Update - Sikh Elder: UK Muslim Rape Gangs Wide Prevalence Throughout Britain


March 15, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - PipeLineNews.org - Following up on the story filed yesterday, V Maherstein, UK Rape Gangs: Nailing Little Girl’s Tongues To Tables For Fun…And The Prophet: Warning Graphic Content

“For decades the Western press has scrupulously avoided reporting on Islamic “rape grooming gangs,” which seem to operate freely within the confines of the once “Great” Britain and now, increasingly across the entirety of Western Europe.

Yes a relative handful of Muslims have been prosecuted and fewer actually convicted [Rotherham] but the prevalence of this depravity is so widespread that even a first-rate law enforcement/legal system [of which Britain is entirely devoid] would be challenged to end the practice with any finality…”

Today we would like to add another video this one specifically dealing with the Telford, Britain gangs. The Sikh gentleman is quite literate and is telling an awful truth that every single Western European government is intentionally hiding, as is their almost total lack of prosecution.

We will keep our readers in the loop with additional filings as circumstances demand.

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