EXCLUSIVE - Chautauqua Speakers in New York Reveal Plan for Worldwide Islamic State


February 14, 2019 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org– “Jihadist Psychopath,” a vital recently published book by Dr. Jamie Glazov, reveals the steps by which, “Islamic Supremacists are duplicating the sinister methodology of psychopaths who routinely charm, seduce, capture, and devour their prey.”

Indeed, Islamists now openly admit that a group of Malaysian Islamic scholars have long planned to build a modern-day global Islamic state ruled by Shari’a. Once a plan kept as a closely guarded secret, the Islamists have grown so emboldened as to prance with their secret out of the closet. And they are hard at work, leading with charm and seduction that will surely lead to societal devastation unless more Americans awaken to their true intent.

Read on, to learn of the instance in which I personally confronted their methodology: a worm silently at work to eat out the heart of Western civilization, devouring first the roots and then the entire tree.

Shari’a-supremacist Muslims use innocent-sounding standard interfaith dialogues as a key in their strategy to destroy Western civilization and install a Caliphate––a global Islamic state ruled by Shari’a law. They openly declare their intent, as they did at New York's Chautauqua Institution last summer in a seminar I attended with approximately 40 other people

The Chautauqua “Islam and Shari’a” seminar was one of many daily Islamic programs led last summer by Khaled and Sabeeha Rehman.

Who are they? Sabeeha was one among many 2016 Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention speakersalongside many notorious civilization jihadists , such as the brazenly racist professor Hatem Bazian , Jew hater Linda Sarsour , along with Tariq Ramadan , Muzammil Siddiqi , Yasir Qadhi , Salam Al-Maryati , Nihad Awad and others, including Hussam Ayloush who recently called for Israel’s destruction.

To promote political Islamic ideology, the highly-educated Pakistani native Rehman couple, presented the standard interfaith Da'wa [Islamic proselytization] that whitewashes Islam and shari’a with kumbaya propaganda, obfuscation and misinformation. With unwavering self-confidence and calm, they delivered a romanticized picture of Islam and Shari’a that bears little relation to reality.

To boost their deceptive claims, the Rehmans quoted a real gem from a 2016 NY Times article by Islam apologist Noah Feldman: Shari’a is the “ideal realization of divine justice.”

Then came the bombshell admission.

Sabeeha noted that a group of Islamic scholars in Malaysia, led by longtime Chautauqua speaker Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, have long planned to build a modern-day global Islamic state ruled by Shari’a (more on Rauf here .)

So, in this 2018 seminar on “Islam and Shari’a,” hosted by the progressive Chautauqua Institution, a Muslim couple shared, with considerable delight, the plan of a group of Muslims for a Global Islamic State under the regressive Shari’a code (Islamic law).

Rauf’s Malaysian group, we were told, produced six sets of Shari’a principles:

1. Protection of life,

2. Intellectual knowledge,

3. Family,

4. Property,

5. Freedom of speech,

6. Religious freedom.

Alas, the wording is intentionally misleading and does not conform to the freedom Westerners know and love.

Sabeeha affirmed that Islam means “protecting dignity by applying Shari’a.” Yet, that legal system forbids criticism of Mohammed or Islam on pain of death, particularly by non-Muslims. Moreover, any non-Muslim remark disliked by a Muslim can be prosecuted as libel.

Sabeeha further noted that Rauf’s Malaysian group collected data from 15 Muslim countries and ranked them by their six principles. (more on Imam Abdul Rauf here .)

For “protection of life,” Rauf’s group ranked Brunei #1. Yet, the Rehmans omitted 2014 law confirmed by the Sultan of Brunei to immediately start stoning homosexuals to death, a replacement of a previous statute with a maximum 10-year prison term. That year Brunei also moved to fully implement Shari’a, deny Christians' religious freedom and prohibit “ Baptism by 2016 .”

Hardly “protection of life” by Western standards, much less those of the binding 1948 U.N. General Assembly's Universal Declaration of Human Rights , translated into 500 languages.

Since Shari’a excludes the Kafir (infidel) from “privileges” granted to Muslims, whose lives does Brunei protect? Certainly not those of non-Muslims or homosexuals.

For religious freedom, Rauf's group ranked Senegal #1. Yet in March 2008, then Senegal president and OIC chairman Abdouyale Wade explained : “I don’t think freedom of expression should mean freedom from blasphemy. There can be no freedom without limits.”

To repeat, what Shari’a means by freedom would dismantle Western freedom; it prohibits freedoms of religion and speech, among other things. Should Christians criticize Islamic jihad, misogyny, child marriage, beheading or honor killing, according to Senegal's Wade, Shari’a's blasphemy laws (“defamation of Islam”) offer them no protection.

As for non-Muslim countries, the Rehmans enthusiastically noted that the Malaysian group ranked Sweden as #1 in Shari’a-compliance among the non-Muslim countries it evaluated. They unreservedly shared this shocking news with their gullible non-Muslim audience.

Why shocking? Most people consider Sweden a socialist utopia, so the Rehmans use this ranking to bolster and spread false trust that Shari’a benignly protects equal rights for all citizens, although it actually does the opposite. Perhaps by announcing this intended game changer without any encounter from opposing arguments (save my own), such speakers seek to normalize a proposal to subvert Western civilization. They can then report that most in attendance accepted this plan.

Indeed, other seminar attendees seemed content to accept the barrage of falsehoods, as they asked a number of banal “feel good” questions. I alone challenged the Rehmans' fictions on Islam.

However, precisely due to Shari’a, Sweden is now one of many rape capitals in Europe , and Shari’a blasphemy laws that restrict free speech and enable the rise of gangs, crime and No Go Zones , where neither police nor non-Muslims can safely tread .

Of course, none of these gloomy realities were mentioned by the Rehman couple.

Coptic Christian Sameh Egyptson recently wrote in Sweden's Expressen that Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has long planned the Muslim takeover of Sweden – which the Rehmans have also now effectively admitted, although they omitted all the Swedish realities.

Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld recaps this depressing state:

“For whoever wants to see how ugly a Western European country can get, Sweden is the ideal place to study.”

A seminal documentary entitled False Identity cites the ultimate truth through an Islamic metaphor given by Yusuf, a Syrian refugee in Germany Muslims will pursue the soft jihad thus:

“Two things endanger a tree. The woodcutter who cuts it and the worm who causes it to decay. The woodcutter is like violent jihad, open warfare. Everyone can see him. The worm (soft jihad) destroys the tree invisibly from inside.”

Muslim “interfaith” leaders practice their soft jihad while their often unwitting non-Muslim dialogue collaborators normalize that Islamic ploy. Radicals thus insert themselves deeply into Western cultures, as the deadly worm devouring a mighty tree from within.

As so deftly explained in Jamie Glazov’s new book, Shari’a supremacists are here, now, and the couple at Chautauqua who ensnare non-Muslim audiences complicit in their own destruction are only the tip of the iceberg. Western civilization seems now to embrace and enable its own conquest and consumption.

“Where are our America and freedom loving government officials to protect us from this dangerous domestic agenda?”

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