Confessions of a White Nationalist, Part II


August 6, 2019 - San Francisco - - After the horrors of last weekend [8.3-8.4.19] it was inevitable that state media would adopt the most extreme, and farcical, narrative imaginable.

If one is to believe Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and other leftist sources of commentary, the answer to these occasional, but tragic episodes of homicidal madness lies in implementing clearly unconstitutional schemes that would result in the revocation of the 2ndAmendment, via a legislative agenda crafted to make it impossible for Americans to defend home and hearth from the types of perps that social media, the legacy press and various wags have now made famous.

Perhaps the main reason why such extra-legal measures are again being championed is the most obvious - making sure that no one will be able to fend off predation by a government/Deep State complex gone rogue. This is why, after these types of incidents inflammatory catchwords such as “high capacity magazine,” “weapons of war or of a military nature,” “assault weapons” always come to the fore.

For the most part - and this is 100% true when it comes to the majority party in Congress, and unfortunately too many on the minority side - the elites of our culture, its high priests as it were, have no real concern about mass violence.

The goal of these people [consider the detestable Bush toadie Karl Rove who bleats on Fox News about the dangers of “white nationalism”] is to disarm an entire population so that there can be no meaningful resistance to the totalitarianism of the administrative state.

Since “our side” is cowering in a corner pissing on themselves, it’s up to those who comprise the Trump Patriots to respond wherever possible.

In response to a particularly odious piece that appeared in the 8.5.19 Wall Street Journal , I contacted a couple of the writers, though as we go to press there have been no responses.

“Dan & Sadie: Am shocked and dismayed regarding your politicized coverage of this weekend’s tragedies. Elevating the supposed threat to a societal level by blaming it on the “ideology” of “white nationalism” is a cheap shot that totally ignores several factors:

1. The problem of untreated/undiagnosed mental illness.

2. The corrosive effect of social media

3. The leftist attack on America’s predominant ethnic component, Caucasians, via the ridiculous trope of “white privilege.”

4. The inability to square the claimed inherent murderous nature of “whiteness” with the fact that over the last year, nearly 1,000 murders (most fidarearms related) were committed in just two predominantly black American cities, Chicago and Baltimore, which are largely ignored. This is of course GENUINE racism, the lowering of expectations based upon a twisted philosophy wherein minorities are expected to act as predatory animals within America’s urban jungles.

This is worse than lazy journo, it is ideologically driven propaganda being used to bring about virtual elimination of the 2nd Amendment.

I suggest that whomever was responsible for editing “White Nationalists...” consider Benjamin Franklin’s dictum, “he who trades liberty for supposed security deserves neither.”

This piece was so offensive that I’m seriously considering cancelling my subscription.

PS. Sadie if you are going to write about firearms’ related issues you would be well served to at least learn basic terminology; California’s newest firearms regulation mandates background checks NOT for purchase of “bullets” (projectiles) but rather cartridges, meaning an assembled unit consisting of a cartridge case, primer, powder and the projectile, i.e., the “bullet.” Ignorance of such basic terms demeans the value of your journalism.”

Yeah, it’s kind of an ineffective and plaintive move but if we are to survive the onslaught of the Deep State/Administrative State pushback of any kind is essential.

There is nothing wrong with White Nationalism; people of European stock built this great country [sorry if life is unfair, suck it up] but now since the left views and treats people as inanimate class objects [serfs and proles] that can be shoved around the political chess-board, to advance “the revolution,” it’s time we embrace their tags, tell them to fuck off and if they want our defensive weapons they should be invited to try to take them.


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