From The Commies At MoveOne

September 27, 2018 - San Francisco, CA - - Below we have the beast itself, MoveOn, soliciting $$$ for its latest media stunt; guess the pussy hats didn't have the lasting effect that was expected, so here we go in the face of the left's continued efforts to upset the tenuous relationship between truth and tyranny. We have of course disabled all links, we arent in the habit of redirecting traffic to the left.

"Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony today took our breath away. She was unwavering, compelling, courageous, and powerful—over hours in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. And yet, the Republicans are still pushing to confirm Brett Kavanaugh—with a committee vote scheduled for tomorrow morning!

Dr. Blasey Ford has done everything in her power. Now it is up to us—and we have to move fast! Can you show up at noon on Friday at the closest office of one of your senators? Across the country, outside Republican and Democratic offices, people are gathering—and together, we will say, "I believe Dr. Blasey Ford! The Senate must reject Brett Kavanaugh!"

Click here to find the Senate office nearest to you. (If there is no nearby office or if you can't make it in person, take a photo of yourself with a protest sign and post it on social media with hashtags #BelieveSurvivors and #StopKavanaugh.) You can also click here to join the national Facebook page for these actions.

Wear black, and bring signs (you can download some here ), with messages such as "Believe Survivors" and "Stop Kavanaugh"—as well as, if you wish, handwritten letters, and pictures or photos of the people you're fighting for. When you arrive, look for other protesters so you can stand together. These are rapid-response gatherings, without much time to prepare—so they'll be scrappy, and that's OK. You should gather together to take photos of all of you standing with your signs and post them on social media with hashtags such as #StopKavanaugh and #BelieveSurvivors. Then go into the office to deliver the message to your senators that they have a responsibility to believe survivors, block this frenzied and offensive process, and stop Kavanaugh!

We're working with allies including Indivisible, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the National Women's Law Center, UltraViolet, CREDO, and MomsRising, and many more, to help build these gatherings on short notice—and we know that MoveOn members, friends, family, and neighbors will show up in communities around the country. Because we all experienced outrage watching the older white men of the Republican Party dismiss Dr. Blasey Ford and push ahead with their relentless and brazen power grab.

Today, as the hearing took place, we made tens of thousands of calls declaring that we believe Dr. Blasey Ford. Tomorrow, let's show up in person. By drawing needed local media attention, delivering a message to local Senate staff, and showing a groundswell of support for Dr. Blasey Ford and opposition to Kavanaugh, we can create the pressure to stop this confirmation—and show there will be dramatic consequences for senators who fail to stand with survivors and constituents.

–Erica, Robert, Seth, Jayne, and the rest of the team"