Dr. Robert Spencer, The PipeLineNews Interview


October 1, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org - Robert Spencer, PhD is recognized globally as an expert on Islam. He has published nearly 20 books a number of which have been best sellers.

In 2003 Spencer founded and has since directed Jihad Watch, a website that publishes commentary on topics relating to Islam. Along the way he has gathered more than his share of death threats, the penalty in the West for telling the unsettling truth about the so-called “religion of peace.”

Dr. Spencer joins us on the heels of our review of his latest book, The History of Jihad from Muhammad to ISIS .

Q: When we last spoke, your book hadn’t been published. Now that it has, how do you assess the reaction?

A The book has done far better than expected. There’s been a great demand for it. It’s already in its third printing. I think this is a reflection of the fact that Americans are hungry for information about the phenomenon of jihad, and they realize they are not being told the truth in the establishment media, so they are looking for other sources that will give them the truth. This book has proved to be so popular that the publisher and distributor were all caught off guard, and had to rush to supply the demand.

Q Periodically, there is a movement in Congress to designate certain Islamic groups as terrorist entities. Most of these groups are Muslim Brotherhood fronts, such as CAIR, MAS and MSA. Under President Trump, this could be successful. What are your thoughts on this action?

A The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated, in its own words, to establish the rule of Islam wherever it can and whenever it can, and it is dedicated, according to a captured internal document, to eliminating and destroying Western Civilization from within, and “sabotaging its miserable house.” [source, Mohamed Akram, An Explanatory Memorandum: On the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America , a seminal piece of evidence - Gov’t exhibit, 3-85 - presented in the US DOJ’s successful prosecution of the domestic HAMAS funding entity, the Holy Land Foundation for Development, US v Holy Land Foundation, et al]

This is something that ought to have gotten the Muslim Brotherhood designated a terror organization many years ago. And we can only hope that this will be something that is accomplished in the Trump Administration. It’s long overdue, and it will enable the prosecution of groups that are demonstrably subversive, Islamic advocacy groups in the United States that are tied to the Brotherhood.

Q Do you have any ties to anyone in Congress whom you could advise, or could you perhaps tell us what status of that movement is now?

A No, I don’t have any such connections. Congressmen are politicians, and politicians have to get elected, and they do not want to be associated in any public way with someone who is going to open them up to press attacks from people who will present the Southern Poverty Law Center, which calls me a hate group leader, as if it were a reliable source. And so they tend to shy away.

Q In the wake of mass Muslim immigration into Western Europe, populist anti-immigration parties have formed as a reaction. I want to ask you about four countries, and ask if you believe one or more are beyond the tipping point.

A Well, I’ll tell you right off, I don’t think any country you could name is beyond the tipping point in Europe, because none of them are Islamic states. All of them have the chance to turn things around. It will be very difficult for Sweden, it will be very difficult for all the other countries in Europe to enforce the principle that there should be one law for all people, and not allow for the creation of Shari’a enclaves, in which the law of the land is essentially ignored. Nonetheless, I would never say it’s too late. Even if these countries were to fall, and become Islamic states, there can be resistance. [For example] there was the Reconquista in Spain. Even though it’s rather singular in human history, there’s no reason why it can’t be repeated.

Q What do you think the existential situation is in these countries? What about Germany?

A Germany has the Angela Merkel government, which is extraordinarily irresponsible and frankly evil, and is inundating the country with Muslim migrants, while stigmatizing any opponents of this initiative as neo-Nazis. This is a path essentially to national suicide, if this isn’t turned around.

Q What about France?

A Same thing, essentially, although there, it’s perhaps even more advanced than it is in Germany, with established communities of Muslims essentially all over the country, and all around the suburbs ringing Paris. This is taking place while the President of France says there is no such thing as a Frenchman, French identity is just an idea, and anyone can assume it. He’s essentially announcing that he wants the country to commit suicide as an ethnic and national entity, and become a clearinghouse for Muslims all over.

Q Speaking of committing suicide, what do you think makes Angela Merkel tick?

A I think she’s a socialist internationalist. Of course, she grew up in East Germany, and so I think she was trained to be a socialist internationalist, and is still a socialist today. [They] believe they can achieve equality among people, which is the utopian ideal of socialism, by erasing national and ethnic distinctions. And she’s doing that by inundating Germany with Muslim migrants. Eventually, Berlin will be the same as Damascus and Istanbul, and essentially become like every other place. The idea here is that once you erase the distinction between people and between places, and make people pretty much the same, and all cities pretty much interchangeable, then the idea is that there will be no more war. There will be no reason to go to war, because every place will be pretty much like every other place. I think that’s the idea. What Merkel and all these other places are unleashing is a future of chaos and civil war into their countries.

Q I want to ask about Holland.

A In Holland, you have Geert Wilders, and a very strong resistance to jihad and Islamization. Nonetheless, at the same time, you have many people who believe that Wilders is a racist, bigoted Islamophobe, and that it’s ipso-facto racist and bigoted and Islamophobic to resist the mass migration. So Holland could pretty much go either way right now.

Q There is talk of reforming Islam, to make it compatible with Western civilization. What’s your general opinion of this idea, and your specific opinion of the reform movement often led by women, and that’s led by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser in this country?

A Well, in the book “The History of Jihad,” I show that there are plenty of reform movements throughout Islamic history, and what reform generally does is bring the thing that is being reformed back to the basics of it. The idea is that the reformer says that he’s going to clear away all the later editions, and get the thing back to what it was originally. And there have been many, many attempts to do this in Islamic history. One of the most notable is that of Muhammad ibn Abd-al Wahhab, the founder of the wahhabi movement in Arabia, that is of course the official religion of Saudi Arabia.

Because of the nature of the text of Islam, “reform” ends up creating a form of Islam that is more violent and more virulent than what came before, and that is the [nature] of reform. That’s the reason why I don’t put any hope in the reform of Islam. Today, people assume it will mean that the violent passages of the Koran and Muhammad’s teachings will be erased or rejected or reconsidered, but actually, if there’s reform in Islam, it will just make it more violent, so I don’t have hope for it on that basis. Jasser has only a minute following around the world, and that’s because he doesn’t represent any form of Islam that has ever existed in the world, from the beginning of Islam ‘til today. It’s as if somebody was to say, “Well, I’m a Christian, and I believe in four gods, and the Christians who believe in Jesus, those are not the true Christians.” Well, nobody would take that seriously, because Christianity has had a particular character throughout history, and it’s the same thing with Islam. Islam has had a particular character throughout history, and a specific holy book. The things that Jasser says don’t correspond to any of that.

Q What about the reform movement led by women, who seem more interested in getting more rights for women instead of what could actually be termed reform?

A Well, yeah, I’m all for getting more rights for women, and I wish them all success, but until they confront the teachings of Islam that make for Islamic misogyny in the first place, they’re not going to get very far.

Q That’s all my questions. Is there anything you’d like add?

A Well, the only thing I would add is the lesson of my book, “The History of Jihad,” is that wherever Muslims have gone, there have been jihadis among them who have created conflict with non-Muslims. Everywhere, without exception, all over the world. We should not think that we’re going to be any different here, and that somehow, we’re going to escape this. We’re going to be facing the same conflict, and we need to acknowledge this now, and try to work towards positive constitutional ways to deal with it. Otherwise, we’re in for a future full of violence and strife.

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