Louie Gohmert On Taking Back America - The PipeLineNews Interview

May 7, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org – We recently had the opportunity to talk to one of the GOP’s few genuine lions, Representative Louie Gohmert [R-TX] who has over the last few weeks authored what might be considered the definitive parsing of Robert Mueller and the FBI’s Deep State vendetta against a duly elected, sitting president of the United States.

Good afternoon Congressman Gohmert, thanks very much for the call. Let’s set the table here, what is the mood in DC right now within the Republican caucus and why is there almost no outcry to end the Mueller witch hunt from our side of the aisle?

“The fact that there has not been more outcry to end the witch hunt is what prodded me to do a 48 page story…op ed if you will…expose on Robert Mueller…I got sick of hearing Republicans from the House and certainly the Senate where they’d say “I know Mueller will do a fair job a man he’s a man of integrity great resume”…well it just tells me that either A, they are intentionally remaining ignorant about Mueller’s background or B they’re part of the Never Trump group that wants him out at all costs despite of the destruction it would cause to the United States, the upheaval the undoing of such an important election…People came up to me, other members and said Louie is there one article that we could read since you know so much about this guy…I wanted [to have] one place where at least some of the things that he has done that really paints the kind of person he is…and I just wrote the article…it started out short but there was just so much it ended up [at] 48 pages.

Your report on Mueller is devastating, if you could simplify your critique for our readers, what would be some of the key takeaways?

“Key takeaways are this is a man who identifies who he wants to go after who is in his opinion is a bad person, or someone he doesn’t like, then he goes and looks for a crime with which to hammer them that’s exactly the opposite of the way American jurisprudence is supposed to be…there are some like the Whitey Bulger [case] we don’t have direct evidence that he knew of the framing but we know where he knew or should have known absolutely that those four competitors of Bulger had been framed by the FBI to help Whitey Bolger, mob boss…that he [Mueller] was still urging the parole board not to let them out of prison which ended up costing [U.S. taxpayers] $100,000,000 to the four families…two of those four died in prison…then you have others like the framing of [U.S Senator, R-AK, deceased]Ted Stevens, fabricating evidence and hiding evidence that completely exonerated him…Mueller’s FBI destroyed the man and got him defeated…they did the same thing to [former U.S. Representative, R-PA] there was no grand jury, they got tired of having Curt Weldon blast the FBI on the House floor, so two weeks before his re-election, they raid his adult daughter’s office…and the press already knows, so Mueller’s FBI is quite familiar with leaking to destroy people…immediately at his [Weldon’s] office they have protesters with signs saying he was caught red-handed, for that to be leaked when only the FBI knew they were going to raid the home...and then he loses the close election…and then after that, months later the FBI notifies the family ‘come get all this material we took in the raid,’ there was no investigation, no grand jury, they just wanted him defeated and Mueller’s FBI did that and there’s no way [Mueller] didn’t know about that, he has always been totally on top of things that involved Congress…like he was with [former Representative] William Jefferson [D-LA] where he orchestrated an abuse of the warrant process [in Congress] for the first time in over 200 years…to raid a sitting member of Congress’s office without getting assistance of the Speaker’s attorney from the Ethics Committee…that’s always the way it’s done so that [they] wouldn’t violate the balance of power and checks and balances…but Mueller didn’t want to follow 200 years of history and precedent, he wanted to send a message to the Hill that, “I will come waltzing into Congress’ offices any time I want…’”

What does it say about the system when people like Comey and Mueller with all of these prosecutorial skeletons in the closet rise to positions of leadership?

“The Deep State knows who will support the Deep State, they know them well, they know who should be part of their cabal…and Mueller was one of them…he destroys people’s lives with no apologies…”

What would be your counsel to the President’s legal team regarding how to wrap up this probe and get the party back to governing.

“Well it seems to me he is doing exactly what I would recommend and that is get rid of your lawyers who thought that cooperation was the best way to work with Mueller, Mueller will take all the cooperation you will give him and then he will use it to manipulate facts and manipulate evidence and hang innocent people…there should have never been this spirit of cooperation with a guy with such a sordid past and a background of injustice…now he [President Trump] is hiring people like Rudy Giuliani and this lawyer he has hired today [veteran DC attorney Emmet T. Flood]…[Giuliani] knows how to stand up and fight against forces of evil…and that is what he is taking on here, he needs those kinds of fighters and fortunately he is starting to get them…if he were called to a grand jury I would take the fifth because anything he said to a grand jury Mueller would take and twist and somehow torture until he was able to prosecute him”

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, you have oversight responsibility over the Department of Justice including the Federal Courts. Given some of the bizarre rulings that have come down recently, are folks like you, Steve King and Jim Jordan developing plans to reign in the Federal Courts?

“A number of our folks are finally realizing its time we started bringing federal judges before us and start questioning them about their unconstitutional activity, nowhere is it worse than in the 9th Circuit. Of course we desperately need to divide up the 9th Circuit, the question is who remains in the 9 th Circuit and who becomes part of the new circuit…two years ago I discussed in conference…the next best thing is to restrict the jurisdiction of to only those cases and controversies arising within their own building and then everything else goes to a new circuit…[but] I think the best way to do it is to say that California is the 9 th Circuit and all the other states, from Hawaii to Arizona…would be in the new circuit…where President Trump would appoint all of the new justices…”

Is this going to have to end up like Andrew Jackson in Worchester v Georgia with the president defying the court in order to re-establish some semblance of separation of powers?

“It could well come to that because the courts are so far out of hand…I have a bill that was filed last Friday that would remove all jurisdiction from all federal courts except the immigration courts and the Supreme Court any matters to do with asylum, immigration, naturalization…any cases, any appeals on those matters, those would either be heard at the immigration court as established by Congress or they could be appealed or filed directly with the Supreme Court. That is what has got to be done to rein in these renegade federal district court judges…Congress brought these courts into the world, Congress can take them out…”

There is great concern among us on the alt-Right about the state of our democracy in general. The left has taken control of nearly all of the institutions and organizations that create culture which pushes us ever further down a road that ends badly. Long term what would be your plan to restore some semblance of what the Founders had in mind. Is resisting the Mueller probe the hill upon which we should plant our flag?

“I think that is what it’s all about and I’m not talking about a physical fight or assault, it can be done legally within the Constitutional parameters…when a court goes so far afield that its beyond their power…then it’s time to get Senators with a little backbone and say ‘hey let’s do it without cloture…that is the only power within the country that can rein in judges who are acting illegally…”

Congressman Gohmert you have been very generous with your time.

Final question. How do people like George Soros and his minions who are driving this process avoid investigation?

“…if you look at the definition of treason and you look at the things that Soros has paid people to do, the things that in prior decades in America people were put to death for doing for being so treasonous and yet he routinely pays people to do things that will help break down our country…I have thought for many years that Soros should be thoroughly investigated…the web that he has woven throughout this country…it’s a RICO prosecution waiting to happen for the first Attorney General that has the clarity, the foresight and the willingness to save our experiment in self-government…”

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