Law Enforcement and MSM Push “White Nationalist Terrorism” Trope to Destoy U.S. Constitution


August 12, 2019 - San Francisco - - It has been said that to a man who only has a hammer everything looks like a nail; a corollary of sorts in the medical world is that surgeons tend to surgicate. This is undoubtedly true, once people have formed an opinion about an issue, or on a global scale a way of perceiving the world, they operate within that paradigm and “prescribe” solutions according to the tools they have available.

Consider a foreign policy determined solely by a fever-dream wing-nut spun out of the murky depths of BushLand - John Bolton; America would be in hot wars with half a dozen countries, some with nukes...the mind reels...San Francisco glowing in the dark.

It seems that the main lesson one can derive from the above is that it is dangerous to hastily be blindered into taking actions based upon defective perceptions and the resulting faulty analysis. This is especially true when “solutions” are driven by hysterical press coverage speaking with a single voice - an obvious sign that a common narrative has been arrived at using the model of Ezra Klein’s infamous journolist .

And so, to a remarkable degree, the recent gun violence in El Paso is being spun up into “national emergency” status, driven by the usual suspects - the Deep State’s propaganda arm, the hyper-politicized legacy media...and now, those who reside on the 7thfloor of DC’s FBI headquarters.

Sadly, some of the craziest journo gambits on this matter are being featured in the normally staid [if you avoid the subject of open borders...ahemmm...] Wall Street Journal.

Of course the ever-predictable New York Times could be counted upon to serve up this gem, “[Trump] Assailing Hate but Not Guns .”

We saw the first of these appear a few days ago, being concerned enough to knock off an email to the authors of the piece that was front and center in 8.5.19 Wall Street Journal, “...left authorities searching for how to confront the challenges posed by mass violence and domestic terrorism, especially attacks driven by white-nationalist ideologies...”[source, Dan Frosch, Zusha Elinson, Sadie Gurman, White Nationalists Pose Challenge to Investigators].

“Dan & Sadie: Am shocked and dismayed regarding your politicized coverage of this weekend’s tragedies. Elevating the supposed threat to a societal level by blaming it on the “ideology” of “white nationalism” is a cheap shot that totally ignores several factors:

1. The problem of untreated/undiagnosed mental illness.

2. The corrosive effect of social media.

3. The leftist attack on America’s predominant ethnic component, Caucasians, via the ridiculous trope of “white privilege.”

4. The inability to square the claimed inherent murderous nature of “whiteness” with the fact that over the last year, nearly 1,000 murders (most firearms related) were committed in just two predominantly black American cities, Chicago and Baltimore, tragedies which are routinely largely ignored. This is of course GENUINE racism, the lowering of expectations based upon a twisted philosophy wherein minorities are understood to act as predatory animals within America’s urban jungles.

This is worse than lazy journo, it is ideologically driven propaganda being used to bring about virtual elimination of the 2nd Amendment.

I suggest that whomever was responsible for editing “White Nationalists...” consider Benjamin Franklin’s dictum, “he who trades liberty for supposed security deserves neither.”

...PS. Sadie if you are going to write about firearms’ related issues you would be well served to at least learn basic terminology; California’s newest firearms regulation mandates background checks NOT for purchase of “bullets” (projectiles) but rather cartridges, meaning an assembled unit consisting of a cartridge case, primer, powder and the projectile, i.e., the “bullet.” Ignorance of such basic terms demeans the value of your journalism.”

More recently, heading the 8.10.19 WSJ’s hard-copy “Review” section we find, “Our New Terrorism Problem...lethal white supremacist attacks.”

Inexplicably, the headline for the online version is the far less emotional, “How To Fight the New Domestic Terrorism,” however this moderated but still over-amped header is accompanied by a black and white rear shot of a thick-necked skinhead with a Stormfront type Nazi Iron Cross tattoo on the back of his neck...yeah his mom would be proud...

So what is going on here?


Well since the El Paso perp wrote a manifesto outlining his racist motivation in targeting brown skinned people that would qualify under the classical definition of terrorism - violence to achieve a political end, but none of the other high visibility killings fall under this classification.

But if this is a trend at all it’s a movement of one unless somehow New Zealand has become the 51ststate.

Here is where we see the problem, the mainstreaming of what have now become highly politicized words, “supremacist” “white” “nationalist” “privilege” “racist” “hate-crime” “white terror” into the supercharged rhetoric coming from the Cultural Marxist left.

Totally ignored in this discussion [do NOT use the term “national conversation” within earshot of me, just a warning] is the presence of a truly malevolent group, whose numbers definitively identify it as a movement, Antifa.

