Robert Spencer’s The Palestinian Delusion - The Review


December 9, 2019 – San Bernardino, CA – - Robert Spencer's latest book, "The Palestinian Delusion,” will once again please his legion of fans, undoubtedly win him new ones and of course inflame the usual suspect. His work brings into clear perspective the reasons behind the seemingly endless and apparently insoluble Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Palestinian Delusion is scrupulously documented - more than a fifth of its pages are dedicated to references as the author exposes the basic myths and misinformation about the nature of the conflict, its origins and history, noting that the version that has been presented to the West is far more myth than reality. Witless dupes, the American presidents who have been a party to the elusive “peace processes” clearly seem far more comfortable with the big lie, that Islam and modernity are amenable entities.

Dr. Spencer examines the untruths that inform the popular understanding of repeated failed negotiations - each one a journey down a predictably blind alley.

To begin at the beginning, the most important piece of misinformation - which Dr. Spencer simply destroys, and certainly the most fundamental - is the entirely created narrative that the roots of the conflict are based on a simple territorial imperative.

Instead, he correctly identifies that the goal of what are undeniably Arab Muslims operating under a false-flag, is the same as that of their co-religionists in the Ummah - the annihilation of world Jewry, or at least that portion which is within convenient reach - a second Holocaust motivated by a jihadist mentality rather than one grounded in state socialism - one solidly based on theological antisemitism. War to the death against Israel should be understood as merely another facet of global Islamic jihad.

Citing the foundational documents of Islam, most importantly the Qur’an itself, Spencer makes his case beyond dispute. This will be a little difficult at first for Americans - unfamiliar with a genuine understanding of comparative religion - to comprehend. The disconnect here really is civilizational since Westerners, enveloped within a post-modern reality, grasp only with great difficulty that the elemental bifurcation between church and state that we take for granted has no applicability within Islam. To our way of thinking, theocratic belief structures can find no purchase this side of Europe’s Middle Ages.

Importantly, "Palestinians" and their sympathizers would have the public believe that their grievances are genuine, arising from Israel’s “seizure” of “their” land. The author points out that this leads to a flawed conception of the Israeli-Palestinian impasse, namely that there is such an entity as the "Palestinian" people who are beleaguered beyond all measure. Robert’s book makes clear that there is not and never has been a Palestinian people, let alone a Palestinian state. Historically, Palestine has always been a kind of amorphous territorial entity on a map, nothing more, and the Jewish people have, in considerable numbers, been residents of that area since Biblical times - most certainly far-longer than the Arab pretenders.

One of Islam’s ugly truths is that, far from being repressed, Arab immigration to this area has vastly increased under a soft-handed Israeli rule that allows for full citizenship and even participation in its parliamentary form of government.

Gas…yes there are Arab Muslim members of Israel’s Knesset.

The by now famous Arab Muslim shibboleth and propaganda meme, "the Palestinian Right of Return" is equally systematically demolished. The Jewish state did not expel Arab Muslims after its birth. Rather, Israel was attacked shortly after its declaration of statehood by a coalition of Arab and Pakistani forces.

So instead of having been forced out, it was Arab radio propaganda that instructed the indigenous Arabic tribes to leave so that the destruction of the newly founded state could be made complete.

But reality, as we all know turned out quite differently, as after total victory and then a cessation of open hostilities, Israel took back, on a selective basis many Arab Muslims who had hurriedly fled.

Giving the lie to the myth, none of the Muslim nations in which the “Palestinians” sought refuge were willing to provide permanent residence .

This established the basis for a rare display of strategic forethought wherein this stateless, supposedly beleaguered and impoverished people - those of the self-imposed diaspora - were weaponized, a Muslim colonialist threat perpetually ready to strike at the heart of tiny Israel, while in the interim endlessly engaged in terrorist attacks.

Despite the pursuit of an elusive “peace process,” these Arabs have always been driven by the Qur’anic mandate to exterminate evert last trace of Jewry, to wit:

“The Hour will not begin until you fight the Jews, until a Jew will hide behind a rock or a tree, and the rock or tree will say: ‘O Muslim, O slave of Allah, here is a Jew behind me; come and kill him…" [citation, Sahih Muslim Book 41, Hadith 6984, 6985, et cetera]

Dr Spencer analyzes the Camp David accords [the formal agreement] concluded under President Jimmy Carter, which introduced to the world stage Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who was cast as an heroic figure when in fact he was simply more wiley, thus establishing somewhat of a strategic advantage compared to his openly bellicose neighbors.

That Israel easily brushed away every Egyptian sneak assault certainly factored into Sadat’s thinking…

All told however, Sadat was pretty much your standard issue, Hitler admiring Muslim zealot who had simply grasped the brass ring that was placed so decorously within reach.

Spencer similarly disposes the Kabuki theater of Bill Clinton’s “Camp David Summit,” which quickly ran aground when Arafat - a long-time Soviet asset and terror leader - was denied the essentially unlimited Palestinian right of return which would, given the high Arab birthrate, have eventually capsized Israel – an intended Islamic colonial victory, put up cold and wet.

Of additional great value “The Palestinian Delusion” presents an unvarnished look at the role that the Kremlin played in all of this intrigue as well as a concise history of Islam’s use of tactical truces, hudnas, brief periods of rearmament.

Spencer’ book should be an essential part of the library of any American who wants to be informed about the history and intrigue surrounding this most elusive problem, the matter of Jewish-Muslim cohabitation within the larger diorama of jihadism.

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