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January 21, 2018 - San Francisco, CA – We subscribe to a large number of hard left/progressive/Marxist/anarchist mailing lists so we can keep our readers informed as to what is happening in the various communities of unapologetic revolutionaries.

That said, we just received the following. The hyperlinks have been eliminated in order to preserve our anonymity [please don’t ask, it’s complicated].

Announcement: 2018 Winter Marxist Class Series

Section 1

Lenin (2017: October Revolution 100th Year Anniversary)

DuBois (2018: 150th Birth Year Anniversary)

Marx (2018: 200th Birth Year Anniversary)

CPUSA (2019: 100th Year Anniversary)

In Recognition of African American History Month

Session 2

Ben Davis:

The Communist Councilman from Harlem

Using newspapers, election materials and historical documents, this class will explorethe unique set of circumstances leading to Ben Davis Jr. becoming a "communist councilman" from Harlem and the persecution he faced at the beginning of the Red Scare when he was sentenced to five years in prison after he was a defendant in the first of the Smith Act Trials. We will consider lessons from his life, the way he was portrayed in media and reassess his impact.

Communist Councilman from Harlem by Benjamin J. Davis can be purchased for $6.95 through International Publishers, - facilitator: Dr. P. White

African American Leaders of the CPUSA

From its beginnings in the early years of the 20th century, the Communist Party USA was the only Left political movement emphasizing racial justice for African Americans, and many in the Black community reciprocated in their support for the Party. Recognition of the relevance of Marxism for Black liberation, and of the absolute necessity of Black-white unity, continues through the present as the Party prepares to celebrate its 100th year. The leadership role of African-Americans in the CPUSA is a major feature throughout its history. This presentation covers a few highlights of the rich history of Black leadership in the Communist Party USA - facilitator: Jarvis Tyner

More to be announced soon!

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We have taken a number of these classes and have found that most of the presenters aren’t really knowledgeable enough to really plumb the depths of the ideology. It’s not good when students know more than the presenter, however Dr. White is well versed in the nuances of Marxist theory and hence probably well worth checking out.

All of this material and more is available at the CPUSA website, again we are providing no links for obvious reasons.

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