Treasonous Democrat Party, Not A Recent Development

July 19, 2019 - San Francisco - – With tensions in the Persian Gulf rapidly increasing it might be helpful to re-visit the actions of former Secretary of State Kerry regarding his offering of aid and counsel to Iran’s Mullocracy, keeping in mind just how comfortable collectivist politicians are [in practice] with totalitarian regimes while they publicly seem willing to go to war against Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.

From the Daily Beast, notably not a right-wing rag:

“Three Obama officials who worked closely on the Iran nuclear deal, one of whom is still in touch with Iranian government officials, traveled to Capitol Hill to brief congressional Democrats about the situation. Those former officials said would not say if they passed information from Iranian government officials to members of Congress. Rather, they said they focused on educating members about their experience working with Iranian leaders and how Tehran reacts to economic pressure.”

As mentioned in the above video, Secretary of State Pompeo clearly stated that one of these traitors as John Kerry - who was by his own account in Vietnam doing electrical discharge research upon the locals’ genitalia.

“What Secretary Kerry has done is unseemly and unprecedented,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in reaction to the news. “This is a former secretary of state engaged with the largest state sponsor of terror.”

It is also known that Kerry and his two henchmen are sharing their rogue diplomacy with top level members of the Democrat Party, one of which being California’s dinosaur senator Feinstein.

At the mention of Feinstein’s name one must keep in mind that this is the same legislator who had a ChiCom spy as her personal chauffer for twenty years [see, Ethan Epstein, The Spy Who Drove Her: Diane Feinstein and Chinese Espionage ].

“Five years ago, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who then chaired the Intelligence Committee, was approached by the FBI. The bureau had learned that a staffer in her San Francisco office was a Chinese operative [mother of all understatements, read “spy”] The staffer had served the senator for some two decades as a general office lackey, a liaison to the local Chinese community, and, most important, the senator’s chauffeur whenever she was in San Francisco, her hometown. Driving Ms. Feinstein would have been a plum assignment for an intelligence operative; it allowed the Chinese access to the senator’s comings and goings and who she met with, as well as to any conversations she might have had in the car and any documents she may have left in it.”

The story of members of the Democrat Party colluding with outright enemies of the United States is the stuff of legend, need one be reminded that the late unlamented Senator Ted Kennedy was going through an intermediary working directly with the USSR in order to stymie Reagan’s massive military buildup that finally put an end to the “Evil Empire.”

“Sen. Edward “Ted” Kennedy had “selfish political and ideological motives” when he made secret overtures to the Soviet Union’s spy agency during the Cold War to thwart then-President Ronald Reagan’s re-election, a Reagan biographer said in an interview with The Daily Signal.” [source, Kevin Mooney, Ted Kennedy Made Secret Overtures to the Soviet Union to Harm Reagan’s Election , Daily Signal]

The affinity that the Democrat Party has always had first with FDR’s enabling of Soviet Communism, and now with Putin’s hoodlum state Communism [keep in mind Obama and Hillary’s infamouse “reset] defies belief unless one is ready to immerse themselves in the actual USSR state intelligence records kept at the time. These were available for a short time immediately after the fall of Soviet Russia [the chaotic Yeltsin years] or now if one is willing to wade through the thousands of documents of decoded Soviet diplomatic communications known as the Venona Files/Papers, but all of the incriminating information is there, as this writer can well attest [for example please note the research presented in my 2017 book Uncle Joe, FDR and the DEEP STATE ].

Without having to present in its entirety a contrarian but undeniably true view of the history of the Democrat Party, let it suffice to say that it has always had strong racist and brutal totalitarian tendencies, witness which party ran the slave owning black lynching South, started the Civil War, passed Jim Crow laws, resisted integration, fire-hosed, gassed and set attack dogs on “uppity” blacks, opposed the Civil Right Act of 1965 and today treats conservative voices of color as if they still belonged on the Democrat plantation.

If any doubts remain one need only listen for a few moments to any of the two dozen or so lunatics running for the 2020 Democrat nomination.

If you oppose hatred of America’s freedoms and sacred traditions, open borders, firing of our immigration border agents, free health care for illegal aliens, anchor babies, and a stated intent to violate your 2 ndAmendment rights then you need to make your voice heard, before this pack of whack-job Marxists morphs into the domestic terrorist organization it has always aspired to.

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