Confessions of a White Nationalist


August 4, 2019 - San Francisco - - I had the misfortune to hear a few minutes of Chris Wallace’s Fox Sunday show [8.4.19] during which he - surprise - presided over a typically uncritically inane panel regarding the recent shootings.

One of the participants was Guy Benson, someone I have never heard of though from what I understand he is a “Fox News contributor,” whatever that means. At one point in the discussion Benson said something like “we have to be clear and declare this [the shootings] to be the work of White Nationalists,” whoever they are.

But in thinking about it I became very uncomfortable with the apparent ease with which Benson [who represents himself as being a conservative, again whatever that means these days since little Billy Kristol and brain gone rotten Jonah Goldberg claim the identical appellation] launched into the same bizarre rant those on the Marxist left do, subdividing Americans into class-based siloed groups so that the blame for anything may be used to further turn citizens against each other in service of “the movement,” that comes complete with the punctuation of a jack-boot.

Benson’s analysis mirrored the recent Congressional testimony of the FBI’s Christopher Wray [a Deep State slug] during which he made the declaration that the United States’ biggest terror threat is from “White Nationalists.”

Now I have no idea in which direction Benson will subsequently take his talking points, but it is clear that with such manner of “conservatism,” we really don’t need ANTIFA, the Brookings Institute, the Washington Post [whose natty writer Charles Lane appeared on the same panel] or the NY Times trying to drag us into a Venezuela-like hell-hole, since “our” side is more than happy to do it for them upon the belief that this will absolve them of being called nasty names - a fool’s bargain.

The response by “conservatives” to the lowbrow state of political dialogue in the United States today - which is encouraged by the legacy media and the Deep State controlled Masters of the Universe who run the major social media platforms - has helped identify just why the Jeb Bushes of the world and those who write for National Review always adopt the left’s twisted lexicon when dealing with sociopaths who claim to be wreaking havoc on behalf of some higher principle; it has everything to do with being able to gain face-time, a byline or in the political world endless contributions by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and bottom feeders like the Koch brothers.

This is also why extremely un-gifted hacks like Wallace even have a show; people of this ilk never say anything that can even remotely be labelled controversial, contrary to the fetid dictates of “mainstream” or proverbially, doing anything that might “frighten the horses” in the antique colloquialism of the 19thcentury.

And so it seems that with authors such as myself who reject the Marxist tropes intended to fan the fires of class-warfare, it is no longer possible to avoid self-identifying along these same lines so that the alt-Right movement, now bravely led by our Blonde Barbarian President, is not further sullied by people whose claim to fame is fleeting at best.

The truth is that I am forced to bear numerous crosses which have been - parenthetically - forced upon me by people whose malign intent is so obvious it’s visceral; I am of European extraction, light of skin [though darker than fake African-American Kamala “Hiya Willie” Harris] and intellectually, someone who believes in the idea of American exceptionalism,” this automatically lands me within Guy Benson and Chris Wray’s dreaded “White Nationalist” terror group.

Oddly I haven’t shot anyone recently, don’t despise “people of color” and don’t even know the secret handshake practiced by America’s 6 or 7 actual Nazis.

Seriously, if “our” side proceeds along this path we will absolutely reap the whirlwind, politicians will be able to ignore, as they have done in every Western society that was eventually reduced to servitude, any conception of rights ordained by the Almighty and, then dotting the “i” administer the coup de grâceby confiscating all firearms.

This is not to diminish the evil that we have seen on display in these two mass shootings, but it is important to contextualize these acts.

These shooters are sociopaths, their manifestos are puerile attempts at justifying the unjustifiable; one might hope that they eventually get a one way ride on ole “Ole Sparky,” but we know this society no longer cares enough about maintaining the civil order to execute criminals who maim, torture and kill our brothers and sisters.

To merely condemn such acts serves only to diminish the pain and suffering inflicted on their loved ones.

That said, there were over 530 people killed in Chicago and 342 in Baltimore in the most recent reporting year, most of it gun crime taking place within blighted minority communities.


These drug-and-rat-infested abattoirs have been abandoned by a Democrat Party that has controlled these and similar places for half-a-century, but they make perfect foils when the hard-left wants to roll out the race card and then blame white privilege or the desire to retain some form of positive cultural identity consistent with our First World heritage.

Mass shootings are solitary exercises perpetrated by madmen; the only reason they churn the news cycle for weeks is that they don’t take place in the inner cities.

But it is in America’s Democrat run hoods where despair, the never-ending threat of violence and hopelessness reigns; it is here where our politicians stand convicted of tolerating the type hyper-violence we see in places like Libya and Syria because horror drives their agenda.

It has been said that he who is willing to sacrifice a bit of liberty for security deserves neither, never in American history has this been more-true.

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