The History of Jihad from Muhammad to ISIS - The PipeLineNews Review

Robert Spencer, PhD
Bombardier Books
ISBN: 978-1-68261-659-8


September 10, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - - Dr. Spencer's latest book, The History of Jihad from Muhammad to ISIS, is arguably his most significant. In scope it is all-encompassing, and while it is written in a manner that is easy to read, it presents an encyclopedic history of the perpetual warfare that is the bedrock of Islam.

The author begins in the seventh century, the time of Mohammed's life, and continues through the 1,400 year assault by the Muslim world against the “non believers.” Some of the battles Dr. Spencer cites will be familiar history, others are barely known. The book surveys the whole of Islam and ends in present time. The History of Jihad from Mohammed to ISIS is scrupulously documented and presents commentary by both Muslim and non-Muslim contemporaneous historians.

Dr. Spencer skewers the political correctness that unfortunately but effectively cripples the perception of Islam in the West, at a time when the survival of our institutions depends on understanding the true nature of this threat. Too many of us in the West depend on the air-brushed representations of Islam presented by the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR], the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA], the Muslim American Society [MAS], and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Liberals, applying the all-purpose accusations of “racism” and “Islamophobia” to all who disagree with them, have found common ground with Islam and have embraced it as a Utopian dream arising out of the ashes of the failure of Marxism-Leninism.

Dr. Spencer is not at all reluctant to demolish sacred cows nor does he hesitate to admonish figures, both in history and in present time, whose naiveté he finds inexcusable. [hint: Pope Francis is not exempted]. Among the myths put to rest by the author are: the allegedly multicultural paradise that was al-Andalus [the Islamic name for Spain] when Islam conquered it; the supposedly humane treatment of the non Muslims living under Islamic conquest, and the touted benign nature of the codified barbarism that is Shari’a.

The reader will understand, if he does not already, that jihad was and continues to be integral to Islam, rooted in its foundational doctrines. Most importantly, Spencer proves that the perpetrators of 9/11, al-Qaeda central, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, ISIS - the roster is nearly endless - did not hijack Islam, as Muslim apologists claim. Islam was there patiently waiting for them with all the tools they needed. What these disinformation artists term an “extreme'” interpretation of Islam is in fact…its essence. It’s the so-called “moderate” Muslims who are deviants.

Two hundred and thirty five years ago tomorrow - September 11, 1683 - the battle that came to be known as the Gates of Vienna began. As the author explains, the forces of the Ottoman Empire were ultimately and miraculously defeated by a Christian coalition led by Polish King John III Sobieski. His victory meant that Christians in Europe need no longer fear being subjugated by the Muslim Turks of the Ottoman Empire.

And so it remained for centuries…

But with communication being what it was in the seventeenth century, the Christians had been patiently waiting to know the results of the battle, and the cry went out "Have the Gates if Vienna held?"

They had!

After three hundred years the Islamic threat has been renewed, this time at the hands of the neo-Marxist ideologues who run Western Europe who have embraced Muslim jihadists as “refugees.” Of critical cultural import, some of these nations may now have been moved beyond the tipping point and be on their way to becoming part of a renewed Islamic Caliphate.

Meanwhile, the Muslim invasion continues.

The preening liberal West may have lost its belief in its institutions and, with that loss, the will to survive.

The question remains…during our current trial, will the Gates of Vienna hold?

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