Generation Zombie


January 23, 2019 - San Francisco - CA - – Since this writer refuses to keep up with the silly practice of assigning names to various generations of Americans, I was, until recently entirely unaware that the current crop of whining man-children had been labeled, Generation “Z.”

Though too uninterested in investigating what this assignation supposedly means, the mental picture invoked by an entire generation of omega “Z” pansy Eloi citizens is too rich to avoid some commentary.

First we must remember that these kind of short-hand characterizations probably don't apply to the majority; nontheless there appear to be more than enough of this type to do considerable damage to traditionally elemental Western concepts such as freedom of speech and one would have to pretty dull tool not to have noted the malignant outbreak of intolerance over the last decade that seeks to silence anyone whose political, ideological or religious attachment is not of the state approved variety.

This author addressed the movement in great detail in his critically acclaimed work, Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West, but it bears revisiting.

“Finally we wish to devote a few lines to an idea advanced by a critically important [though largely unremembered] Marxist, a German by the name of Herbert Marcuse who greatly influenced other socialist intellectuals such as Max Horkheimer in jointly developing the idea of “critical theory” as part of the “Frankfurt School,” technically, Goethe University’s Institute for Social Research. True to Gramsci’s modification of Marxist-Leninism, the Frankfurt School has had a devastating impact within the walls of academia.

In one of three essays published as a short book, A Critique of Pure Tolerance , Marcuse authored the concluding chapter entitled, Repressive Tolerance. Though the preceding chapters argued to re-define the notion of tolerance, perhaps the cornerstone of Western Civilization, it was Marcuse who ably advanced the closing argument attempting to solidify the idea:

“However, this tolerance cannot be indiscriminate and equal with respect to the contents of expression, neither in word nor in deed; it cannot protect false words and wrong deeds which demonstrate they contradict and counteract the possibilities of liberation…” [source, Herbert Marcuse, A Critique of Pure Tolerance: Repressive Tolerance, p. 88]

The Orwellian nature of Marcuse’s twisting of a very basic and accepted term to the advantage of his belief system should be apparent. We also hope that the reader does not overlook the striking similarity between the left’s definition of “tolerance,” which is used to promote the Marxist revolutionary agenda, as being identical in practice to the Islamic concept of “defending Allah's religion” through eternal preemptive warfare directed against all that stands in its way.”

Marxist justifications for smashing critical opinions aside, there is an aspect of the new-age Children’s Crusade that seems to have escaped much scrutiny and that is their attitude towards what have been Western values at least since the Reformation [though of course many of these ideas can be traced back to antiquity] and it is extraordinarily troubling.

Younger citizens - one must surmise - due to the type of mis-education they have been subjected to [and this is especially true among college graduates] have absolutely no conception of how their form of government works, or worse, that there are any rules at all regarding regulating the power of the state and the disposition of majoritarian opinion, both of which are laid out in the Constitution.

The two pillars of this type of thinking are, one, that the power exercised by the Federal and various State Governments are essentially unlimited and two [possibly most worrisome] that the wishes of the majority can ride roughshod over and crush minority opinion.

What the latter of these two points means is that to those coming out of secondary educational institutions [representing the gene pool from which tomorrows leaders will invariably be drawn] think that the United States is at best an Athenian democracy [meaning that each member of the “polis” will vote on various policy proposals, rather than delegate this authority] and at worst, feel that there are no basic rights that apply to all citizens at all and that majorities aside, even intransigent minorities [such as Marxist-Leninists and Shari’a supremacists] are welcome to wreak havoc on less organized majorities or pluralities.

Drilling down a bit deeper on this, these same people think that not only can this be done legally, but that is a laudable enterprise and it is this outlook that is responsible for seemingly intelligent people advocating for illegal aliens to be able to vote.

It is this monumental disconnect between the upcoming leadership class [and of course their elder fellow travelers in government] and what the West is about [don’t ask the younguns’ about Western Civilization, they probably think you are referring to San Francisco…] that circumscribes the crisis.

But it doesn’t stop there, if there were a clear demarcation between the skewed opinions of youth and that of more experienced citizens perhaps this situation would only be a minor predicament, not an existential threat…but that is not the case.

The example that drove this home to me most vividly took place yesterday. I happened to be walking past a television near the end of Fox’s Bret Baier’s news hour; it was during the panel discussion section near the end of the program during which the ever supercilious New York Times journo [not opinion writer] Charles Lane remarked that a particularly noxious idea deserved merit because and I quote, because “it polls well.”

…the mind reels…

Unfortunately this is the state of the American polity [please no questions about Europe or the UK lest this become a funeral oration] and it is precisely because of this that so many thoughtful Americans see nothing between the once proud dream of America and the Apocalypse except for one man, President Trump.

If one thinks they can disregard, downplay or otherwise ignore all of this, let them be reminded that other seemingly invincible civilizations [the Golden Age of Greece for example] have committed suicide over similar corrupting influences.

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