UK Rape Gangs: Nailing Little Girl’s Tongues To Tables For Fun…And The Prophet

Warning Graphic Content


March 15, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - – For decades the Western press has scrupulously avoided reporting on Islamic “rape grooming gangs,” which seem to operate freely within the confines of the once “Great” Britain and now, increasingly across the entirety of Western Europe.

Yes a relative handful of Muslims have been prosecuted and fewer actually convicted [Rotherham] but the prevalence of this depravity is so widespread that even a first-rate law enforcement/legal system [of which Britain is entirely devoid] would be challenged to end the practice with any finality.

We have reported extensively on the brutal practice, for example:

“The scene is Rotherham, South Yorkshire, an industrial town with a population of 250,000 where some 1400 children, often as young as 11, have been recruited and victimized by Muslim rape gangs. This has taken place over the past 16 years and has been largely swept under the rug with the enormous help of multiculturalism so perverse, it’s suicidal.

The Rotherham ring is so far the fifth to be uncovered in UK. The victims have usually been from social care homes. Now though that the story is being carried - in de minimis - by the MSM it’s been sanitized, referring to the perpetrators of these evil acts merely as Asians, rather than by their defining characteristic which is the fact that they are of the Islamic faith.

Lest one entertain the absurd apologia so in vogue in these situations - that they hijacked Islam, allow us to suggest that it’s the reverse which is true, Islam hijacked them. The men who have engaged in this sex trafficking and in the creation of rape gangs are largely Pakistani with a smaller number being Bangladeshi.

Theologically, there is little to suggest that there’s a disconnect between the rape gangs, the Muslims who ran them, and their faith. Under current conditions this is normative [not aberrant] Islam on display…” [source, Cheryl Gatesworth, Britannia Waives the Rules ,]

But now we are forced to revisit the gristly practice because a major British newspaper, The Mirror UK is suggesting that as many as 1 million girls might have been subjected to this subhuman behavior.

“’There are hundreds of thousands and I think there could be up to a million victims of exploitation nationwide, including right now. Girls in the process of being groomed,’ she said.” [source, Child sex abuse gangs could have assaulted ONE MILLION youngsters in the UK , Mirror UK]

In the referenced story, the author referenced an MP, Sarah Champion, who said that in her attempts to come to the aid of the young victims, that the level of depravity, and the widespread nature of the crimes nearly drove her literally mad.

There is a general MO that is used to lure young girls into inappropriate relationships with Muslim men. It often starts online where these, generally underprivileged, girls become attracted through social media to someone they think might really care about them.

The opposite is of course true. Once the connection has been made then the rapists quickly drop their guise - often getting their prey addicted to drugs and alcohol - after which they become what the largely Pakistani and North African call, “easy meat.”

Not only are these youths pimped out and passed around like chattel, the perps - engaging in exactly the kind of terrorist behavior that the Qur’an has sacralized - descent to the level of bestiality where these poor children are brutalized with level of violence [such as nailing little girls tongues to a table before the rape] not often seen this side of the Middle East.

The truth is dark and ugly, with all of the authorities, from the Prime Minister on down to the local constabulary, in complete denial; they would rather have this practice continue rather than face the considerable wrath of the Continent’s leftist, virtue signaling enablers, such as the media, the state run medical “system” and the depraved neo-Marxist political superstructure that is centered in Brussels, Belgium.

Hiding under the culturally corrosive ideology of “multiculturalism” these Quislings go about their way as Western Europe awaits its fate at the hands of the Islamic jihad by hijrah.

Is there a solution?’s called the DEATH PENALTY, nothing less will be understood by these sociopathic disciples of the god who hates.

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