Mullahs And Imams


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September 14, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - - In the Islamic world, a Friday imam leads the prayer and gives the sermon at a mosque. There are, however, differences between the Sunni and Shi’a branches of Islam, as well as between schools of thought within those branches regarding how the term “imam” is used, and the criteria that allow for the use of that title. Normally, an imam’s standing or credibility is dependent on eloquence or knowledge. Some imams have great credibility and are very much taken seriously by their followers and jurists, and other imams are not.

In the Shiite world, titling someone an “imam” is showing great respect to that person (as in “Imam” Khomeini), if not outright sanctifying him. In the Sunni world, the title of imam may have a more political meaning than religious, even if the holder of that title conducts religious services. Sunnis generally do not sanctify the holder of the title.

The life manual of Islam, the Quran, is filled with hatred and violence, and that shapes many Muslims’ thinking and behaving. Hence both mullahs and imams become the principal agents of terror, believing their cause to be the cause of Allah. This misanthropy is the outcome of Islam. It is the result of adherence to the Islamic creed, precisely as codified in Islamic scripture.

Millions of Shiites make a pilgrimage to a jamkaran well near the city of Qom in Iran to pay homage and tribute to the Shiite’s 12th imam (Mahdi), who is claimed to be hiding there for over a thousand years. No one forces these millions to believe this patently absurd contention; it is successfully hammered into their minds by the purveyors of Islamic fraud: the high divines.

The present mullahcracy in Iran is in the form of a pyramid. The mullahs in the game at the top have skimmed and continue to skim inordinate amounts of national income. The late mullah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a past president of the Islamic Republic, and his family have reportedly stolen enough to give the Waltons of Wal-Mart a run for their money. And there are hundreds of lesser mullahs who pocket huge sums.

The ruling mullahs - the in-boys - are master practitioners of trickle-down economics. Except that by the time they are through with pocketing some of the national income and paying off their supporters, there is little left for the out-boys - the sidelined mullahs.

The in-boy mullahs must pay for the loyalty of the military, the police, and thugs to keep them in power. Furthermore, in contrast to their mastery of machination, treachery, and cruelty, they are inept at managing the affairs of the state.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a unique creature: it is best described as a theocratic aristocracy. The “divinely-ordained” rulers maintain themselves in power by an elaborate system of patronage. Lucrative positions, contracts and valued privileges are distributed by patronage. The result is that the ruling mullahs enjoy a significant number of supporters in all strata of society - the civil service, the military, the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards, and the hooligans and Basiji thugs, who are ready to unleash their vicious attacks on anyone or group that dares to challenge the in-charge men of Allah.

Another seeming anomaly is that proportionately there are more mullahs in prison in Iran than any other class of the society, including university students who have always been political “troublemakers.” The reason is that these are the out-boy mullahs-the parasites who are deprived of the dole, their very means of livelihood. Their mosques are often shut down, their flocks are harassed by the system’s agents and their sources of income dried up.

The out-boy mullahs hate the in-boy mullahs not only for looting Iran’s oil money, but also for badly impoverishing the masses, who had traditionally fed and pampered them. The flock of ignorant fanatic fools, the mullahs’ traditional source of sustenance, can barely feed itself and has very little to spare for the leeching mullahs.

Mullahs and imams are allowed to roam freely in the United States, using every means available to them to destroy liberty and freely preach their gospel of hate against all non-Muslims, while heartlessly destroying any individuals who dare to speak the truth about their beliefs. They remain a threat to our national security, and to the safety and security of all American people.

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