Antifa is a Marxist left group whose members have been involved in so many serious incidents of violence that DHS has [according to reporting done by Politico] since 2016, internally identified the loose knit Marxist network as engaging in “domestic terrorist violence.” Consequently, DHS has been warning local authorities about the danger Antifa poses. [source, Josh Meyer, FBI, Homeland Security Warn of More Attacks by Antifa, Politico]

Antifa is decentralized using as a model, the cell structure perfected during the late 1920s to early 1930s as Stalin seeded thousands [many sources say tens-of-thousands] of Communist infiltrators into America, successfully targeting the Roosevelt Administration. The appeal of this strategy is that since no one knows who is in the organization outside their small local affinity group, the overall structure will not be threatened if a cell is busted by law enforcement.

The organization is comprised of dozens of sub-splinter groups with no real structure or identifiable leadership. Yet is able to field street-armies, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, using ‘Net based tools designed to create and coordinate “flash mobs.”

Members of the group wear black masks to hide their identity from law enforcement and commonly carry a range of weapons from slingshots, metal stakes, pepper gas and tasers to handguns.

It has been elements of a kindred spirit group, Black Lives Matters and other anarchists which have over the last few evenings surrounded the home of Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell chanting, “stab the motherfucker in the heart.”

In mid-July an Antifa member was shot and killed by authorities as he attempted to throw an incendiary device intending to ignite a huge propane tank at an ICE facility.

All of the foregoing are characteristic of the radical or Marxist left, there is no alt-Right counterpart.

“Despite the various shades of interpretation, antifa should not be understood as a single-issue movement. Instead it is simply one of a number of manifestations of revolutionary socialist politics...” - Mark Bray in the Antifa Handbook.

Bray is [unremarkably] a lecturer at Dartmouth. His Antifa handbook is really a labored, pedantic defense of the most radical proponent of Marxism-Leninism, Leon Trotsky who preached the politics of “permanent revolution.”

It gets worse, far worse actually.

The FBI has announced that it is soliciting proposals from “outside vendors” to pull vast quantities of open sourced information from Facebook and other social media giants in an effort to allegedly sort the terror prone wheat from the inert chaff.

We have been around the block entirely too many times not to understand DOJ’s efforts in this area as highly politicized illegal surveillance with no respect whatsoever for the 2nd, 4th, 5 th and other Constitutional rights that now loom in the crosshairs.

Are we to understand that the alleged sins of our European ancestors should inspire some manner of ethnic shame? Is this merely a novel way to countenance the offense of “corruption of the blood” - a bill of attainder – which is proscribed in Article I, Section 9?

Must the majority [since we are being forced to use ethnic identifiers that we personally find odious] - many of whom have been deprived by the very people running this con-game, their livelihoods having been outsourced to China - become sacrificial lambs in propitiation to the great god of globalism and thus endlessly atone for the alleged sins of their fathers?

Introibo ad altare Dei...

Apologize for what, for being, dare we say the word, white?

We find these developments filled with great moral peril, not simply because the analysis is wrong - America is not host to “white” armies massing on the outskirts of inner cities - but more acutely, the spreading of this manner of nonsense encourages a particularly dangerous, nihilistic Marxism, one divorced from ethical constraints.

Within this philosophy there is no interest even in what used to be the Prime Directive “the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution,” rather, the intent of these malcontents is sociopathic, their self-hatred redirected towards wrecking the society while destroying themselves in the funeral pyre.

Give them their new age religion...but to what god do they beg forgiveness?

This is a nothing less than a breathtaking attack on the roots of Western Civilization which is by definition of European origin and thus something primarily Caucasian, though even thinking in these terms catches in the craw of America’s true patriots who see beyond the skin color of their brothers and sisters.

So with that in mind and in reviewing the events of just the last 24 hours, I think that we can draw a reasonable conclusion based upon the actions of just one of the Marxist left’s [club] footed stooge-soldiers, Chris [Fredo] Como who is in his own words, “an ANCHOR on CNN.”

Yesterday a fellow Italian American approached the anchor, apparently asking for a selfie or something else of little consequence, but made the mistake of calling him “Fredo” apparently thinking that was really his first name.

In response Cuomo came completely unglued, raging in the face of his “tormentor” while threatening him, “I’ll fucking throw you down these stairs like a fucking punk.”

Video of the incident immediately went viral, that is before the Masters of the Universe banished the offensive clip to never-never-land, but it was something to behold as the “anchor” - eyes bulging, spittle flying and veins popping almost palpably - whose network daily stokes violence directed against Trump supporters - seemed poised to beat the hapless antagonist senseless.

Right now this writer can’t think of a more graphic representation of where the culture war stands, the left’s hatred has been stoked to proportions never before seen in modern America. These people are willing to commit mayhem simply because they lost an election to someone they are unable to control.

Now just think of the same personality type, but with real authority and burning with buttoned-down rage, James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Chris Steele et al. come to mind, in charge of your rights.

Might we suggest it is because of the hostile actions being taken this authoritarian class that we must always retain the right to defend ourselves because it is the Fredo Cuomos of the world that seek our undoing.

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