Suspect In Murder Of California Policeman Arraigned

January 3, 2019 - San Francisco - CA - – Illegal alien Mexican, Gustavo Perez Arriaga was indicted today, charged with the murder of Newman, California policeman Ronil Singh, himself a legal immigrant from Fiji.

Arriaga was pulled over by Singh for possible drunk driving early on the morning after Christmas when Arriaga fired a so-far unknown number of shots into the officer, killing him.

Upon arraignment Arriaga informed the court that his real name is Paulo Virgen Mendoza, the Arriaga surname being one of apparently many aliases. He made no plea during his first court appearance.

Seven others are being held on related charges largely stemming from alleged attempts to impede the investigation and aid the defendant’s efforts to flee to Mexico.

Arriaga had two prior arrests for DUI, however the revelation that Arriaga used numerous other names, the actual number of priors remains unknown as of this writing.

The defendant was arrested 200 miles from the scene of the crime which was in Stanislaus County, clearly consistent with his intent to flee back into Mexico.

Officer Singh had been with the department since 2011 and leaves behind a wife and a 5-month-old son. The officer’s canine partner was decommissioned and is now living with the family.

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