Mueller Inquisition’s Charging Documents

February 16, 2018 - San Francisco - CA - - As a courtesy to our readership we are providing the actual text of Robert Mueller's "show and tell" indictment.

Q. Why would a very experienced LE type indict nearly 20 Russians?

A. He either wants to create the impression of light and heat while knowing that those named in the charging documents will never be extradited so there can be no confirmation…OR this means the plot becomes even more labyrinthine, with Mueller and Russia officials arranging the extradition of some of those named upon the agreement that they will turn “state’s evidence” and directly implicate Team Trump.

Neither prospect is reassuring, because both of them enhance the Deep State ‘s ability to control the national political dialogue, especially when the document is used as a set piece to further energize the already disproven allegation that Donald Trump is some kind of secret Russian mole.

Complete Text of Mueller Charging Document

As a stand-alone indictment, though the charges sound very serious, Mueller has been absolutely assured that Putin will tell him to pound the worst case scenario, Obama-Mueller are willing co-conspirator/fellow travelers in the worst political scandal in American history.

Neither sounds very appealing, does it?

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