National Conference on Jewish Affairs: Trump Hits Home Run

“Under President Trump, our State of the Union is vibrant, secure and replete with moral clarity”

January 31, 2018 - San Francisco, CA – President Trump’s State of the Union Speech is being very well received by American Jewry.

Commenting upon the address, which was historic in a number of ways, Rabbi Aryeh Spero, spokesman for The Jewish Council for Public Affairs [JCPA, the national voice for more than 125 local Jewish Community Relations Councils and Community Engagement Committees, and 16 national Jewish agencies] released the following statement regarding the president’s State of the Union Speech:

Tonight we heard a President that made us proud again. President Trump’s delivery, his message, his sincerity and conviction regarding the historic high ideals of America and her people were inspirational and timely.

"We are extremely gratified by the President’s enunciation of great Biblical values expressed in the Old Testament. He spoke of the dignity of man who is independent by virtue of work. He spoke of the Biblical need of self-defense against those who would harm innocent people. He expressed the need, as often done in the Bible itself, for protected borders so that the inhabitants therein will be safe. And he spoke of compassion for those who strive to live by not harming others."

His love for America and freedom, his reaffirmation of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and his call for all Americans to reach their full potential is something the majority of Americans agree with and have longed to hear. It was refreshing to hear a President emphasize what is good and heroic about America and her people.

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