industry. These are individuals to whom aviation safety is a life or death matter.

One key point stands out in the professional aviation community. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is ultimately responsible for the safety of all aircraft and issues compulsory airworthiness directives (AD notes) mandating actions by aircraft operators, within a stated time period, to correct any perceived safety of flight issues - as with the present day Boeing 737-800 Max. With regard to Flight 800 there was no AD issued until some three years later with the publication of Air Worthiness Directive 98-20-40, calling for tank wiring checks with a completion deadline three years in the future! Was this long period for compliance with the AD allowed by the FAA a callous consignment of one third of a billion passengers and crew to a flying death trap - or was it a realistic response to what was recognized as a non-problem by the government agency most qualified to evaluate safety of flight?. If the FAA believed there was a safety problem in the 747 series, all would have been grounded (including Air Force One) until the problem was resolved, as were many transport types in the past.

It is likely that if the loss of Flight 800 had been handled more openly, if it had not happened during the campaign of a popular Democrat President, the facts surrounding its loss would have become public and would have mandated means to forestall the events of September 11, 2001.

Author and investigative reporter, Jack Cashill, has given the following exclusive quote to complete this article.

"The so-called 'wall' that kept our intelligence agencies from cooperating before 9-11was breached to allow the CIA and FBI to collaborate on this investigation. The resulting cover-up was pure deep state before we even knew the phrase 'deep state.' Unfortunately, smart money still favors the conspirators."

End Notes

While the facts asserted in the article are public information, the following sources will be helpful to the reader/viewer wishing to delve further into the story of Flight TWA 800. These sources will also provide context.

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