BREAKING - RATICIDE, Kavanaugh Wins, Smashing The Left

October 6, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - - With Judge Bret Kavanaugh now having been confirmed as a United States Supreme Court Justice, the sound of leftist heads exploding in and around DC is palpable. The RATS went the full Stalin/Beria route during this epic fight, not only inventing ridiculous charges by paid George Soros operatives but using actual physical intimidation within the halls of the Senate which were nearly bursting with shrill, hysterical haradans who only succeeded in awakening and steeling the sleeping GOP base. All told about 350 people were arrested by Capitol Hill Police.

On Friday we advised the Capitol Hill PD's watch commander that we were aware of plans by some members of the left to turn violent and further advised him that this was a matter of national security - we made the same information available to the affected cabinet level agencies.

So what exactly did our side learn?

Plenty, the normally staid and spineless GOP leadership were forced to fight on the left's terms and learned that not only could they triumph against this aspect of the RATS soft-coup attempt against our President Trump, but that they could do it within the rules displaying a level of collegiality, seldom seen in these revolutionary times.

The base is now fired up, money is flowing into RNC coffers and over 20,000 paid advance people are already on the ground to push the get out the vote effort for the November 6 election.

With that said, we definittely are enjoying the pain of the left now appearing all over the 'Net, yes, schadenfreude is indeed sweet.

"Dear MoveOn member,

It is a bleak day in America. The Senate has just confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court.

A partisan warrior accused by multiple women of sexual assault who spews conspiracy theories against the left and lied his way through his confirmation now sits atop our justice system.

There will be no justice in America until we vote out Donald Trump and the senators responsible and end Republican control of Congress.

And if you think this upcoming election is in the bag, it's not. New polling data shows a spike in Republican enthusiasm about the midterm elections, suggesting higher-than-expected Republican turnout. Now, the number of Democrats and Republicans who say the November elections are "very important" is a statistical tie.1

Bob, November is coming. Election Day is just over four weeks away.

We have zero time to waste to get out the vote and hold the GOP accountable in November. Will you chip in $3 a week to help throw the Republicans who voted for Brett Kavanaugh out of office this November?

Can't chip in weekly? We still need your help right now.

Whether you feel rage, anger, disgust, exhaustion, or fear, you are not alone. Today's vote is deeply painful.

But what happens next is up to us. This election is a referendum on Trump and the GOP and their misogyny, corruption, and giveaways to the rich. Trump thinks that by attacking sexual assault survivors, he can actually increase turnout in his base and win the election. The GOP is his accomplice. We must prove them wrong.

MoveOn is running the biggest, most sophisticated elections campaign in our 20-year history. The campaign relies on both cutting-edge technology and old-fashioned shoe leather to persuade voters and get out the vote.

But we need your help to have the resources to pull it all off. Will you chip in $3 a week?

Yes, I'll chip in weekly to make the Republicans pay for ramming through the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.

No, I'm sorry, I can't make a weekly donation.

Between now and Election Day, we need to contact literally millions of voters to make Republicans pay for this disgrace. Here's some of what's underway:

MoveOn members are coordinating hundreds of "Wave Volunteer" events in crucial swing districts to make phone calls, knock on doors, and provide the essential shoe-leather campaign support that Democrats need to win.

We've formed a special team to run a cutting-edge voter persuasion project called "Real Voter Voices," allowing regular folks to record and upload videos on their smartphones talking about why they support their local candidate—and then using highly targeted social media analytics to show those videos to the people who are most likely to be persuaded.

Our army of volunteers is sending text messages to millions of voters to get them out to get-out-the-vote events nationwide.

November is coming. With razor-thin margins, everything we do right now matters. We must make Trump and the GOP pay and end Republican control of Congress. Will you chip in $3 a week?

Yes, I'll chip in weekly to make Trump and the GOP pay and usher in a new day in America.

No, I'm sorry, I can't make a weekly donation.

We will persist and ultimately prevail, together.

Thanks for all you do.

–Anna, Tillie, Emily, Ilya, and the rest of MoveOn's Supreme Court Team"

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