Shamed “White Privilege” Caucasians March To Abolish Their Way Of Life


July 2, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - – On Saturday, the Berkeley based, Soros funded hard-left group responsible for thousands of demonstrations over the 20 years of its existence, held a large [700 +/-] anti-Trump/pro-illegal immigration rally in the East Bay sububurban community of Concord, California. The impetus behind the event was the absurd and provably false allegation that the children of illegal aliens - and unacompanied minors themselves - are being kept in animal cages by ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] agents on the orders of President Donald Trump.

Since the legacy media is pushing this lie it’s probably setting too high a bar to expect common citizens to research the issue sufficiently to find out how that they are being systematically manipulated. Regardless, since the outlandish tale fits into the anti-Trump narrative which plagues America’s coastal “progressive” states, the veracity of the charge is probably unimportant since it continues to reinforce the picture being painted that the President is Satan incarnate.

The event itself was slickly produced but consisted of the same tired boilerplate which marks all of these events...shrill speeches by paid agitators claiming moral authority, in this case advocating for the elimination of America’s Southern border and now new, bizzare demand that ICE should be dismantled and its 20,000 employees let go.

The demographic of the Concord event [held in Todos Santos Park] was the most troubling aspect of the rally since the crowd was almost entirely comprised of older, outwardly well-to-do Caucasians. In talking to these people it is this reporter’s opinion that they were largely driven by the “white privilege” meme, as if these elder citizens were somehow personally responsible for the fact that the illiterates and felons from Mexico and Central America who are streaming across the border to partake of America’s opulent benefits are having their plans cut short by federal statute.

The atmosphere was so troubling that at times it resembled the 1956 movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” with soulless pod-people milling about without rhyme or reason.

To these folks there is simply nothing criminal or immoral that President Trump is incapable of, and in speaking to them one is quickly impressed by how thoroughly their leftist political views have supplanted religious faith.

Frightening stuff...

The Backstory - Team Obama Coordinating “The Resistance”

These anti-border immigration rallies were significant for what they didn’t say, which is that by the very nature of their politiccal views the thousands out in the streets were, in some cases unwittingly, advocating for the death of the society that makes demonstrations like this possible in the first place, since absent borders, you no longer have a country.

Certainly there was a cadre, the “activists” doing all the organizing that was required to hold so many large protests, who fully understood the ideology behind the national [and actually international] effort, but in the main a great many participants were clueless that they were being used by cynical leftists whose malign intent has and will continue to be to flood the United States with so many illiterate, anti-democratic invaders from South of the border that the voting demographic of this republic will forever be changed.

We first became aware of what was brewing behind the scenes about 6-7 weeks ago in a series of emails that we received from MoveOn. And in reading these newsletters it became immediately clear that the charge of massive child abuse would be the predominant theme.

All told, hundreds of Marxist/progressive/collectivist organizations joined in the effort and though MoveOn and its various partners were the public face of the protests, they answer to a higher authority, that located inside the monstrous 8,200 square foot headquarters for the left’s government in exile, Barack Obama’s estate in DC’s posh Kalorama neighborhood. It is from within this gated fortress, where the former president, his wife and his chief aide, the Iranian born Valerie Jarrett live that the “resistance” is planned, organized and executed. It is unsurprising then that Mr. Obama has 20 member staff as does Ms. Jarrett. Of note, Obama is also working with Eric "the Red" Holder, the ex AG [yes still in contempt of Congress] who is putting together a national redistricting scheme designed to make America a single party state...this looms an important issue, but it's beyond the scope of this writing.

The machine that Obama/Jarrett have at their disposal is formidable. Starting in 2009 “Organizing for America” was created out of the ex-president’s 2008 campaign organization, “Obama for America.” Now that he is out of office, Organizing for America has been repurposed into the tip of the revolutionary spear... Organizing for Action.

The sheer size of the organization is unprecedented in electoral politics, arguably being the largest of its type in the United States. OFA has over 200 offices across the United States and a claimed 30,000 plus volunteers, augmented by a huge but not-disclosed budget.

According to reliable reporting coming from Obama’s adopted home state, Illinois, this is the organization’s MO:

“This "Resistance" opposition group blatantly developed malicious ways to stop President Trump and his administration from achieving even the most basic accomplishments. For instance this is an example of how they keep our President from carrying out his plans:

1. Trump issues an immigration executive order.

2. The OFA signals all its groups to begin protesting with pre-scripted statements from a variety of pro-immigrant groups.

3. The ACLU uses its lawyers to file lawsuits in jurisdictions where known activist judges will favor their objectives.

4. Leftist volunteers are called to protest at airports and Congressional town hall meetings.

5. The liberal, biased media springs to action in support of these activities.

6. Media sources like twitter light up to put out information already written for the occasion.

7. Shockingly, this has been followed up with street violence.” [source, Nancy Thorne and Nancy O-Neil, Exposing Leftist's Activities: 'Organizing for America,' Illinois Review]

But despite all of these advantages, a malign ex-president, the OFA activists, the hundreds of allied groups starting with MoveOn and a thoroughly hostile legacy media the much touted “blue wave” [always a fever dream] seems to have vanished, even leaving room for a possible “red wave” which would thoroughly doom the shenanigans coming out of Fortress Obama.

Nonetheless what we saw across the country on Saturday should leave any observant American with a sense of uneasiness. When this many seemingly normal people take to the streets, even in gentle settings such as Concord's shaded Todos Santos Park, in support of policy inititatives that if enacted would doom the republic there is a moral sickness about that requires immediate attention.

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