Van Jones/MoveOn Marxists Cement Relationship Between High Tech And Deep State

March 6, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - - The following just in from the Soros funded MoveOn slugs, served straight, no chasers. We read this propaganda so you don’t have to.

“Every once in a while, a movie arrives right on time.

President Trump has insulted people of African heritage, and his words were an affront to countless people and to American values. But while the White House is putting us down, the new movie "Black Panther" is lifting us up.

"Black Panther" brings a technologically advanced, culturally rich mecca of black excellence to life. It takes place in Wakanda – a fictional, fully autonomous African nation, rich in resources and innovation. The nation is home to a brilliant ecosystem of black technologists.

This story shifts our understanding of where the power of African-descended people can come from. It underscores the fact that such power, in the new century, will come from access to technology more than any other source. This film will lift the self-esteem of black children for a long time, and it will inspire young people of color to pursue technology professionally.

There’s already a rising generation of African and African-American technologists in the US. Personally, I had the privilege of founding #YesWeCode with Prince in 2014.

#YesWeCode has partnered with the Opportunity Hub in Atlanta to put together a $6 million scholarship for underrepresented youth to pursue coding and other tech skills. And in 2017, we were able to support 100 young people in realizing their dreams of becoming software developers.

#YesWeCode is just getting started. In 2018, we hope to double the number of young people we can support to join the rising generation of technologists…”

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